Monday, February 2, 2009

Conservative Black Woman's Roundtable

Please join us for the Conservative Black Woman's Roundtable on Wednesday Feb. 4th 2009@ 9:00pm EST. Attorneymom will moderate a discussion between a Conservative (ME), a Socialist (DJ BlackAdam) and a Progressive(Uptown Steve).

Call-in #646-716-6204 or join the chatroom discussion


Constructive Feedback said...

Basically this is 2 against one.

UptownSteve has a streak of disrespecting Black women who don't agree with his ideology - so watch out.

The other guy is clearly a lefty as well.

What will the topic of discussion be?

Is there a moderator as well? If he too is a liberal - you will be tag teamed 3 on 1.

Conservative Black Woman said...

Hey CF~ Attorneymom is moderating...but I ain't scuured!~lol....Hopefully you will call-in and help me out.

uptownsteve said...

"UptownSteve has a streak of disrespecting Black women who don't agree with his ideology - so watch out."

Oh will you stop this lying you coward.

I have a habit of direspecting rightwing hypocrites PERIOD.

And CBW how do you come to the conclusion that I'm a "black nationalist"?

uptownsteve said...


BTW, why don't you join the podcast and help CBW out since you feel that she's outnumbered.

I've always wondered whether you were capable of thinking on your feet or just typing the same ol tired drivel over and over again.


Conservative Black Woman said...

Uptown~I'm sorry if I have misclassified you. I assumed black nationalist for lack of a better term for one with such "contempt" for black conservatives.

So how should you be classifed and I will amend the post.

uptownsteve said...

Not contempt for black "conservatives" per se.

I'm conservative on a lot of issues myself.

As far as Law and order, self-responsibilty, family, citizenship, and hard work I'm as conservatives as they come.

I have no time for black folks who claim to be opposed to "victimology" but then spend half their time whining about how bad most blacks treat them.

I have contempt for blacks who to be "past race" and "merit based" but then stigmatize their fellow blacks for negative behavior that is universal.

I also have contempt for black people who focus on nothing but negativity in our community, never recognizing success or achievement.

As far as current political issues I am anti-Iraq war, pro-choice, pro stimulus package, pro-affirmative action, pro reinvestment in America.

Conservative Black Woman said...

UptownSteve~Would you classify yourself as a moderate liberal?

uptownsteve said...

If we must categorize I guess I regard myself as a progressive.

Conservative Black Woman said...

Duly noted my friend. Thanks for the clarification.

Pamela said...

I will be at church along with celebrating Mom's birthday. I will try and catch the podcast.

Constructive Feedback said...


Sorry dude - you have me wrong.

I don't worry about how other Blacks TREAT ME. After I learn the pattern I actually laugh you all off.

I actually worry about YOU ALL.
I see YOU complaining in the various "just between us chickens sessions" but in your perversion you keep TRYING HARDER at the same thing rather than making note of the flaws in your own strategies.

I will try hard to join in and school you into reality.

(By the way - what is the count of blobs administered by Black females who disagree with you that you have been banned from? 2 or is it 3?)

uptownsteve said...

"(By the way - what is the count of blobs administered by Black females who disagree with you that you have been banned from? 2 or is it 3?)"

I don't know what you're trying to prove here except that most black righties are cowards who censor opposition and run from debate.

I've been banned from BR for being a strong progressive voice.

Meanwhile Ms Riley still allows obnoxious trolls like Dragon Horse, queen, dirtyblues and yourself.

I rest my case.

As far as Baldilocks is concerned I don't take back a word I said to that buckdancing phony.


Digital Publius said...

I will certainly be there CBW.

Constructive Feedback said...

Excuse me Steve:

Did you call Ms Riley - who is a Black female - out of her name AND THEN got banned?

DJ Black Adam said...

1st off, I am NOT a socialist, just because I call people Tovarisch from time to time.

No, I am an moderate independent who appreciates REGULATED Free Markets...

uptownsteve said...


I sincerely regret that I will not be able to participate in the roundtable this evening.

Sudden developmen s are aking me away from home tonight.

Have a great discussion and I will check in tomorrow.

Conservative Black Woman said...

Oh No....I was so looking forward to speaking with you. BrotherKomrade, I think you need to represent for your compatriot Uptownsteve.

Constructive Feedback said...

Now I am upset and depressed.

WhiteBowieSteve backed out at the last minute!!!

CBW - how do I get to the "chatboard"? Do I just press the "Play" button on the blue box?

DJ Black Adam said...

I got cut off. Just wanted to say to CBW and Constructive Feedback and Brother Komrade, GREAT discussion...

Constructive Feedback said...

Thanks CBW and DJ BA and Comrade! It was a great discussion.

I believe that Black folks would benefit from structured debate:

A) State the problem
B) One side presents their position
C) The Other side presents their
D) Both points are evaluated based on their merit AND against our goals
E) Detail an execution/logistical plan for implementation
F) Detail how the plan will be managed/monitored
G) Get back together for further analysis
H) Keep what is working, get rid of what has failed.

My frustration is that we are too prone to "Boil The Ocean", "I Know Who Enslaved My Ancestors and I won't rest until they PAY" strategies. All the while Black folks are killing each other today at a disproportionate pace and instead of holding the one killer accountable - THE ENTIRE SOCIETY is made out to have held the knife which slit the throat.

We need to move from "mental satisfaction" regarding how our own entrenched positions are justified within our own minds over to MANAGEMENT as a means of achieving DIRECTED OUTCOMES.

I have to admit that my friend Comrade has grown beyond the caricature that I had him made out to be. I am happy that he instructs kids about technology. I am working on an "Open Source" computer training course in which various content providers upload technical training courses targeted at preparing young people to be ARCHITECTS of technology rather than CONSUMERS. Anyone wishing to access the content and execute a class in their local area can do so .

The problem is not with the lack of willingness for people to help. It is the lack of structure to which they can plug their individual efforts into.

You know I have to fire one off at Brother Former Marxist:

I still can't relate to your claimed Anarchism nor how you can't reconcile your own CAPITALISTIC consumption as you attack capitalism. See this character right here "X" - for it to be sent from my computer to yours the bits passed through no less than $100 BILLION worth of infrastructure that was funded by the very capitalistic market system that you attack.

The true measure of the BENEFIT of capitalism is to go to Guatemala or Chad and make note that they are not focused on joining an Internet based conference call at 9pm but instead are worried about where their next plate of food will come from to-damned-day.

uptownsteve said...

"Did you call Ms Riley - who is a Black female - out of her name AND THEN got banned?"

Absolutely not and if I did produce the quote here.

I got banned from BR for referring to some of Ms. Riley's favorite media negroes in a manner that she didn't appreciate.

CBW, once again I sincerely regret missing last night's roundtable.

Are these regular discussions?

Conservative Black Woman said...

Hey UptownSteve~Yes,I have a monthly podcast. So maybe I can get you on in March.