Friday, September 26, 2008

Angela's Discourse.....A true Berean!!!

I ran across Angela on Attorneymom's blog which is one of my favorites. But Angela was expressing her discontentment with the blog of late, she writes:

"I've grown extremely disheartened reading CC as it was a bastion of
Christian thought, but now the blog is descending into the same rhetoric I can
hear everywhere else. Where is the Holy Spirit and the spirit of discernment?
Moreover, where is the faith? How can you support Obama when his platform is the
complete antithesis to what God stands for? How can you be so blind as to not
realize Obama and the political machine pulling his strings hope to take America
down the Socialist path of Europe? Socialism is the complete enemy of
Christianity. Not only because of the issues, but Socialism is anti-religion
. "

Attorneymom promptly and humbly responds with by stating that Angela is correct. Well, then it got really interesting as most of the responders who I am assuming are christian because they are regulars to the blog and CC is primary a christian blog unloosed the fires of hell on poor Angela. Here is a sampling of the discourse:

Responder #1

I'm sorry but I think this is a bunch of crap.

If you believe Obama is the answer to the country's "ills" not only are
you forgetting what happened to the Israelites in the Old Testament (when they
were blessed and fat, full of wealth, they forgot about God, and then he
withdrew from them because of their disobedience and idolatry), Really?? AND who
in God's name are you suggesting is the answer to the country's "ills"??
McCain??What foolishness. Because he chooses to pimp Jesus in order to lure
voters. You can claim to follow and believe in the Christian doctrine but your
actions are what I'm interested in. The current Bush administration used the
Christianity ploy also....and their stay in the White House surely hasn't been
"very nice for Christians in America" either .Lastly, what us Christians need to
realize is that we cannot dictate God's principals to people. NEVER did Christ
force anyone to come to him. NEVER. Let your light so shine before men, that
they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven. For
God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world
through him might be saved. John3:17(sorry for the long response AM :)
September 26, 2008 8:41 AM

To which Angela responded:

I don't believe I said McCain was the answer
either. I just want people to wake up from their slumber to realize we are in a
really scary time, what with this push for Populism, a Socialist America and for
a Global Government. Both sides of the political fence are being paid and
commanded by the same puppet-masters, but Obama-mania is one of the most
frightening aspects of this race I have ever seen.Christians--true
Christian--need to pray for wisdom and discernment to wade through these dark
times regardless of who is in office. Try reading the blogs of independent
Christians like
Jesus Christology and Independent Conservative for politics, The Writing on the Wall and Gay Christian Movement Watch.These are the issues affecting Christians, and most importantly, the issues affecting black Christians who are blinded by their malignant bitterness and hatred towards white people, and/or blinded by the bling.
September 26,
2008 9:03 AM

Then she says:

I needed to respond to this because--forgive me if I'm
misinterpreting your statement--is basically a call to do nothing. We need to be
on our knees, fasting, praying, repenting, standing in the gap, atoning,
pleading, revering, and fearing the Lord to lead us through these troubled
times. Letting that light shine isn't enough when millions of Americans are
under the leadership of false prophets/profits! Also, how can someone have light
inside of them when they are holding onto sin and unforgiveness? You are
basically extinguishing yourself before you even step out of the door. We have
become a greedy, idolatrous, slothful, sinful, ungrateful lying nation. The
lights are slowly being extinguished the longer the so-called "Christian
leaders" are selling out to the world left and right, and their flock are
falling with them. And this will continue to happen because no one is speaking
out against this fraud being perpetrating against Jesus because everyone is so
worried about being accepted by the world: what do I look like? how much money
do I have? what car do I drive? And so on, and so on!I am the last to say I am
the most holy perfect Christian on the planet, but the Lord has set me afire for
slicing through these lies being promulgated by the media and the pulpit pimps
and their wannabes that has lulled Christians to sleep. And I feel especially on
fire to shake my people awake from the centuries-old lethargy that has kept them
from seeing God for who he truly is. There is a grave need for people to be
Christian before any other label tagged on a person, and for blacks, the
stumbling block is our history in this country. But rarely do blacks allow God
to heal their wounds and bind their broken hearts--and these pulpit pimps do not
want to preach the true gospel because keeping blacks under the mass delusions
keeps black people ignorant and lacking in discernment and keeps the pockets of
those pimps FAT (The most horrible incident of this phenomena? Creflo Dollar
disputing the Trinity and the congregation not saying a mumblin word).The basic
Democratic platform is to infantile the poor (particularly blacks) with
paternalistic programs that cripple and contain and ultimately keep the poor um,
poor. Now that I'm typing, I'm looking at the period in my life when my family
was briefly caught in the endless cycle of poor Americans: food stamps and
pay-day loans. Now I see why God allowed us to stumble for a moment: so that
when we rose from the situation and never looked back, we could say that it was
He who rescued us from that situation, that when we turned our eyes to Him, He
provided for our needs. The first six months of this year we were broke, as my
mother quit her stressful job, and we lived off my student aid, money borrowed
from my grandmother (who borrowed from the bank), and my mother's 401K. But we
made it to the second half of the year and my mother finally, for the first time
in my life, has a job where she can make more money than salary and feels
challenged. Why? Not because of a program, but because we put our trust in God
and not man. God blessed my mother with a new car for her birthday last year,
and she told me God reminded her that she hadn't paid a cent of tithes--which
throws water in the face of the "sow a seed" Word of Faith doctrine so many
people are falling for. I realize I'm growing long-winded, but I would not be
standing here, seeking God with fear and trembling, if he hadn't snatched me out
of my endless cycle of bitterness and anger and constantly seeking man's
approval. Sure I have rough edges, but I can't sit back and allow others to
continue to walk in that path--especially when they have the answer right in
their face.
September 26, 2008 9:26 AM

How eloquent is she!!!!! OMG, She encapsulated in one comment what I have been trying to convey in 30 posts. I don't think she tragic!!!!

She then gets more mud slug at her by "christians":

Responder #2

Oh boy. Here we go. You criticize attorneymom for supporting Obama, but you admit that McCain "may not be the answer." Since you apparently have the only red-phone-direct-line to God, why don't you tell us who to vote for?

attorneymom, please take back your statement accepting the criticism as being right. Don't believe the hype. Everybody beating you over the head with a Bible isn't necessarily representing the God of the Bible.

We have to live in this land and deal with the issues of this land. Voting is one of them. (Forgive me. I'm feeling disgusted right now. And here's why):

The Presidency isn't a religious platform. It should never be. We don't live in a Theocracy, and as one wisely stated... the nations with the most religious leaders also produce the most terrorists.

Bush ran on religion. He was our WORST NIGHTMARE. Here comes McCain and Palin. Wisdom tells me to not vote for 4 more years of Bushism.

I adamantly disagree with your criticism of attorneymom. I haven't visited in a while, but I'm glad I came today. Your criticism alone speaks volumes about the Christianity that you practice. I won't apologize for that statement.

I'm doing some research on the term "Christian Conservative" (a group to which Bush, McCain, and Palin below). The CC's are notorious for racism, hate, and widespread xenophobia. In fact, the history of the term overlaps a time when racist Whites left the Democratic party to join the Repugs because the Democrats were FIGHTING FOR THE CIVIL RIGHTS OF BLACKS.

I'm done here. I had to get that off my chest. I'm developing a very short fuse for folks (like Palin) who claim to speak for the Lord by criticizing folks who love and pray to THAT SAME LORD. I need to deal with that. :-P

Hawa, author of
Fackin Truth Blog (Personal Blog)
Cleanse Master Remix (Health Blog)
September 26, 2008 10:08 AM
And Responder #3

Hi Attorney Mom First; "Angela" confuses socialism with Soviet style communism. Socialism has nothing to do with bashing God. If Angela is so against socialism she ought to be writing to her (Born Again) President and telling him not to give 700 billion dollars to Wall Street, that's socialism.

Second; as an attorney you know that Christians who believe homosexuality is wrong are not going to be jailed or fined. This is the same rhetoric that the Republicans used in the last election to energize the Christian evangelical base.

I love your blog, it continues to evolve and that is a reflection of who you are, as it should be. If Angela has a problem with your blog she might want to start her own or if she has one concentrate on that blog.

And isn’t there something in the bible speaking against busy bodies and meddlers? (Lol) Angela seems like a busy body to me.
September 26, 2008 11:30 AM

There were more dissenting and a few encouraging comments mine being among them (encouraging of course) but my girl Angela broke it down and almost made the Conservative Black Woman do the holy ghost dance (and, I ain't a shouter)when she wrote:

Hm...obviously the message is getting lost.

1) Blind adoration of Obama is dangerous to a Christian.

2) The Democratic platform supports homosexuality and abortion.

3) Obama and his team lean to the left to an alarming degree that will lead to America become a Socialist nation.

4) Black people are blindly supporting Obama because he is black, and this is a result of the bitterness over our history in this country. Blacks are so proud to see a black man as a viable Presidential candidate, they are not looking into his background.

5) Black Christians are blindly following Obama for reason #4--when the Bible clearly states be in the world but not of it, so if you're holding onto past wounds done to a nation, and living according to them, you're of the world--and ignoring #2.

6) Black Christians are blind spiritually because of #4 and the whole "doctrine" of the black church. Pulpit pimps have played off of this, rendering black Christians unwilling to look into their false doctrine and in the end, continuing to look to man (the President, or any other politician) for salvation/change on this earth.

7) It's troubling that you would suggest that Biden was out of line to propose legislation to protect homosexuals against hate crimes. I in no way agree with homosexuality. But are they not human beings? Are their sins greater than ours? Does God no longer love them?

The sort of thought that is allowing evil to infiltrate our church. The Bible says homosexuals are reprobates. It didn't ban Christians from ministering to them, but homosexuals not only want to force their lifestyle as a legitimate one, but a large group want to infiltrate the church and prove that it is possible to be gay and be Christian. And I stated why it is troubling: Christianity could become illegal and the Bible could be banned. I'm just shocked no one is not more troubled by this.

8) Your life issues may be something you need to deal with. And if you're so frustrated with the system, what are you doing to help? Are you running for any local office?

I'm an anthropologist who plans to go to law school and deal with the sensitive issues of law and race. My mother runs a non-profit helping the disadvantaged children in our community. If that's not taking personal steps forward, and not depending on the government (another pet peeve, as most Americans don't know how the system works to even change it), I don't know what is.

9) Unfortunately, the President's job isn't to be a prophet. It's a job, like all of us have, a 9 to 5.

Politics are politics but someone has to go who's the best candidate???

The Presidency is a position, and a theocracy is the furthest from my desires, but I certainly do not want the opposite: Socialism. If you willingly vote in someone who is opposite of God, go ahead, you have the freedom to make choices. God gives us that--but you will also be held accountable for your choices.

10) I believe I expressed concerns over Obama, not McCain nor any other Republican or Conservative. Raising a question about one side doesn't automatically mean agreement with the opposing side. I agree the Republicans have entwined themselves tightly with Christianity. I agree they are as false as Democrats who hug tight to church when it's time to get elected. But this is about Obama and the blind adoration of his personality cult by blacks, and how troubling it is as a Christian who is black.

11) Your criticism alone speaks volumes about the Christianity that you practice. What sort is that? I'm curious. Nothing in my statements have supported Bush, McCain/Palin, or a theocracy. I merely spoke up to comment on the sharp veer Character Corner, which I have been following for a year, has taken on the Obama-mania bandwagon. I can get this sort of talk at the dozens of black political blogs, and while I certainly don't think attorneymom has no right to speak about politics, however, the ratio between discussion of the walk with Christ became and discussion of politics skewed heavily to the latter. America is no theocracy, but when certain issues align themselves with God, it is best to approach politics with wisdom and discernment.

12) And regarding the Dems and the Civil Rights Movement--ever heard of Everett Dirksen or Thomas Kuchel? Did you know about the struggle to pass Civil Rights Laws the Republicans under Eisenhower attempted to pass? Or that without the work of Dirksen and Kuchel, the CRA wouldn't have gotten past the Southern Democrats? Did you know that the only reason JFK supported the Act was because it was time, but mainly because his arch-enemies, the USSR put America on blast for its treatment of blacks? JFK couldn't demonize the Soviets if his own country practiced "purges" on their own citizens.

13) One last thought. If you are unconvinced about the path America could take, go find blogs and articles written by Christians in Socialist countries such as the UK and Brazil. In closing, I had to speak out as a sister in Christ, I admire you and your blog, and your posts have supplemented my deepening walk with God.
September 26, 2008 11:25 AM
Then she closed out with this:

Now the Bereans were of more noble character than the Thessalonians, for they received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures every day to see if what Paul said was true. Acts 17:11
September 26, 2008 11:46 AM
She is a true Berean and my beloved Sister in Christ!!!!!


Pamela said...

I read the initial entry. At the time it only had three responses. I could tell that bomb throwing was coming. I decided to email attorneymom instead. Character Corner is one of my favorites as well. I just started reading blogs last year. Hers is one of the first ones I heard about. I don't remember where.

I agree that Angela is on the ball. As Christians the Bible must be our standard. My vantage point is my total distrust of media during this election season. It is so easy to just respond to what we hear and read. One of my friends at church had already decided not to listen to the madness and pray instead. I am in that mode myself. I had not watched much news but began when Barracuda was announced as the Republican veep nominee. That was probably a mistake. I should have kept the TV and radio off. After hearing about the fight over the bailout I decided to shut it all down for now. I may keep my Twitter updates but not browse the web. I need to stay focused on God's perspective. As I have stated the only hope for our nation is God's intervention. Our problems have gone past any human being at this point.

Conservative Black Woman said...
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Conservative Black Woman said...
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Conservative Black Woman said...

As always Angela you are dead-on. It is good to know that there are like-minded christian black women in the world like you and Angela. I can't believe how sistah's shout all over churches on sunday and called themselves filled with the holy spirit but can't see beyond the Obama-mania. But God's has His Bereans. Thanks Pamela for your support on this blog, feel free to be my "Angela" should my perspective get spewed.

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