Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Will The Real Racist Please Stand Up

More wisdom from my brother from another mother (that's code for white people I agree with) at TSF Protests :

"The phony racist charges from the liberal Black leaders are ludicrous. The liberal Black leaders are the exhibitors of racism today. They are the separatists today. They are the community that simply refuses to assimilate into America. They are the ones who do not want to engage this system. They thumb their noses at whites that by and large are bending over backwards for them and it is never enough and never accepted. It appears that Liberal Blacks want to be miserable. What else can explain supporting blood suckers like Jesse Jackson, Jeremiah Wright, Louis Farrakhan? These people would not exist if the Black community succeeds. And Black politicians like Maxine Waters and a host of others exalt in their hatred of white people and all of the community cheers them on. And why are 70% of abortion clinics in Black communities? You know darn sure the Republicans did not put them there. Why do Blacks want to kill Blacks? We, of the racist conservative communities don't want to kill Black people. We actually want them to succeed.Even Colin Powell accuses conservatives falsely. He also did the same thing at the Republican convention in 2000. He basically called the Republican Party racist in his speech. I couldn't believe what I heard. I thought he was a Democrat plant then. Now I am wondering if he was in reality a Black Nationalist but kept it hidden, until a Barack Obama appeared on the scene. Now he has cover.But the charges are ridiculous. Hate between races is nothing new. Mankind of all colors and all people are sinners, and haters. The first son, Cain, killed his own brother, Abel. Hate is nothing new. And it shouldn't be elevated to special status when Blacks are involved. They hate just as much as the rest of the human race. They are still enslaving each other in Africa today. Whites have stopped that horrid practice. Or listen to the language in any Black family. Listen to how they speak to each other. It is just as nasty and just as nice as white families. Whites hate their own and Blacks hate their own and we all hate our neighbors. Blacks are not special people and should get over their elitism. The whining is suffocating us.We will not remove sin from ourselves, much less from each other, until Christ returns. But we can serve each other as sinners, giving forgiveness to each other and ourselves, since Christ died for us, to forgive sins. As far as the Scriptures are concerned, Christ died for sinners, not good people, much less victims. Christians should know this. Obama does claim to be a Christian.Obama has nothing to offer the country at this time. He simply must mature and stop blaming others for the sin that clings to all of us. Therefore, we will never have perfect leaders, but must choose intelligently seeking to preserve the American system we were given. If Obama does not like the American system he should move. He speaks in un-American terms so we should fight and vote against him."

I know racism exists and the low-rent, inbred, meth-addicted skinheads who planned to assassinate Obama and and behead 88 black people are reminders of that -- but I think it's clear that America is on the mend as evidenced by the "transformative" Barack Obama's meteoric political ascension.


uglyblackjohn said...

Have you ever heard Farakahnn speak? He's more conservative than Pat Robertson. The Black Panthers were for personal responsibility as is the Nation of Islam.

Conservative Black Woman said...

Come on UBJ you can't be serious. If they advocate personal responsibility then their followers are not getting the message cause blame "whitey" is alive and well among our people.

JMK said...

UBJ, a LOT of hate-groups have some other, ancillary views that are more mainstream.

The Aryan Nation also claims to laud personal responsibility.

The NOI, the New Black Panthers, the Black Israelites, in fact, "Black Liberation Theology" itslef, is rooted in outright race-hatred.

The NOI also espouses the view that "a giant UFO is hovering around the earth, invisible to astronomers, and ready to wisk away blacks from the coming Armageddon."

Unlike the hate-filled Black Israelites and the New Black Panther Party, which are merely rooted in outright racial hatred, the NOI traffics in conspiracy theories and other bizarre views that are very close to, if not over the line toward insanity.

uglyblackjohn said...

Oh, I know.
I'm not saying that I agree with all (any) of the other philosophies of these groups.
I'm merely pointing out that there are many brands of consrvatism.
Just look at a book like the Bible and the many denominations and cults that have formed around the same words.
The message of personal responsibility (from these groups) is largely ignored, while the "Blame Whitey" school of thought seems to be the easier one to acccept.