Thursday, January 15, 2009

Constructive Feedbacks Asks: Are Black Americans in 200[9] an "Oppressed People"?

Constructive Feedback posted an article this morning on his blog Politics,Policy, Pathology and Hope Within The Black Community which asks are Black American an oppressed people in 200[9]. Actually, this is the general sentimemt I was attempting to convey albeit not as eruditely as CF in the No Fool Like an Old Fool post on Tuesday. CF structures questions which should be asked of those who believe that Black Americans are indeed oppressed which requires them to but forth empirical evidence of such a claim. He writes:

"All that needs to happen is to see "Negroes behaving badly" and then the "man on the street" reporter does a series of interviews asking "What is wrong with your people? Why are they acting this way?"

You won't need to listen too long before hearing something to the effect of "When a people are OPPRESSED as we are the begin go act out in such a way in which someone who LOOKS LIKE THEM becomes the enemy and they begin to destroy that threat because they are not able to destroy their real enemy - the system of White supremacy".

As I listen to the debate elements put forth by many Black people (and their White liberal emissaries seeking to "feel our pain" in exchange for our votes) I begin to understand the importance of having structured debate in which empirical evidence is required to confine people to the facts.

The claim "Some 'New Negroes' believe that there is no more racism today" is one of the more frequently used, fraudulent arguments. How do you prove a negative? Think about it - for their counter challenge to be correct it only takes one "toothless ignorant White man who lives in a shack" to commit an act of racism in Montana to have their claim proven correct. Their claim does not need to pass any type of proportionality or comprehensiveness test. Some of the logical questions that I have are:

  • Of the millions and millions of "Black/ White" interactions that happen in America on a daily basis - how many of them result in a "lynching"? Why is the exception so powerful if it is not the rule?
  • Of the points of racism that they do point to - How do we measure the full effect of these resistive forces upon the actual progress of Black people in 2009? Are their other, NON RACIAL forces that play a bigger factor today?
  • What does a "racist free" society look like in your estimation? Could you describe in explicit detail the conditions that must exist for you to remove the claim from your vocabulary?
  • As a follow up to the previous question: If we have in fact reached an "oppression free" society and yet there is STILL inequality between strata within the races - is it your opinion that the continuing disparities are proof of racism?
  • What if Black people are not willing to adopt many of the speculative elements of capitalism and institutionalization and thus are not able to generate wealth in their preferred economic system? Is this inequality "racism" or is it related to the prevailing economic system of choices?

In general there needs to be a more organized construct by which to evaluate such rants. I am not saying that there are no racists in America. I am not saying that some people do not look at race and use this as their primary reference for qualification of a person.

What I am saying is that I am not willing to index my own development upon the thoughts that a third party that I have no control over. Instead I focus on the framework of the LAW. Any violations of me as a Black man should be handled by law enforcement when my "civil rights" are violated. Beyond that I choose to look at what I am doing to make myself "equal" - or at least the results that I am able to obtain.

I am currently doing background research on a particular blogger who has an ideology that is "astro-spiritual" in nature. He refers to some majestic figure that we should keep in our honor. American capitalism focuses on individual greed according to his philosophy. He believes in a shared future. He is a socialist - bottom line.

If a person operates on this set of assumptions and another group of people are operating off of capitalism - lets even assume that they live on different ends of the country. Would it come as a surprise that our socialist friend would stake his claim upon their proceeds because of their common national membership? This comes despite his repudiation of their economic system. Functionally the government is a great "money launder" - able to take in "dirty capitalistic money" and wash it because it is put to good use. The good use is for his benefit.

This is why I say so frequently that the worst possible situation for some people to be in is ALL ALONE. In their current co-occupier position they are able to be the "moral compass" for the nation and the world. They are only able to maintain this position because of the economic and military resources that they often stand so soundly against. The segmentation that happens inside of this country as boundaries are formed by states, counties, cities and zipcodes. They are isolated in their own containers. After having built up their acumen on protesting against an external threat - the opportunity to execute upon a more organic strategy proves to be problematic.

They are unable to recognize the key function that their own economic order has in their current standing. In fact it is undemocratic to have them seek to impose a centralized restrictive order which would have the productive ends of one group of people to be confiscated and used for the ways that he desires. The migration of these people AWAY from him so that they can live as they choose, within a system of their own choosing should be respected.

I am not saying that there should be no taxes paid by this other group. I am saying that the underlying bias that is motivating this tax policy should NOT be one where this group is assumed to have done something wrong while the "Aggrieved Permanent Opposition" is made out to be the victim. His impoverished state but not his SYSTEM OF IDEOLOGY being used as evidence of his being wronged.

Nothing is going to fundamentally change among some people until they shift their focus from what others have as they figure out how to use the system of government to confiscate it. Instead they need to look at the standard that they desire to live at and make sure that their daily actions are most focused upon obtaining this standard in an ORGANIC method.

The first strategy will allow them to live at a higher standard in as much as the SYSTEM that redistributes their fortunes remains active.The second strategy will allow them to live at this higher standard because the standard is expressed by their own order of living and industry. (Constructive Feedback)

How is that for a kinder, gentler extremely rational way of saying nothing will change for us until we change our paradigm, stop looking for racism under every rock and take responsibility for our economic conditions. We are entitled to nothing but life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. If we choose to pout because white folks may or may not like us then we will be "oppressed" forever. We live in a capitalist society (hopefully, it will remain so after PEBO's term(s) ) so we either need to get with the program and become producers or stop complaining about our supposed "oppression".

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Anonymous said...

my friend Kevin Jackson says those who obsess on racism are always going to find enough of it to talk about, to make them 'right'.. but the question isn't one of absolutes.

Human beings aren't perfect. Many fear that which they do not know, that which is different. It is easy for fear to go through stages, from standoffishness to rejection to outright hatred.. the negatives are remembered, the positives forgotten, because of the underlying fear..

Because of our innate flaws, we can NEVER BE FREE OF RACISM.

So the question is, how is your life today? How quick do you bounce back? How much are you REALLY held back by others, and how much by your own self? How energetic and positive are you?

Human questions, race or no race. These apply to us all.

In the view of this 48 yr old white guy raised by a mildly racist father, the specter of racism in this country is farther away from the horizon than it's ever been. More progress is likely. The absolute perfection sought by some WILL NEVER BE.

But we're doing better all the time.

Great stuff, CBW, keep it up!

Big Dave