Sunday, February 1, 2009

Bush Hatred and Obama Euphoria: Two Sides of the Same Coin

Peter Berkowitz maintains that Bush hatred and Obama Euphoria are two sides of the same coin in an Wall Street Journal op-ed on yesterday. I have reprinted segments here but it's a great article which should be read in it's entirety here.

He writes:

"Now that George W. Bush has left the harsh glare of the White House and Barack Obama has settled into the highest office in the land, it might be
reasonable to suppose that Bush hatred and Obama euphoria will begin to subside.
Unfortunately, there is good reason to doubt that the common sources that have
nourished these dangerous political passions will soon lose their potency.
At first glance, Bush hatred and Obama euphoria could not be more different. Hatred of Mr. Bush went well beyond the partisan broadsides typical of democratic politics. For years it disfigured its victims with open, indeed proud, loathing for the very manner in which Mr. Bush walked and talked. It compelled them to denounce the president and his policies as not merely foolish or wrong or contrary to the national interest, but as anathema to everything that made America great.In contrast, the euphoria surrounding Mr. Obama's run for president conferred upon the candidate immunity from criticism despite his newness to national politics and lack of executive experience, and regardless of how empty his calls for change. At the same time, it inspired those in its grips, repeatedly bringing them tears of joy throughout the long election season. With Mr. Obama's victory in November and his inauguration last week, it suffused them with a sense that not only had the promise of America at last been redeemed but that the world could now be transfigured.

In fact, Bush hatred and Obama euphoria -- which tend to reveal more about those who feel them than the men at which they are directed -- are opposite sides of the same coin. Both represent the triumph of passion over reason. Both are intolerant of dissent. Those wallowing in Bush hatred and those reveling in Obama euphoria frequently regard those who do not share their passion as contemptible and beyond the reach of civilized discussion. Bush hatred and Obama euphoria typically coexist in the same soul. And it is disproportionately members of the intellectual and political class in whose souls they flourish."(emphasis added)

He goes on to say that:

"Bush hatred and Obama euphoria are particularly toxic because they thrive in and have been promoted by the news media, whose professional responsibility, it has long been thought, is to gather the facts and analyze their significance, and by the academy, whose scholarly training, it is commonly assumed, reflects an aptitude for and dedication to systematic study and impartial inquiry."

Well, that's a foregone conclusion as the media as we knew it is dead!

He continues:

"Some will speculate that the outbreak of hatred and euphoria in our politics is the result of the transformation of left-liberalism into a religion, its
promulgation as dogma by our universities, and students' absorption of their
professors' lesson of immoderation. This is unfair to religion.

At least it's unfair to those forms of biblical faith that teach that God's ways are hidden and mysterious, that all human beings are both deserving of respect and inherently flawed, and that it is idolatry to invest things of this world -- certainly the goods that can be achieved through politics -- with absolute value. Through these teachings, biblical faith encourages skepticism about grand claims to moral and political authority and an appreciation of the limits of one's knowledge, both of which well serve liberal democracy."(emphasis added)

Lastly he opines:

"In contrast, by assembling and maintaining faculties that think alike about politics and think alike that the university curriculum must instill correct political opinions, our universities cultivate intellectual conformity and discourage the exercise of reason in public life........Rather, they infuse a certain progressive interpretation of our freedom and equality with sacred significance, zealously requiring not only outward obedience to its policy dictates but inner persuasion of the heart and mind. This transforms dissenters into apostates or heretics, and leaders into redeemers."(emphasis added)

In the words of my dearly departed Mother..."My Lord and My God! This is precisely why I am scared out of my wits for Mini-me as she goes off to college. I am so afraid that my baby is going to be indoctrinated not only with liberal ideology which is bad enough but with contempt towards others who see things differently. Case in point -- just look at how the masses view the black conservative. Is there more contempt for any other group of people? Doesn't feel like it.


Ron B said...

Do not worry about MiniMe being indoctrinated. If you have taught her to be a self thinker then you will see that she will have her own opinions and ideas. I have a daughter that graduated from college in 2007 and my son is getting ready to go this fall and I have had no worries at all. They both see things through their own eyes and will not let anyone including me sway their opinion when they feel they are right. I would dare say that my children are more conservative than I.

Conservative Black Woman said...

Ron~That's encouraging. Sound like you have great kids. I hope my Taylor will continue to be a free-thinker.

Belloc said...

Thank you for this site - please keep blogging! :)

Conservative Black Woman said...

Thank You Belloc. There isn't a snowball's chance in hell that I will stop blogging no matter how much I heat I catch.

It's my therapy. My husband get's really tired of my rants so...I blog my blues away--usually.

Rose-Bud said...

I would worry about MiniMe being indoctrinated by the leftist liberals running the colleges.
I know first-hand from the experiences of my four daughters who are or went to college, and myself who teaches on the college-level.
My oldest recently graduated with a Masters of Public Health, the 2nd is working her way through a on-line school after getting her CNA, the 3rd one went to a local HBCU, dropped out after one semester,opting to work for a while, and my baby girl completed 2yrs at a liberal-leaning 4yr college that my oldest graduated from, and now is at home going to a technical college to complete her electives for an early childhood degree.
Three of my daughters voted for Pres. Obama, and one didn't.
Can you guess which one?
I thought for sure they would be able to see through the smoke screen, but they were bambozzled like the masses. Except one.
The debates in my household was very 'spirited' during the elections, and now they admit that there wasn't enough information being reported about him to make an informed decision. DUH!
My, my, my what a difference a new year makes!
At first I wasn't concerned about my oldest daughter calling me with what her professors said in class (Bush caused/knew about 911..he wanted war to secure the oil fields, etc.), cause she was a biology major. Then my other two daughters started repeating the same mantras, and the battles began, and still does to this day.
As a divorced-single parent,I raised them to be 'victors' and not the 'victims' of what or how society/man say they should turn out. Most importantly, I know eventually they will return to being the independent thinkers I raised them to be. LOL

Conservative Black Woman said...

Rosebud you have 4 daughters! Wow! I have very spirited conversations with Taylor as well, but she insists that she is just playing devil's advocate and is in the neutral zone politically. However, she interned this fall for Sen. Chuck Hagel who is in my opinion a republican in name only but she thinks he is amazing. So, time will tell where she ends up on the political spectrum. I don't really care as long as she has an informed opinion that is her very own and not popular opinion.

uptownsteve said...

Oh Geez

Irrational Bush hatred!!!!

Fawning Obama idolatry!!!!

What's wrong with those crazy liberals???

Why can't they be sober and analytical like those black conservatives!!!

The immoral and unjustified Iraq War, the assault on civil liberties, the tanking economy, the Katrina debacle, rampant corruption and severly damaged American global prestige over the last 8 years?

It's all "librul" propaganda!


uglyblackjohn said...

But did the hatred of Bush (and anyone associated with him) bring about the euphoria of Obama?
I'm not even sure that people hated Bush so much as that is identified with the residue of the past eight years.
People just wanted a change.
But with Steele running things now, will more Blacks look to Reps. or will more whites become Libertarians?

Stormbringer said...

Thank you for bringing the article to our attention. I've been saying for a long time that people were not voting FOR Obama, as they were voting AGAINST Bush's policies. The article adds depth, and I had not thought about how it could be "two sides of the same coin".

What I cannot figure out is how so many people deified B. Hussein Obama, when he would not stand up to the scrutiny that is reserved primarily for Republicans. That is, he kept getting a pass.

uptownsteve said...

"But with Steele running things now..."


Stop it dude!

You're killing me!!!

Too much!

Naima said...

If you black conservatives want credibility w/ black folks you need to stop spewing that Sean Hannity/Rush Limbaugh hatred in the name of conservatism. You sound self hating and silly when you guys do that. If you want respect as a black conservative you should focus on anti-abortion, taxes, standards in public school and other issues that many black folks are conservative on. Spewing Sean Hannity to black folks will get you no where.
Most black republicans I meet are just folks who hate paying taxes. All this Obama hate and Bible verses are not necessary

Conservative Black Woman said...

Naima~You write :"Spewing Sean Hannity to black folks will get you no where."

Where praytell in any of my writings has "Sean Hannity been spewed"? I am who I am and Hannity hasn't a thing to do with it.

You also write:"All this Obama hate and Bible verses are not necessary"

Surely you jest?!? I am an unapologetic disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ. It colors my view on EVERYTHING...So, if you are offended by the Word of God then perhaps the Godless, liberal, racist democratic party is exactly where you belong, actually the democratic party does have a god his name is Barack Obama.

Conservative Black Woman said...

Also, Naima my credibility has not been questioned. My problem with a large segment of black intellectuals is their lack of tolerance for blacks who don't subscribe to "their" ideology. I think the nasty verbal or literary (on this blog) attacks are irrational.

Obama hate? Not at all. I do not hate Barack Obama. It's his acolytes who "idolize" him that are the problem for me. So if the shoe doesn't fit then don't wear it (UptownSteve). While you may not personally idolize him -- there are those that do.

uptownsteve said...


"If you black conservatives want credibility w/ black folks you need to......."

a. Stop talking down to black folks as if you 8% are the only black people in America who appreciate family, hard work, education and the straight path.

As I said before, I've been a sales professional for 20 years and the first rule of thumb is NEVER insult your prospect.

Treat them with respect.

That's something many black conservatives seem incapable of doing.

CBW, I've been exposed to the rantings of your buddy Constructive Feedback for about 18 months now and in all that time I have never once read anything but sneering contempt for black folks as well as hardcore negrophobia of the like you'd read on racist websites like the free republic.

You can't expect black folks to be receptive to that.

Conservative Black Woman said...

I can't wait until tomorrow!!! Perhaps we can TALK with each other rather tha AT each other.

I think that both sides misunderstand each other.

I was wrong to define you UptownSteve First as a radical, Second as a Black nationalist. Likewise, because I define myself as a conservative republican does not mean that I think the MAJORITY of black america suffer from the pathlogy I have outlined in my profile. I would also have to disagree with you about CF. I don't get "negrophobia" from his blogs. I get -- stop throwing your support behind democratic leadership, refuse to hold them accountable on a local level and continue to complain that things are bad in the communities which they serve.

Anyway tomorrow let's really try and talk these issues out reasonably and listen to each other.

Also, Naima if you should return to this thread... I'm sorry for my initial snarkiness.

uptownsteve said...


I like you and your style.

Despite the rantings of CF (whom I admittedly have very little respect for) I have never disrespected anyone who hasn't disrespected me first.

I look forward to tomorrow night.

uptownsteve said...

"I would also have to disagree with you about CF. I don't get "negrophobia" from his blogs. I get -- stop throwing your support behind democratic leadership, refuse to hold them accountable on a local level and continue to complain that things are bad in the communities which they serve."

That's a strawman argument.

Most black folks I know do make their leaders accountable.

Here in PG County, several County Council members as well as the 5th District Congressman were voted out in the 2006 and 2008 elections.

Now as far as black folks, particularly inner city black folks voting Republican, people like CF never say what the Repubs are going to do to improve the conditions they blame on Democratic leadership.

What are the Repubs going to do spoecifically about improving the quality of education in city public schools outside of attempting to privatize them through vouchers?

What are the Republican recommendations for bringing jobs and industry to the inner city?

What are the Republican solutions to deal with street crime?

He nor any other black conservative I know ever offer any solutions nor explain why Democrats are responsible for these problems.

People like CF just continuously rant that blacks are dupes for voting Democratic.