Friday, September 26, 2008

Why Haven't I Seen This on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC or CBS?

YouTube is my friend because ordinary citizens will post items that the mainstream media never will. Look what I found:

or this,

57 states with one left to go....yeah, he is brilliant.

Why is it that Sarah Palin's abysmal interview with Katie Couric was aired ad nauseum in the mainstream yet these two clips have never been shown? Curious isn't it? Will this not give the Obama acolytes and Palin haters pause to consider that perhaps he isn't the Messiah and she isn't a stupid trailer trash bimbo. Maybe they are both just very overworked politicians who fumble occasionally under pressure and that maybe just maybe the media isn't playing fair as Sen. Obama is clearly their sweetheart.


Bookworm Girl said...

wow. major flubs here. yeah, the liberal media is so biased, it's ridiculous!

Pamela said...

Slightly off point BUT I think may show that at least there may be some new scruples that are producing a thread of decency this political season.

Conservative Black Woman said...

Thank Pam~Of course it would be Fox news. They seem to be the only outlet that isn't in Obama's pocket.

Anonymous said...

There is a HUGE difference between misspeaking (Obama) and being clueless (Palin).

Even if I disagree with one politically, I want to feel that they are properly prepared to be in the position they aspire to hold.

Conservative Black Woman said...

Anonymous~ While you are correct that one should feel confident that a candidate is competent to hold the position. Obama didn't merely misspeak he was clearly lost w/o the teleprompter -- or overly exhausted. But the point is he sounded like a blundering idiot.

Pamela said...

They are editing Palin's responses to paint her as clueless. This has been exposed by the interviews of Charlie Gibson. During the morning program interviews they chopped her answers. When the Nightline program aired (when few people are watching) you got more of the answers where people would have seen that she is NOT CLUELESS.

First of all what veep candidate had all that much experience that did not serve in Congress first? How many other veep candidates have gone through this much examination. I can answer this for you. NONE in the 30 years since I was old enough to vote. You hardly heard their names, much less a real examination of them. The argument of lack of experience is being used with her (a totally different standard) because (1) they do not like her views and (2) she is a woman. They started this after (1) lying about her being a bad mother and (2) saying that her down syndrome baby was not hers did not work. They are painting an inaccurate view of her so that people will not view her as a serious candidate. Again you never saw this with black candidates for anything nor other female candidates. The media and many liberals hate her views. They know the only way they can stop her is to lie. Many people already know this.

You can see that you cannot even discuss disagreement of Obama's ISSUES without being painted a racist or an ignorant person who clings to their religion and guns. This is what Obama is inferring with his comments. Do people think he will listen to people in fly-over country after showing such contempt? I don't. He is obviously clinging to his religion. It is all over his views and who he hangs with. His skill and judgment is in question.

He is absolutely clueless about how business operates or he would not have come up with his health care plan which will (1) immediately shut down small businesses (aka major job losses), (2) drive many medical people out of the profession because of the degrading of the quality of care they will be able to provide and (3) working under the gun for fear of reprisals. The more you put the tax burden or add mandates on businesses the more businesses shut down or they raise prices to recoup. PERIOD. During one of his primary acceptance speeches he mentioned about creating green jobs. I guess he will enlarge government to do this. How will he be able to make businesspeople produce green products other than pass mandates? Do people really think that a government takeover of business is going to solve anything? If they do they are all clueless. Capitalism did not get us into this recent madness. A change in the Community Reinvestment Act in 1995 cause this. Some greedy people took advantage of this but it started with a strong mandate by our government. There is no way on earth mortgage companies would have EVER given mortgages to people that normally would not qualify for them. They were pressured to do so.

The economy is just one area where he is completely clueless. Who does he choose as one of his campaign advisors? One of the former CEOs of Fannie Mae, Jim Johnson, the one that ran it during all the mismanagement and corruption. Are these the type of people you want your president appointing??????

He is on the top of the Democratic ticket. He will be making the decisions and signing bills, not Sarah Palin if McCain is elected. People need to seriously take a look at what he is proposing, not be influenced by his race, how cute he is and how good he can read a teleprompter. I'm listening closely to McCain, not Palin.