Friday, November 7, 2008

Mommy Why????

Mini-me and I are on the road this weekend visiting the one and only college she will even consider until she gets an early decision. The rule is that whoever drives gets to choose the radio station and I of course chose talk radio. I decided that I would get myself use to the "fairness doctrine" that may soon be making a comeback and I listened to both right and left wing programs. Eventually Mini-me related that she didn't understand why I am a conservative when everyone else in our lives see things differently (Shocking I know -- Does this kid ever listen to me?) I tried to explain it to her slowly and succinctly and hopefully she got it this time. But I later read this written by Cobb (If only I were so eloquent):

"The advantage of conservatism to African Americans is a greater understanding and perspective on a greater set of ideas than those which we have traditionally applied our consideration. To know more is its own benefit. To understand those ideas against which one has been opposed through ignorance is to gain a greater grasp of the political system and all of the interests in it. This is a capacity that more African Americans must develop if they are to advance in this society and in the world. Lest anyone doubt. I do not mean to imply or suggest that there is only one direction in which the thoughtful African American might mature their political sensibilities. There are not simply Conservative, but Libertarian, Anarchic, Marxist and other categories of thinkers and ideas in Western Traditions and many schools of thought within any and all of those branches. If anyone cares to take a very simple axiom 'By any means necessary' seriously, then one cannot be so simple-minded as to do nothing more than follow the same intellectual and political path without any further investigation." - Cobb (Read full post here)

So basically MM I wish for you to be thoughtful, introspective and inquisitive. Apathy is not an option for you.

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