Thursday, February 12, 2009

God Doesn't Need The State, The State Needs God

God doesn't need America's money to establish His Kingdom. Ministries would do well to reject federal dollars and even perhaps the 501(c) classification because PSBO's "Faith Based" initiatives are too costly. The banks took a bail-out and now the have to answer to congress. Why would ministries put themselves in that position?

Vlogger FaithandReasons discusses the differences between George Bush's faith-based initiatives and Barack Obama's faith based initiatives and why Christian Ministries should pass on available funding under PSBO's "faith-based" initiative executive order.


Critical Thinker said...

Guess you could say, "Taking this money would be like making a deal with the devil."

DJ Black Adam said...

I don't think faith based organizations should be forced to hire people predicated on anything BUT their own standards as outlined within the precepts of their doctrines.

I do think faith based organizations who recieve money from the government should help ANYONE who qialifies regardless of their status with that organization.

Personally, I think that the govenrment should handle its own services for the poor and needy. I pay taxes for that.

uptownsteve said...

The pulpit pimps aren't going to refuse any money regardless of where it comes from.

Sorry to disappoint you CBW.

DJ Black Adam said...


The pulpit pimps make up very few of the people within any faith who actually are trying to help people...

uptownsteve said...

Maybe Adam,

But they sure make up the majority of the richest and most visible American clergyman.

Dollar, Jakes, Harry Jackson, Floyd Flake, Hagee, Haggard you name em, they're hustlers.

Conservative Black Woman said...

UptownSteve~I was with you until you said Harry Jackson. Come on what's his crime in your eyes except that he is republican. His theology is tight and he doesn't fleece his flock. There are enough wolves in sheep's clothing to indict--all pastor's are not bastardizing the gospel.

But this is more about the tax-exempt status of churches and christian ministries who receive government grants. Pulpit pimps in my mind are a different category altogether. They routinely distort scripture and rehash heredical doctrine so they are all to happy to bend over and grab their ankles as long as they get paid.

uptownsteve said...

Harry Jackson is a coonservative hustler.

"But this is more about the tax-exempt status of churches and christian ministries who receive government grants."

Did you make a sound during Bush's administration and his heavy emphasis on "faith based initiatives" which was little more than paying off preachers like Jackson who promoted Republican policies from the pulpit.

Conservative Black Woman said...

"Harry Jackson is a coonservative hustler."

So, just as I thought his crime is that he is a conservative republican. Well, at least you are consistent UptownSteve. We know the group grates your nerves.

JMK said...

"God doesn't need the state..." (CB)
Absolutely true!

Nothing good EVER comes from a partnership between religion and government.

Spirituality is such a personal matter, the best we can hope for from the government is to be left alone on such matters.

uptownsteve said...

"We know the group grates your nerves."

Nah, you actually make me shake my head in wonder.

Bev said...

Salvation Army which is a church denomination, not a social organization took government funding long before there was a faith base initiative. It has dealt with the hiring issue through the years even through lawsuits.