Saturday, December 27, 2008

Why Are Conservatives Patriotic:As Told By The Astute Blogger

The Astute Blogger responds to an article written by Joel Stein of the LA Times who is befuddled as to why conservatives believe in american exceptionalism. Well, the Astute Blogger ripped Mr. Stein a new "azzhole" as he broke down why specifically a person of Jewish descent should be the last group of people on the planet to question american exceptionalism. He writes:
"Yes, perhaps Nazi Germany in the thirties would have been a better place for a
guy named
Stein to live.Or did Joel Stein somehow forget that it was America's blood, sweat and treasure that defeated the twin scourges of Nazism and Militaristic Shintoism?Or perhaps the Soviet Union, which murdered upwards of 90 million individuals, would have been a cool place to live: say, a gulag in Siberia.Or
did Joel Stein somehow miss the news that Ronald Reagan's strategy of peace
through strength -- ("
We win. They lose.") -- led to the economic meltdown of the Soviet bloc and the liberation of millions?Maybe Stein would have preferred living under the Taliban, in their tolerant and forgiving culture, or in Saddam Hussein's
Baathist Iraq, which had an unfortunate propensity to gas and rape its
Or were Joel Stein's newspapers swiped by the neighbor those days, so that he missed the news of George W. Bush's incredible risk-tasking to liberate
fifty million Muslims
from the despotic regimes of Bin Laden and Hussein?Forget the fact that more people try to get into America than any other country. Forget, too, the opportunities afforded entrepreneurs by America's incredible innovation engine linking academia, venture capital and industry; and which has launched companies like Microsoft, Intel, Google and eBay out of whole cloth.Were it not for America, Stein would -- today -- be living under Nazism, Communism or some other totalitarian regime. Or, better put, not living.Does that help you understand American exceptionalism..."
Heres the good part:

"Mr. Stein, you ignorant pissant? Tribalism? Tribalism has nothing to do
with it, you pathetic ignoramus. Were it not for America, were it not for
Americans, the world be a far darker place, with hundreds of millions living
behind barbed wire, in concentration camps, in death camps awaiting their smoky
fate.Stein, you are an intellectual midget and a bumbling doctrinaire liberal
hack. Frankly, I'm surprised you can rub enough neurons together to keep
breathing without having to concentrate.If I were a meaner-spirited person, I'd
slit the tires on your home. Instead I'll just mock your astute choice of
profession: liberal hack #117 for the dying Los Angeles Times."

LOL...I love it!!! I have to admit that I have never felt an overwhelming sense of patriotism and I don't get all misty gazing at the American flag. But, I'm not stupid enough to think that any other country on this planet can offer me a better life with all of the freedom and liberty that I possess. America has it's issues but any "pissant" knows that the good significantly outweighs the bad. Further, the part that is bad-- the racism, well that's a result of a sinful human condition and since humans inhabit other countries racism can never be escaped. So, for all of you whining liberals elitist, and black quasi-socialist progressive fundamentalist racism chasers grow up and count your many blessing. Thank you Astute blogger for reminding me why I should be proud of America.


Rose-Bud said...

Joel Stein is a part of the group of Jews who wanted to return to Egypt after Moses, withs Gods' urging lead them of out boundage.

He dun forgot where he come from. Yet, we still need these useful idiots in the world to remind us of our own good graces.

Bookworm Girl said...

i am extremely proud to be an american.

i would love to see all the complainers living on american soil, pack up and move to a place where they would be happier.

the complainers have no idea how idiotic they look. it's like standing in front of your own home and telling all passers-by how rotten your living conditions are. it escapes human reasoning.

The Black Sphere said...

Good post! You find the jewels, Robin!

Conservative Black Woman said...

I figured you'd get a kick out of this one Kevin. You and Astute Blogger share that sort of "go for the jugular" literary "whoop azz". It cracks me up. I wish I could get folks told off so eloquently.

Digital Publius said...

Brilliant post!

JudyBright said...

People all around the world love their countries, no matter where they are from.

Why are we the only ones that are supposed to look only at our faults and imperfections and let them define us?