Monday, October 27, 2008

I Am Perplexed...

I am perplexed by my people (black folks) as I keep hearing parents on television repeating a mantra which in effect says that because of Barack Obama's very likely Presidency that they can tell their children that they can be what ever they want to be and can achieve anything. This makes me want to scream!!!!! It's 2008 Jim Crow laws have been abolished. We have punked and guilted white people into "lowering the bar" (yeah, I'm talking about affirmative action) to let us into colleges, grad schools, corporations etc. etc. and you still didn't believe that your children could achieve great heights in their chosen career paths? What the hell?

I feel sorry for the children of these simple-azz people who get on television and repeat that "step and fetch it" mantra. You mean that you haven't been encouraging your children until Barack Obama came on to the scene? Until then you have been serving them healthy portions of "victim stew" with a side of "woe is me" is that what you are saying? Perhaps that's why we are at the bottom of every single demographic, because we don't believe in ourselves or our children apparently. Well, if that's the case then thank God for Barack Obama the great "Black Hope". Shameful......


Pamela said...

This morning I received an email from my rabid liberal friend that brought me to tears just because I asked her to pray for President Bush. The email included a PowerPoint slideshow that was encouraging people to vote for Obama (my assumption). I quit watching it after the 4th or 5th slide. It has a slide of the four gals that were bombed, a slide of Medger Evers and when he died, another slide of protestors being hosed. I think the last slide I looked at was the one of Emmitt Till and the horrible pictures of his face after his brutal murder. My friend said that it brought her to tears. I was ready to flame her. She also sent out an email asking people to fast a meal to pray that Obama wins. Again I was ready to flame her. One reason I don't is that I know she is still very angry and bitter and I do not feel like another confrontation. She has had eight years to nurture that mess. I do not take her reaction to me personally when she came after me for asking for prayer for Pres. Bush. What makes me furious is the hypocrisy of it all and her apparently blatant disregard of the verse that says to pray for our leaders. Every bad thing that happens to her is because of racism. She found out that was not the case. I will never forget when she wanted to get a promotion on a job. She applied for the job and asked people to pray. She did not get the position. I got a long email saying that 'they were racist', 'holding her back', etc. She asked us to pray about this. I did not waste a second because I knew she was projecting something that was not true. She found out that she was asking too high a salary for the position. I don't think she realizes that anger and bitterness is seen on a person's face. Who wants an angry bitter person, especially a black one where too many already think we are ready to kill at the drop of a hat????? The Bible says in Proverbs to not deal with an angry person or you will become like them. This is not a fight that is worth my time. if God cannot get to her I sure can't. Her son is having problems getting stable. I bet she has told him that he will be hindered as a bm or some mess like that.

I just do not have any empathy for this when the former slaves RIGHT AFTER SLAVERY did so much with way less than we have now. Even though I have done well I don't feel like I have done anything compared to what they accomplished under way worse circumstances. George Washington Carver, Booker T Washington and many others come to mind. Think about it. They did all this BEFORE blacks got the right to vote. Please don't tell me that just voting for a person is enough. That is the biggest lie ever believed.

uglyblackjohn said...

McCain and Obama are close enough on enough issues that who becomes President won't really matter in terms of the direction of our country.
Both want a strong middle class - one seems to be going for the trickle down theory while the other seems to want to spread the wealth in a more direct manner.
Both want a strong foriegn relations policy.
Both want less dependancy on foriegn oil.
Most people (by definition) are average. most people need someone to clear a path for them. Most peole don't understand that it's hard to be good but it hurts to be great.
The election of Obama will cause many to see that it still took a lot of whites, Asians, Hispanics as well as Blacks to get him into office. It would be a group effort.
Would racism end? Nope.
Would many of the old school maxims of all whites keeping Blacks down die? Hopefully.

Conservative Black Woman said...

Pamela I share you sentiments it's a loss cause to trying and reason with Obama acolytes who have the victim mentality.

UBJ, my disappointment is not so much that Obama is likely to be the Pres. it's the mind-set of our people (not all just some). It's so sickening to see those who are blindly supporting him without regard for his ideology or where he stands on the issues but because they are emotionally invested in see a black POTUS. I'm not denying that this is a historic election or that Obama is a superlative politician who has become this transformative historical figure. It's just that our "pathology" is painfully obvious during this election season.

JMK said...

"McCain and Obama are close enough on enough issues that who becomes President won't really matter in terms of the direction of our country.
Both want a strong middle class..."
UBJ, while it's true that both Conservatives and Liberals want many of the same things (more peace and prosperity among them), they have very different ideas over how to get there.

Conservatives want to tap our own huge oil reserves (over 2 TRILLION barrels), while most Liberals oppose that and want an unrealistic immediate switch to "alternative energies."

While Liberals believe that "We're all human beings and we can all talk things out if given enough time," Conservatives believe that this is a very dangerous world and NOT all people want to negotiate...sometimes evil must be confronted.

Liberals believe in Keynesian redistribution (higher taxes and more social programs to "spread the wealth"), while Conservatives support lower taxes on individuals (higher income taxes burden productivity/work, NOT wealth) and corporations (the corporate tax is passed on to us as consumers as a "cost of doing business).

Has one of those economic plans proven more workable?

As a matter of fact one has.

Just look at the Misery Index (MI) for the answer.

Many Liberals have pointed to France and Sweden as "socialist paradises" compared to capitalist America.

If that's true, then those countries SHOULD HAVE lower Misery Indexes, to say the least.

Not so!

In 2007 Sweden's MI was 8.3, while France's was 9.4....America's was 7.5 for the same year and it was 6.04 here in 2006 when Newt Gingrich ran Congress and federal spending and the Cap Gains tax was cut.

American Liberals revile Hong Kong as a "free market economy," even though it is lightly regulated (closer to a free market than the U.S.), while the laud Venezuela and its socialist President Hugo Chavez.

Well, for 2007 Hong Kong's MI was a paltry 6, while Venezuela's was a staggering 27.2!

Without question that alone seems to prove that Supply Side (more Market-based policies work best) - a 6 MI for Supply Side Hong Kong compared to a 27.2 MI for very keynesian and redistributionist Venezuela!

Perhaps Liberals mean well, but if they do, they seem to be very naive and misguided.

JMK said...

TYPO: "it was 6.04 here in 1998 (NOT 2006) when Newt Gingrich ran Congress and federal spending and the Cap Gains tax was cut."

Conservative Black Woman said...

Woot Newt!!!! I'm afraid of another 4 years of Pelosi-- That's very very scary.

Anonymous said...

I disagree with you on a lot things but I am with you on this one. When I hear black folks say that than I know we are truly a lost people. If you say something real like these they say you are being negative.