Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Voice Calling From The Wilderness......

Congratulations to President Elect Barack Obama!!! Conservatives, Republicans, Right Wing Christians we have been put out to pasture and it's prayin' time. I am truly happy that America and Black America in particular is rejoicing in this. While it saddens me that we felt so downtrodden in the year of our Lord 2008 and I am thrilled that we have gotten the "collective" inspiration that we have so longed for until now. So where do we go from here since we have been so inspired? I pray that black men are inspired to marry the women they impregnate. I pray that black fathers are inspired to lead their families. I pray that black parents are inspired to demand excellence from their children. I pray that we are inspired rise, rise, rise from the bottom of every demographic in this country.
P.S. If you are already inspired and handling your business, then I am clearly not referring to you.


Meredith said...

I wholeheartedly agree with your sentiment: "I pray that black men are inspired to marry the women they impregnate. I pray that black fathers are inspired to lead their families. I pray that black parents are inspired to demand excellence from their children."

I find it interesting that Obama cannot see that he has accomplished all he has not because of a handout or a gvt program, but because he had a mom who he called "the heartbeat of his family" and who he said sacrificed and worked hard to take care of him, he also had grandparents with the financial ability to (help?)raise him.

You and I black conservative woman, both agree that strong family vlaues is what we need as blacks and as a country. But his platform is to give money to people to help them. How can he not know this won't work?! My dissapointment in my country and my people is immense. But I have faith in God, not any man and not the political system. God is my provider and my hope and my strength.

Sigh, there is nothing left to say.

Anonymous said...

When you conservatives find a way to get your point across without being hateful you probably would have won the election

Conservative Black Woman said...
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Conservative Black Woman said...

Anonymous~You are such a gracious soul. Thanks for your comment.

melalnita said...

I so agree with your post. I hope that this will put to rest so much of the sentiment that blacks feel in this country...that everyone (read white people) are so against us. I fear that the election of Barack Obama will not put those sentiments to rest. Will the BC admit that this is NOT a racist country. It could not have been racist for some time in order to have a Barack Obama. I know this will NEVER happen. That acknowledgement woul require the BC to admit that the reason why we do so poorly is due to our own shortcomings. Many of the statements you made in your post are the reasons why we lag behind. When Pres Obama cannot raise people from the dead and speak a new reality into being for these followers I fear for their disappointment. Where will they go? Today I was a t the store and a Black womam from another country came up to me (I didn't know her) and she asked how I felt last night. I said that I was extremely dissapointed the Barack Obama won as I didn;t vote for him and believe in absolutely nothing that he stands for. She seemed surprised by this. I guess we (blacks) are to be behind someone just b/c he is black and that is that. Since I did not nor do I believe that this is a racist country I had no problem in believing thata Black person could be elcted President as I believe that there will be a female President.

uglyblackjohn said...

Personal responsibility was a major platform issue for Obama. He doesn't want to subsidize the poor (that would be a never-ending task). His goal is to rebuold the middle class.

Anonymous said...

I pray that black men are inspired to marry the women they impregnate.

Boy, your standards are high, lady.

Anonymous said...

Dear you and your blog really are quite disappointing.

Anonymous said...

While my white co-workers celebrated Obama's win over this morning's coffee, I quietly worked at my desk and thought "Lord, not this one. Why Obama?" We have so many well-educated & humble black americans that could hold this high office & be pround of them. This is not at all being hateful. I do believe that God has his reasons for permitting this.

Obama already knows that he won't be able to cash the "checks" that his mouth has written. That's why he's back-pedaling now. His handlers know it too. Sadly, others will find out too late. When will some of us learn nothing is "free"?

I agree with Meredith. I also pray that black parents become credible examples of excellence themselves. Their children can see that it expected, attainable & not live in a household of contradiction.

Some will suffer a major let-down when they see that Obama is a fraud. Some will continue to be "duped" out of choice (a few do that anyway for lesser reasons) no matter what. Still, some will be saddened by the possiblity that we may not get another chance to have a real candidate that has the character, integrity & solid credibility to properly represent not just us as a race but all americans.

Black Diaspora said...

Come now. Let's stop the wringing of our hands and work together--conservatives and liberals.

If we feel that the task is too large, it will be.

We don't have to allow our differences to stop our mutual desire to bring up our communities to a level that instill pride in us all.

I'm afraid that in all my years, the only fruit that I have seen come with carping is more carping.

Let's focus on solutions, and implementing those solutions. I've heard all the complaints--a thousand times over.

I don't minimize the problems, but I also realize that agonizing other them, or berating them, will not lead to solutions.

It's not my intent to antagonize anyone. That would be counterproductive. I'm seeking positive efforts and positive results.

Conservative Black Woman said...

Black Diaspora~ I couldn't agree with you more. It's not only praying time it's time to for us to get busy. The people I have a heart for (although it may not seem so) are not reading blogs. I need to do something more tangible within the community. I will be spending the next few days figuring out what I'm going to do to be an agent of change and not just a voice in the wilderness. Thanks Black Diaspora -- I hear you.

Bookworm Girl said...

i spent 13 years of my career in social work, educating young adults, and sometimes their families. the only kids that ever made use of freebie programs like these were the ones whose families were already involved, guiding them, loving them. the larger majority were just manipulators of the system.

children need LOVE and they need it first and foremost from their parents (no matter what kind of parents they have). cbw, i wish you good luck with whatever you come up with to begin to contribute to a solution in the black community.

i write. and i'll keep writing to connect with you and others like you. solutions? that's a tall order, i've found. i'm not trying to solve anything with the black community. why? if black people don't think they have a problem, then there is nothing that can be solved. my target audience consists of those who want to be informed, black AND white AND ALL cultures. my solution is my contribution to society by raising successful kids.

i will keep our country in prayer. we're gonna need it. obama's win was a fluke, a default. a lot of people simply hated bush and the last 8 years, a lot of white people were carrying guilt. and a lot of black people (many who've never voted before) simply wanted validation of their self worth.

i enjoy your blog and your posts. glad to know you!

Anonymous said...

How about black women becoming inspired enough to ask (actually, demand from) the men to whom they are not married to use a condom. Or how about the black women themselves being inspired to take the pill or get a shot (they are all free or nearly free at all health departments). You can't be sleeping with someone you are not married to and then use christianity as an excuse for not employing 'family planning' practises. Oh, and the as yet to be inspired black women allowing themselves to be impregnanted are usually the ones with the highest rates of HIV/AIDS.

For a 'conservative' woman who preaches self-responsibility and self-reliability, you sure are not holding black women to the same standards. It's not only the man's decision; the woman can also decide to not let it get to that point.

Meredith said...

CBW does hold black women to a high standard, she and I want personal resonsibility from all. Let's not turn this into a black women versus black men debate. For the record, as a black woman, women are responsible for their part by doing the wrong thing by having sex out of wedlock. HOWEVER, none of that has anything to do with the man and woman's equal responsibility to raise the child emotionally, physically and spiritually and financially. All too often, black women are fulfilling these needs alone, and this hurts the children and often causes a repeating cycle.

Anonymous said...

Meredith, since you now speak for CBW, You write "For the record, as a black woman, women are responsible for their part by doing the wrong thing by having sex out of wedlock. HOWEVER, none of that has anything to do with the man and woman's equal responsibility to raise the child emotionally, physically and spiritually and financially".

For the record I am also a black woman who completely disagrees with you that 'none of it has anything to do with the responsibility of raising a child'. I strongly believe that the onus of pregnancy prevention (and disease prevention) falls more on the woman than on the man.

Women are the ones who have to carry and deliver a child and have the responsibility of raising the child (and are also more likely to become infected with an STD). So if they are unable to assume full responsibility of an infant, then they should do everything possible to prevent the pregnancy. That way, the outcome (childbirth) will not happen for the woman to end up being the only one to provide all the '-allys' you listed.

If, the couple are legally bound, or the woman is part of the less than 1% for whom OC is not effective or the couple are part of the few who are unfortunate enough to have a condom collapse during intercourse, and the man shirks that responsibility then that is a whole other issue. However, it is not even remotely possible that majority of the 70% of black children being raised in single households, were all born from the above mentioned rare circumstances.

P.S: This is not a black woman vs black man tangle; I am merely pointing out that this particular post should have also admonished black women as well.

Fitts said...

Great post! Keep the truth alive!

God bless you,


Conservative Black Woman said...

Actually anonymous my sentiment is that women should really stop being "loosey goosey" with their "stuff" and stop lying down with the type of men who would not be likely to seal the deal with marriage should she get pregnant (actually I would advise abstinence before marriage--but few have the self-discipline to manage that), I errored in thinking that was implicit within the post. But your point is taken.

I'm thinking that since you know what this blog is all about and since you can't disagree politely perhaps you shouldn't read the blog any longer.

I certainly do not wish to bash black folks --I just want to turn the notion of the talent 10th turned around --I want us to be the talent 90 % or better. If you can't pick that up from the tone of my writing and since you are so disappointed then read some other blog written by a more like-minded person.

I have had several readers who don't see things the way I do and have been able to communicate that to me without being rude and condescending to other readers and they have been "woman or man enough" not to leave anonymous comments.

Meredith~I appreciate your support thank you for being a loyal reader.

Conservative Black Woman said...

oops, I meant I erred.

Meredith said...

CBW and Anon: I never meant to speak for CBW's mouth, but I felt comfy saying it because I believe you have posted on here about the importance of women not being "loose". I just couldn't find it to quote you directly. (;

Black Diaspora said...

Thanks for understanding that I come in peace. I have no personal agendas nor axes to grind.

I only want what you want: to be an instrument of change for the communities we love so much.

You said: "I need to do something more tangible within the community."

You can count on my support. I refuse to believe that the cause is lost, or, for that matter, that the burden is too heavy.

I, too, believe in the power of prayer, and will be praying for our leaders despite party affiliations.

For the record: I pray for Democrats, Republicans, Independents, you name it.

One of my goals is the creation of a National Prayer Circle, a group of dedicated souls who will use their prayer power to encircle this nation--and then outward to the nations of the world--with prayers of peace, prosperity, and potentiality.

I'll stay tuned for the goals you set for yourself.

An idea whose time has come is more valuable than silver or gold.

morena said...

No hand-wringing here. I do agree that all is not lost, much has been invested. I have no desire to bash or put down anyone either. I do love my black people very much and desire for all to be successful. We do need to get busy applying the solutions to get positve results.

But like bookworm girl, I help those that desire the help. A hungry person will eat-he may need some help but don't need to be convinced.

Thanks so much for putting this great site together. I would guess that it's exhausting work for you at times. I do respect & appreciate the input from all, whether I agree or not. I'm 41 & have been a conservative for the past 20 yrs. May God continue to bless & keep you & family.

***For the record, I'm the Anonymous that wrote: While my white co-workers celebrated Obama's win---:>)

Kathi said...

Although, I did not vote for Obama, I am so happy for the African American community. This is truly a great day. I wish many who fought for rights and are no longer here, could have seen this day. I am praying for our new president elect. Blessings, Kathi

lormarie said...

Great post, CBW. Personally though, I'd rather highlight the positive members of the black collective. President and First Lady Obama being two examples.

Beyond The Political Spectrum said...

I "pray" (or whatever passes for such considering my agnosticism) that black people learn to transcend ideological political dogma and do what we need to do to improve our overall socio-economic standard of living in this country, and use this man as not only an ispiration, but an example.


Anonymous said...

Black people can never be unified this is why are communities are still suffering.

Finally a African American President and all you people can do is bitch and moan. Are you trying to impress the non-blacks who look at you as caricatures anyway especially when you go on and on about how you are conservative.

And you black conservative Christians you are suppose to submit to authority and pray for authority not criticize, or did you conveniently forget that.

Many black people are really schizophrenic.