Thursday, December 11, 2008

Right Klik: Questions for My Liberal Friends

Right Klik has a few questions for his liberal friends which I would also like to have an answered by my liberal friends. I commented on Right Klik's blog that I doubted that there are any rational liberal minds anywhere that can provide answers to these questions without hurling insults or deflecting. Prove me wrong....

Here are Right Klik's questions:

  1. Liberals asked Americans to hand the keys of government over to the Democrats in order to end the "Culture of Corruption." In light of the recent antics of Rod Blagojevich, William "Cold Cash" Jefferson, Charlie Rangel and other luminaries, what are liberals saying about the culture of corruption now?
  2. Liberals do not seem to be bothered by Obama's associations with the likes of Tony Rezko, Rod Bagojevich, William Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, and Rhashid Khalidi. Why not?
  3. Most Americans (70% of Republicans, 62% of independents and 55% of Democrats) oppose the auto industry bailout plan, yet Democrats in Congress are poised to pass a bailout bill anyway. Why?
  4. How high will the price of gasoline have to go before you are ready to support drilling in ANWR?
  5. What kind of economy would be best for America? A. Socialist? B. Communist? C. Fascist? D. Capitalist?
  6. Obama has stated that he is in favor of tax increases (for reasons of "fairness") even when they result in DECREASES in revenue for the government. Do you support Obama's thinking on this issue?
  7. Obama has outlined a intentionally vague health care agenda. His health care czar, Tom Daschle wants to push a bare-bones health care bill through congress as soon as possible after Obama is elected. A Federal Health Board would be charged with establishing the system's framework and filling in most of the details. This independent board would be insulated from political pressure. Does this in any way strike you as undemocratic?
  8. Liberals have consistently opposed voter identification laws aimed at reducing voter fraud. Why?
  9. Many Americans (particularly minorities) say that their children are trapped in failing schools. Nationwide, 52 percent of parents, and 59 percent of public school parents, support school choice. 87 percent of black parents aged 26-35 and 66.4 percent of blacks aged 18-25 support vouchers. Liberals consistently oppose school choice. Why?
  10. Obama was asked, "At what point does a baby get human rights?" His response: "...answering that question with specificity, you know, is above my pay grade." Based on his leadership in opposition to the Illinois Born Alive Infants Protection Act, Obama has demonstrated that he believes that a baby gets human rights at an unspecified time AFTER he or she is born. My question to liberals: is infanticide acceptable?
  11. Is there anything Obama could do to lose your support? If so, what?

Here is the reason that I have such little faith in the "rational" liberal mind. Yesterday, I participated in a thread on with 4 or 5 extremely intelligent liberals and 2 other conservatives(of course they were intelligent-- they're conservatives, duh) . The comments by the cons were thorough and substantive. The responses of the libs while one or two honestly engaged in fair exchange of ideas and offered true insight most of the comments were witty but nasty, rude, cutting and the final comment was crude. So I have little faith that anyone who describes themselves as a liberal thinker is capable of communicating without launching a full on verbal assault-- there must be gunpowder in the kool-aid.


JudyBright said...

You mean these people were intelligent because "they're" conservatives, right? ;)

I'd answer those questions for them, but you weren't asking me.

Zabeth said...

Excellent questions. When people start hurling insults it usually means that they don't want to have to think anymore.

Pamela said...

Z, I totally agree, Either that or else they know that they are believing total foolishness and are ashamed to admit they have been had. This is why they refuse to respond to the question and attack the messengers. Pretty pathetic.

RightKlik said...

Thanks for spreading the word. No liberal answers yet. I will be posting this list of questions on tomorrow. The libs will respond...although the answers won't necessarily be intelligent.

Biased Girl said...

Liberals subscribe to the idea that Who ever talks loudest and longest Wins.

Pamela said...

Being bullies is how most liberals win arguments. They do not like to be shown how stupid the vast majority of their views really are. So much for tolerance and the equal exchange of idea. Unless some real changes in approach happen we will be watching a show of utter madness the next two years. I'm holding out somehow for common sense to rule somehow. Either that or the liberals will implode.

Sidebar: I am old enough to remember what a mess the Carter administration was. It was that administration that caused me to switch my political party for the 1980 election, the first presidential election I was old enough to vote in. I just missed being old enough to vote in 1976 by a month or so. I probably would have voted for Carter solely because he was a Democrat. I'm so proud to say I did not. I do not remember if I voted in the mid-term elections in 1978 or not. Because of the Carter administration I decided to start really paying attention as much as I could to the issues at hand. I have voted pretty much in every presidential and mid-term election since 1980. The Internet really makes it a lot easier to keep up with the issues, especially the government web sites.

Sidebar: I do not need to add any more RSS feeds to my list. However I just added Right Klik. Thank God for them:) I have over 100 in my list. However maybe a dozen are comments RSS feeds for Typepad or Wordpress that I will eventually delete. However I think I can safely say I have at least 85 blog RSS links. That is INSANE. LOL

Zabeth said...

I posted this on my facebook acct.Haven't gotten any responses either. Could just be that my lib friends are tired of me ;-)

Conservative Black Woman said...

Judy~I know you can answer the

Zabeth~I tellin' ya Libs can't answer at least not civilly.

Pamela~lol you have 85 RSS feeds!!! You are worst than me and I'm pretty hooked it's a wonder I get anything done all day. But I'm glad you added Right Klik -- he is a cool dude. I love his blog, heck I even dig his music.

Biasedgirl~It was written yesterday in the thread I mentioned that if the facts are on your sides then pound the facts, if the law is on your side then pound the law, if neither are on your side, then pound the table. That's was libs do -- They pound the table!

Bookworm Girl said...

ha! now i see how i've sounded on some of my blogs. no way will any of these questions get answered by the liberals. self-incriminating? justifications? nope. not gonna happen.

Katrina said...

Do you mind if I repost this on my Myspace blog? I will credit you and Right Kilk of course, but these questions are too good to pass up.

maidintheus said...

"It was written yesterday in the thread I mentioned that if the facts are on your sides then pound the facts, if the law is on your side then pound the law, if neither are on your side, then pound the table."

I just wanted to repeat that ;)

RightKlik said...

Actually two liberals answered my questions quite thoroughly. I was pleasantly surprised. They were actually reasonable. I think they may be transformed into conservatives over time. I suppose there are two kinds of liberals: the crazy ones and the ones who are destined to become conservatives.

RightKlik said...

Anyone who wants to repost the questions: please do. Feel free to modify and add your own questions. Credit and and a link to my site are appreciated. Thanks for all the positive feedback. Thanks CBW for posting this on your blog.

Nikia said...

Hi I stumbled on your site from the Black Snob. I guess I could be considered a liberal, but mostly because I find myself insulted by your slights at liberals and blanket comments about them. Yes some are rude and whiney. But, I’m sure you’ve read some comments by conservatives that make you cringe and want to disassociate yourself. The same way we find ourselves wishing people would not make blanket statements about Black people based on the few they’ve met or seen on TV, we cannot make assumptions about liberals or conservatives; it halts discussion, which halts solutions.

1. The way I see it, one person was using his position of power for personal gains; another was an entire administration that collaborated to lie to the American people, resulting in a costly war that took American lives and benefited us in no way. Both are wrong.

2. Ironically, I think it was Bill Ayers that said if you don’t engage with people then you cannot affect them. Politicians deal with many people; that is the nature of the job. It is also the unfortunate case the there is corruption among us; because a person worked for Enron it doesn’t make them a crook. I also think it’s unfortunate that Pastor Wright has become a caricature of himself, but I believe his original comments were taken out of contex.

3. I think that congress is trying to do what they think will be the healthiest for the American people and not necessarily what the American people want.

4. With all of the technology that we’ve been able to acquire, with all of the great minds in the US and the world, I think that we can come up with a more efficient energy sources than destroying nature. For me it couldn’t get high enough.

5. Socialism and capitalism are not mutually exclusive. You can have an open economy while still providing a standard of living for all Americans.

6. No.

7. No.

8. I imagine they are against extreme versions that might discriminate against poor or minority voters. Things like multiple pieces of identification or a check or piece of mail can make the difference between having your voice heard and watching the race.

9. I am strongly against school vouchers. School choice makes good schools better, but does nothing to improve bad schools. These are the schools that are most in need and the first to be abandoned. Just like letting the free market reign on wall street resulted in dire consequences, I believe that capitalism and education should not mix.

10. Infanticide is not acceptable. My understanding is that Obama opposed that act due to details that were written in and not because he hates babies. It is important to look at the fine print in bills and acts brought to legislation; the TARP bailout included language that permits CEOs to still get bonuses which should not have been included.

11. I supported Obama because he was the best candidate at the time. When someone better comes along, I will gladly support them. What would it take for him to win your support?

These are interesting questions that could have blogs devoted to them in their own right. I hope I provided thoughtful answers to your questions. I think that at the end of the day, we all want to see Americans succeeding, leading happy, moral lives and caring about others. I think we just choose different methods to get there. However, if we continue to focus on shared goals, then we can still see our shared dream come true.

JudyBright said...

I have to respond to Nikia's answers.

1. At least she acknowledged that Clinton? was wrong. But the whole "Bush lied people died thing" Ugh. In order to believe that Bush and the administration conspired to send us to war, you must provide what his motivation was for doing so. So why did Bush do this?

2. First of all, if you bomb the Pentagon, I quit quoting you to back up my points. Second, your logic is flawed. We're not trying to implicate William Ayer's maid or dry cleaning service. Obama was on the board of "community organizing" groups the same time as Ayers, a terrorist. What kind of values or philosophy did this group have? Why did Obama start his career in his home? That's willful association, a lot different than some lower level secretary or someone in middle management at Enron who had no idea what was going on at the top. Obama made a shady real estate deal with Rezco. And the whole "taken out of context" argument with Rev Wright is weak. He was at that church while it was politically expedient, and then left the moment it wasn't. That actually makes me less concerned about Obama's association with Wright, because I think he was just using his church for political gain. But I question his loyalty and sincerity in choosing a church.

3. I think that congress is trying to do what they think will be the healthiest for the American people and not necessarily what the American people want.

This one may actually be partially true. But what elitism. Yuck. But I think this is a bit naive,especially with the auto bailout. That bill or attempt at a bill is to cater to union interests. Bankruptcy would break their precious UAW.

4. For me it couldn’t get high enough. I find the insensitivity of this answer shocking. This is typical out of touch elitist liberal thinking. First, it is based on the lie of "climate change" or "global warming" being caused by humans. Second, it has no regard for the working class or the poor. These people are whom liberals claim to care about, but the first to get screwed by radical environmental policy.

5. Socialism and capitalism are not mutually exclusive. Yes they are. Please consult a dictionary.

6. No. Good answer.

7. No. More trusting the government when they've done nothing to earn it. Actually they do more and more each day to show they can not be trusted.

8. They are not against "extreme" versions. My state of Ohio now requires ID and liberal claimed it discriminated against the poor. Like the poor don't have IDs. They do this because people who don't have the skills to fill out a ballot properly or remember and ID vote overwhelmingly Democrat. Plus it makes voter fraud much easier.

9. See, the point isn't the schools, making bad schools better, it's getting kids into good schools. And a little thing called competition tends to get crappy schools in gear real quick. Why should parents be forced to keep their money and kids going to a bad school?

10. Infanticide is not acceptable. I'm glad you believe this. I would urge you to at least consider the possibility that he voted against this because he truly holds extreme views on abortion. I am still chilled by his quote about not wanting his children to be punished with a baby if they got pregnant. *shudder*

11. You didn't answer the question.

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]This independent board would be insulated from political pressure. Does this in any way strike you as undemocratic?[/quote]

The sad truth about this world is that abject change comes forth when ONE SIDE uses undemocratic practices to create a prevailing order. I just got finished watching a C-SPAN speech given by a political insider. He basically said that democratic systems need a "dictator" to break them out of the perpetual factionalism that they fall into.

Sadly - this is true. The way things work out is that people aren't opposed to "dictators" or politicians in America with great power......they are opposed to THEIR ADVERSARIES having too much power.

The same people who called Bush the "Imperial President" are poised to make his replacement their GOD.

The use of "ram it down your throat power" in America is akin to the axiom "it is easier to ask for forgiveness than it is to ask for permission".

Sadly "undemocratic" is a word used only by the odd man out.

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]Is there anything Obama could do to lose your support? If so, what?[/quote]

This is the key question that I have asked others as well. Sadly the answer is NO.

The election of Obama was THEIR "change".

When people place their own factionalism/party loyalty ahead of their own standing they lose the very essence for why they entered into political advocacy in the first place.

The question that I have for African-Americans is:

Since so much of our collective political advocacy has been toward "SPEAKING TRUTH TO POWER" against the government, forcing it to change so that our lives are improved......when the government becomes occupied and dominated by people who YOU FAVOR does this necessitate a change in your strategy?

The sad truth of the matter is that the popular Black political activism has been one of chasing our enemies out of power. In the process they have FAILED to build up the infrastructure that is necessary for us to have organic development within our own communities once this power has been amassed. Even when the favored ideology dominates our schools and they continue to fail - the voices will claim that the external government has failed them.

The key problem is that the Black community is really a vertically aligned machine. The Politicians, Policies, Preachers, Protesters, Public School Teachers and most importantly the PRESS are not going to fundamentally attack each others failures because they ultimately are all progressives. As long as each of them tow the line they are fine.

It is not FAILURE that gets you attacked. A Black elected official gets attacked if he "GOES RIGHT". Rep Albert Wynne in Maryland is a text book case of this fact.

In the process what we see in Black America is an amplification and enforcement of Progressive-Fundamentalism rather than a system that rewards effectiveness and purges failed policies.

Black folks work off of GOOD INTENTIONS THAT ARE IN ALIGNMENT WITH THE POPULAR SENTIMENT rather than a commitment to delivering upon our GOALS.