Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Different Strategy...

Cobb, one the the most brilliant writers and analytical brothers in the blogsphere just posted an article on his blog at that should be read in its entirety. Basically he opines that the Republican Right which he affectionately dubs are "Righties" (at least I think its affectionately) are fighting a losing battle and suffering from "intellectual constipation" by continually using the following buzz words and talking points and suggests that we should find an alternate stategy to overcome the opposition, he writes:

"The following words have entirely lost their meaning, and all thoughtful Righties are hereby urged to dig deeply and find an alternate path in your opposition:
Joe The Plumber
You Betcha
Obama's Citizenship

He then suggests an alternate strategy should be employed and writes:

"Use the size of your opponents army as a force against him. Barack Obama has made more money campaigning for the Office of President than any man alive or dead. He is a master propagandist. His appeal is singular and in order for him to win, you have to bleed him from 80 orifices all at once. If you attack him from all sides, he has to dilute the momentum of his mass by handling all the pesterization. What John McCain needs to do right now is raise 15 important issues that Obama has said nothing about that an experienced Washington insider knows everything about. Then watch him try to marshall his huge army of partisans around policy positions that Obama hasn't articulated. We understand that Obama has exploited his personal appeal to a broad coalition, but nobody on our side trusts his ability to deal with the complexities of the Oval Office. So why the hell are we talking about Joe the freakin' plumber instead of the complexities of the Oval Office? "

Again, this article should be read in its entirety so check it out at

You will love his blog!!!!


Brother OMi said...

I ran across this earlier. He makes some good points.

personally, I think the McCain camp is running a horrible campaign. I found that if they ran his campaign on McCain's track record (experience) instead of just using code and never picked Palin as a VP, the numbers would be looking differently now.

McCain has squandered so many opportunities such as the economic crisis and calling off his campaign. at this point, its just too late to switch up.

He could have trumped Obama on so many policy issues. I just don't see why he didn't.

uglyblackjohn said...

McCain discredited himself with the Palin compromise. I would have had more respect for him had he picked Leiberman as his veep. If he can't run his own campaign (advisors), how can he run the country? Most Blacks are conservative on social issues (they're just not Republican).

JMK said...

Interesting post CBW.

I don't know what to make of the current race, and to be honest, I don't have much respect for either candidtate's ideas and ideals.

in fact, I tend to think that a McCain win might only serve to (1) share the blame for the deepening and widening economic malaise and (2) move the GOP further toward the Keynesian Left.

Consider the fact that the economy has taken a turn for the worse since 2007, when the Pelosi-Reid Congress took power and moved a willing Bush administration away from the Supply Side policies that served us well for over a quarter century and toward the Keynesianism of the Carter years - the "SHAMnesty Bill, the ill-conceived "stimulus package" of last Spring and the current $700 BILLION bailout, to name but a few of the most obvious.

JMK said...

"I would have had more respect for him had he picked Leiberman as his veep." (uglyblackjohn)
Believe me, had McCain chosen Lieberman, he'd have completely alienated the Conservatives in America.

If you want to see how bad a mistake that is, just read this week's Newsweek, which talks about "How Obama may govern a Center-Right nation, in which twice as many Americans self-identify themselves as Conservatives (40%) than Liberals (20%).

McCain's advisors are no dopes, Lieberman would've meant death to that campaign.

Even Huckabee (a man many view as "a religious extremist") would've been a better choice than Lieberman.

In fact, ironically enough, it's been Palin and "Joe the plumber" who've brought the only excitement to the moribund McCain campaign.

Conservative Black Woman said...

Huckabee!!! Woot, Woot-- That's my guy. I think the religious right are the under-estimated voters that the dems continue to underestimate. I think were it not for the religious right--Bush would not have been elected or re-elected. Right or wrong the "RR" (myself included) just can't bring ourselves to separate our faith from our politics.

uglyblackjohn said...

Oh, I'm not saying that Leiberman would have been a good choice. But giving oneself the "Maverick" title seems to demand more than a contrived choice (Palin) and using many of Bush's advisors. If McCain were really a Maverick, he'd have gone with the pick that he actually wanted (and not the one that he was told to choose). Personally, I probably would have voted for a McCain/Romney (Huckabee, even Ron Paul) ticket.

JMK said...

"Huckabee!!! Woot, Woot-- That's my guy. I think the religious right are the under-estimated voters that the dems continue to underestimate." (CBW)
I can understand that, but Mike Huckabee was a gaffe machine during the Primaries.

The MSM would've savaged him and marginalized the McCain campaign more than they have been now.

I like Huckabee's sense of humor and his "Will Rogers' common sense," but he's reviled by the media elites and too many people have been tricked into blaming Republicans and "the market economy" for problems brought on by Democrats (Frank & Dodd pushed for the turbo-charged CRA that forced banks to make tons of subprime loans) and we've had Keynesian over-regulation at least since 2007, when Pelosi-Reid took control of Congress and the government's check book.