Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Get Your Drawers Out of A Knot..You Will Still Be Able To Legally Kill Your Babies

A sudden horrifying thought occurred to me that perhaps people actually believe that if for some reason McCain should win and appoints Supreme Courts justices who could possibly overturn Roe Vs. Wade that abortions would be illegal. I called a friend who is always screaming "Its my damn body!" and "What about cases or rape and incest?" and that is indeed what she thought. Well, that is not the case, the decision to restrict or prohibit abortions will be turned over to the individual states. You won't have to go into back alleys and get disemboweled with a coat hanger. Happy now? Take a deep cleansing breath....
(Honestly, how could you not know this? Isn't the Roe Vs. Wade case covered in high school government class?)


Anonymous said...

lol...that was a mean post. You are foul but I get your point. I appreciate you CBW and your warped way of making a point.

maidintheus said...

The only thing foul and warped is the "anonymous" underhanded 'compliment'.

Zabeth said...

LOL! That reminds me; I had a very interesting conversation with some of the members of the "It's my damn body!" sect. They were in favor of forced testing and hospitalization of drug addicted mothers and even of rehabbed mothers who had kicked their demons. Their argument was that once you have a human life living in your body it is criminal to subject that life to harmful drugs.

Doesn't that just make you want to roll your eyes!?!?!?!?! One, it's YOUR body, but I can still subject YOUR body to forced drug testing and rehab. Two, I thought a fetus wasn’t a human life? I thought it was just a pile of goop. When did it become human? Are you saying that life actually begins at conception? No way!

Basically, subjecting a fetus to drugs was wrong but, killing it altogether was okay. I didn’t say this to them as I didn’t want to get into another argument about abortion.

Don't get me wrong, I think mothers abusing drugs while pregnant is repugnant, but the non sequitur was astounding to me. The hypocrisy among liberals never ceases to amaze me.

Conservative Black Woman said...

Their logic is positively astounding! I agree with Ann Coulter -- If liberals had brains they would be Republicans. At least with all of the different factions within the party the logic is consistent.

Anonymous said...

As a christian that is pro-choice,yes. I will stand before God at Judgement day and let him judge me.
It is more than just reversing it to the states. As we all know some states will not allow abortions. And I am sorry telling someone they need to travel to another state to get a medical procedure no. That is like Ireland. Where if you want to have one you need to travel to the UK to get it.
And before you hang me, I don't believe it should be used as a birth control. But in cases of Rape and incest it can be an option. And as a 41 year old if I got pregnant I would do genetic testing on the embryo.
And yes there are too many abortions in the black community. But whilst we are worried about that what about all the black children that are in Foster Care. I am looking at adoption and at my 1st intro to adoption meeting. There were women like me--single black professional women, gay couples & mixed race couples. These were people interested in adopting black children.And we were handed a book similar to a yearbook full of children available for adoption/fostering. That was heart-breaking.


JMK said...

You are, without question completely correct about the impact of overturning Roe v Wade - it would merely return the abortion issue back to the states.

In fact the Supreme Court has recognized that rulings like Roe are "bad law," as it was the same kind of over-reaching behind the 1973 decision that banned Capital Punishment in all fifty states.

The ill-conceived Capital Punishment ban was over-turned in 1974.

If Roe were over-turned I doubt that a single state would ban first trimester abortion...though many would ban late term abortions and require parental consent for abortions.

GREAT post.

Brother OMi said...

many of the issues are actually state issues such as education, abortion, and voter's rights.

i have to blame the electorate for refusing to educate themselves on that.