Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Henrietta Hughes And the Kiss That Made It All Better

I have an ongoing debate with Mini-Me and the annoyingly MSM sycophantic Spousal Unit who both maintain the I manufactured the term "Obamamania" it's only in my head. However, I'm thinking that even PSBO is aware of "Obamamania" and therefore feels that just as the woman with an issue of blood touched the hem of Jesus' garment he too could kiss the forehead of Henrietta Hughes and make it all better.

First, Mrs. Hughes did receive help from an Obama supporter and that's a good thing. Secondly, I was a bit put-off by her petition...seems like she was praying. I mean really she's asking him for a job, a car, a house and a kitchen. As if Barack (The messiah) was there to feed the masses with 2 loaves of bread and a fish. Thirdly, did you happen to catch a gander at the middle-aged white lady in the white jacket? The expression on her face was utter awe and wonder-- OMG she folds her hands utters I love you Barack (read her lips) and folds her hand reverently. If that isn't Obamamanical then I don't know what is.

Oh yes, and then there is 19 year old Julio Osegueda:

It's almost unfair to post this because this guy is clearly intellectually challenged but didn't he look like he was standing before the alter with his hands raises in praise? This is what Mr. Osequeda said to Keith Olbermann last night:

Olbermann: "Were you satisfied with the president's actual answer to your question about improving your benefits?"

Osegueda: "Yes, I was. I was truly blessed. The answer that Mr. President Obama gave me was such a motivation that made me feel as if success is around the corner. Just keep trying hard and don't stop for anything."

He was "truly blessed" -- just being in PSBO's presence gave him motivation he felt like success was just around the corner. Mr. Osequeda needs to be added to Attorneymom's acclaimed "Sit Your Azz Down List".


JudyBright said...

Text from a quick Google Search:

" Results 1 - 10 of about 1,080,000 for obamamania. (0.27 seconds) "

There's an Obamamania You Tube channel, an article about Obamamania in Europe, another about it in Damascus. And that's just among the first ten results.

If you did invent this, then you are a very powerful and influential woman.

Conservative Black Woman said...

lol...I know it cracks me up! It just goes to show you that they watch too much MSNBC and read only the Washington Post as those outlets don't recognize Obamamania or use that term. But it would be too much work to google that term for the Spousal Unit. Mini-me just doesn't care enough to bother.

brotherkomrade said...

The post is up.

This si what Socialism isn't and it's a critique of Obama.

Zabeth said...

Off topic, but ZO has a new video up about Starbucks and stimulus.

JMK said...

I saw some of that on CNN, but I can't blame President Obama for the over-the-top reactions of others.

Sadly, we have elevated a sense of "victimology" to such a level that people, instead of having shame over "not trying hard enough," or "not using or developping their God-given talents," some actually take pride in their failures in a climate where so many are quick to re-direct the blame FROM the failing person, TO "society."

I feel bad for people who are not doing well, but there are jobs RIGHT NOW, there are millions of jobs around the country going begging!

America's unemployment problem is NOT due to any lack of jobs, but to "structural unemployment" (too few Americans trained to do the jobs most in demand - accounting, lab research, teaching math and science, etc).

And it's not all about the jobs available requiring extra education, etc., the Western states (Utah, Colorado, Montana, the Dakotas) are all booming with mining and other energy jobs (we're just beginning to tap the Bakken Ridge, an ocean of oil under the Dakotas, Montana and northern Wyoming)...sometimes, if you're not doing well in Miami, or New York, you have to consider moving to places where the jobs are.

I wish the Obama administration had a better answer than "We'll write you a check and take care of you," but apparently they don't.

Anonymous said...

I did think that what you term "Obamamania" and others terming Pres. Obama as the Messiah was a little over the top. I felt it was just the euphoria of having elected the first black president. But not anymore.

I do a lot of sparring with folks on the chatboard of Philly's only Urban talk radio station, especially when the early morning talk host is presiding. The callers to the radio program and the chatters are so emotionally into "We have Obama now." They really think he is going to solve all the problems and make everything all right.

BTW, JMK makes good points about jobs going begging and relocating to where there are jobs.

Anonymous said...

I hope that Zabeth's comment that "ZO has a new video up about Starbucks and stimulus." doesn't interfere with my plans this morning to go to starbucks as soon as I finish reading the updates here on CBW!

Should I get the coffee 1st or read Zo's post 1st?!

Conservative Black Woman said...

@Meredith~I'd choose Zo but then again I'm unabashedly partial to that guy. I didn't post the video this time although it was quite amusing. But relax he isn't dissin'

Anonymous said...

Man this Obama worship is making me sick...I have been following politics for over 33 years and have never seen anything like this..ugh..

Man oh man....if people fall for a dopey liberal like Obama, can you imagine when the anti christ comes?? Who is of far greater intelligence and more subtle then any person will be like shooting fish in a barrel...

As for the present, there are going to be a lot of disappointed Obamabots in the come days and years...granted, they are so dishonest, they might not even admit how bad a President they have elected....we shall see..


JMK said...

"BTW, JMK makes good points about jobs going begging and relocating to where there are jobs." (Bev)
Out West, often in some inhospitable states ( gets kinda cold in places like Wyoming, Colorado, Montana and northern Nevada and Utah) the mining and energy industries are booming.

In Canada's Alberta provence, they've found more oil in oil sands than all of Saudi Arabia has!

20/20 did an expose on Appalachia last night...brital poverty and rural poverty is far more grinding because there isn't the distribution system for aid that exists in most urban areas.

Still, even there in eastern Kentucky, the coal mines pay $60,000/year (a princely sum in that relatively low cost of living area)...and yet, the main reason that more people there don't take those jobs?

Substance abuse.

Poverty is first and foremost a poverty of the mind and spirit.

Sometimes you can't stay put. Sometimes you HAVE to go where the opportunities are...or face deprivation.

Poverty is NOT due to "the government not doing enough for poor people" OR "corporations taking advantage." The owner of one of those Kentucky coal mines was featured on that 20/20 episode and he lived in that area to show people what can be achieved by one of their own.

Those folks who choose drugs and alocohol over work...and THAT is the CHOICE they make every day, OWN that failure. They are the ONLY ones responsible for it.

JMK said...
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