Monday, December 29, 2008

Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive Fundamentalist Racism Chasers Up In Arms About The Magic Negro Parody.....

First thing this morning I received a call from an Obama acolyte up in arms about the magic negro parody. "Do you see what your Republican party has done?" I answered with "yes, it's parody, it's satirical, it's slightly funny.... and HE IS THE MAGIC NEGRO!!!!" Or is it more politically correct to say "The Magic Black Man"? If one of our esteemed Hip/Hop or Rap entertainers were to pen "The Magic Nig**r it would be acceptable, right? President Elect Barack Obama (PEBO) was not vetted at all. He probably isn't not a natural born citizen and not even the Supreme Court cares. Grown men and women swoon in his presence and I'm talking about the press corp for goodness sakes! He has lifted the collective spirit on "down-trodden" black folks who were reduced to tears of joy upon the announcement that he is the new President Elect of the United States. It's all very magical I would say. Parenthetically, this parody was produced in March of 2007 why the mass hysteria regarding it now?

This "Obamanut" goes on to say that it was played on Rush Limbaugh. Uhh, SO WHAT??? A Barney Frank parody was aired on The Rush Limbaugh Show "Banking Queen" and it is hilarious. He also aired a parody of Caroline Kennedy "O Caroline, Where Is Your Behind" equally as funny--where is the outrage about these parodies? A fellow blogger who shall remain unnamed has her panties all in knots over this Magic Negro Parody as well not realizing that if you acolytes weren't acting as if PEBO's doo-doo doesn't stink there would be nothing to parody!
UPDATE: I just learned that it was a Liberal Democrat who first coined the term Barack The Magic Negro in the LA Times March 19,2007 (I love google!!!!!)
I will say that Chip Saltsman stepped in proverbial dog dukey by circulating the CD or emailing it to his friends-- bad Chip! Party operatives are held to a higher standard. He should have left the comedy to the comedians. Chip should have also known that the hypocritical elite libs and BQSPFRCs would jump all over this. He is just paving the way for Michael Steele to become the next chairman of the RNC (fine by me).


Bookworm Girl said...

a very sad reality is revealing itself in light of obamanation. even the most educated black person have stifled their independent thinking and their potential for growth. it's frightening. not because they scare me, but because my children have to make a future with their offsprings be it in business, marriage or friendship.

Constructive Feedback said...

If you all think that all of this is not a preview of what we can expect to see for the next 4 are dreaming.

Why is it that "Bush Or Chimp" was never brought out as going too far?

What about White Liberal racist Ted Rall and his various attacks on Condi Rice.

Let us all call it what it is:
There are "Protected Blacks" who no one better say anything about.....then there are "Free Range Blacks" who's incompatible ideology makes them 'open season"

* Condi Rice
* Clarence Thomas
* Michael Steele
* Ken Blackwell
* Jesee Lee Peterson
* Ward Connerly

and one that needs an asterisk because now he might be protected since he endorsed Obama

* Colin Powell*

Conservative Black Woman said...

Uhhhgggg!!!!! I hate the stupid double standard of these stupid LIBtards. The only thing to look forward for the next four years is their foul, rancid, putrid blog fodder.

uglyblackjohn said...

@ Constructive Feedback - "Free Range Blacks"? Damn... that's funny.
But the only one I can't stand on your list is C. Thomas. Cosby and Obama were close to being on your list for making valid points about Black culture.

@CBW - I'm not sure if the anger was directed at the video itself or the fact that Blacks within the party failed to question the apropriateness of sending it out. Even other white party members found it tasteless.
The further dependence on the Southern Stategy is a mistake for the party.

Conservative Black Woman said...

UBJ~I agree that Chip acted in bad taste--not a smart move considering you are trying to become party chairman. But the anger simmering among black bloggers of the democratic and/or liberal persuasion is most assuredly directed towards the "entire republican party" as they label it racist. Which is curious and stupid because theynseem to think there is less racism in their beloved democrat party. Not sure when our folks are going to wake up, grow up, and wise up.

Conservative Black Woman said...

whew, please excuse typos in my previous comments. I'm a bit hurried this morning.

Annie said...

Oooooohhhh.... can't.....breathe...! PEBO!! I almost wet my pants, girlfriend!! Hope you had a great Christmas!

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]But the only one I can't stand on your list is C. Thomas.[/quote]


Could you tell me EXACTLY you don't like about Justice Clarence Thomas?

What SPECIFICALLY has he done to harm the interests of Black people? (Other than being opposed to some POLICIES that are POPULARLY ASSUMED TO BE in the best interests of Black people)

uglyblackjohn said...

The whole Affirm/Action thing.
He went through the door but wants to close it for anyone else.
Personally, I HATE AA. It just lowers standards and expectations.

Anonymous said...

We understand the hidden context of the Magic Negro song which is actually performed by Rev. Al Sharpton. Sharpton previously ran for president in the Democratic primaries. The Rev called Obama Magic Negro because he said that the media loves him & that he's bright an articulate. But Sharpton also said that Obama was not authentic (as in being a true black man) like himself & also made reference to Snoop Dogg or Farrakhan being real black men. This is a product of idiotic, Left-wing liberal antics at its best. Therefore, Chip shouldn't have went there since Sharpton already laid out the foundation when he inserted his political "foot-into-mouth" with this parody. Hey, CBW, I miss you & Brother K on the podcast - when will you make another one? I love listening to you both on the CBW show.

Conservative Black Woman said...

Hey Lu~Actually there is a show scheduled for tomorrow nite at 9:00. Not sure if Brother K will grace us with his presence.