Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Bastardization Of Christ's Redemption

I was just over at Gina's blog at What About Our Daughters and the post this morning is entitled SUV's In The Pulpit:God Never Promised Gum Drops and Ponies . Gina gave a great analysis of the recession or looming recession and the appropriate course of action prudent people should follow so I will not belabor that point-- read her article.
What I find absolute heart-breaking is the fact that black folks are so biblically illiterate that they would actually pray over and anoint with oil SUV's in the pulpit. I'm am certain that the stench of those greedy, corrupt, perverse, just plain dumb prayers turned the stomach of God. How can we call ourselves children of God? What self respecting man of God would substitute the redemptive work of Jesus Christ on the cross with SUV's in the pulpit? How much lower can we go? I shudder to think.

This debacle took place in Detroit at Greater Grace Church and supposedly the congregants are auto workers and union employees of the big 3 automakers who were praying for the bailout in order to maintain their livelihood. SO WHAT!!!! Jesus is your strength, your sustenance, the giver and sustainer of your life... NOT GM, FORD AND CHRYSLER!!!!

See for yourself Rev. Charles Ellis says "one thing for sure all eyes will be focused on the platform" All eyes should be focus on Christ not SUV's on the platform. Lord help us.

Rev. Ellis considers this an illustrative example and it is not. It is a bastardization of the redemptive work of Christ. Like so many other wolves in sheeps clothing he is leading his flock astray.

This story was carried on the AP and picked up on Fox, CBS and ABC. This sort of circus does not draw seekers to Christ. It is no wonder that skeptics find Christians dumb. How biblically retarded do you have to be not to see a problem here? Yet that church was packed. If I were not a Christian these sorry examples of God's supposed people I see in the media would never convince me to lend a listening ear.


blacknright said...

Your points are right on. That is one thing that moved me to join the Mormon church. The seeming lack of greed and the focus on being of service to others. And all the hard work people put in for no pay. It all culminated to convince me that I was in the true church of Jesus Christ. That the Gospel was not merely being espoused here but being lived, I wanted to be a part of that.

Initially such dedication was beyond my reach but once I was able to achieve it, I was greatly blessed. And you are right, if I was not a Christian already such displays of self-centeredness would only convince me to stay far away. I know after going to Cecil Murray's FAME church I was convinced to stay as far away from that church as much as possible, which also convinced me to stay away from all churches if this was representative of what they were.

I am glad I didn't listen to Satan convincing me that all churches were the same and was able to hear the truth when the missionaries found me. God bless you.

SLC said...

I think my biggest problem is with the vehicles on stage. They stand out like idols. I believe God said he was (and still is) a jealous God, and would not want Detroit's dysfunctional three getting the credit for sustaining them.
I also wonder about th motive when I realize that the news media was there to cover this. It can be said that this was nothing more than an advertisement aimed at boosting the membership at the expense of decency, order, and souls.

morena said...

CBW, I agree again. However, we do know these circuses will continue as the day of our Lord draws near.

Such foolishness is another reason why I began to really study the Bible for myself. I have been a believer in Yeshua the Messiah all along & I have pulled away from that "black church" stuff. I thank the Lord for leading my husband & I to a messianic congregation that teaches the Bible & is ALL colors.

I don't run to revivals aka fund-raisers or to see "apostle so and so" from "such and such" to get "a word".

"Christian"--a derogatory term used by Romans to call the believers in Yeshua(Jesus). Yeshua, Paul & the other disiciples didn't call the believers or each other that.

I personally pray for the ones that are deceived so that they can come to the truth of the Bible. I do believe the Lord will deliver them out of that mess.

JudyBright said...

But he did promise miniature horses. Miniature horses and ponies are totally different.

maidintheus said...

Detroit is in the news again. All show and no go. Some of these people are the most vocal about 'helping' those less fortunate. Talk can be cheap. The cost of setting the stage with these vehicles for the 'show' wasn't cheap!

Think of those 'in need' who 'could' have benefited, except that wasn't the the 'real' point.

This is the way Detroit runs their school system, too: Rhetoric and money, but lacking in good results, year after year after year.

uglyblackjohn said...

I just wonder if Ford gave the pastor a car for this.