Friday, August 29, 2008

Barack Obama's Acceptance Speech

I am a much better reader than listener (that's a bit tragic) so to that end I am posting the link ( because the actual text is too long) of last night's acceptance speech so that I can revisit it should he actually become our next President.

I thought the speech was amazing last night but after reading it -- I'm convinced that it was amazing. This guy's has so much finesse, charisma and intelligence that it's difficult for me to hold against him his voting record relating to abortion (particularly late term). Although I must confess that the tribal part of myself wants to see a black President of the United States.

But McCain made an absolutely brilliant move politically with his VP selection, Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska. She is a right wing christian conservative (yeah, yeah and yeah) who after learning that the child she was carrying had Down Syndrome made the decision to continue the pregnancy. My friends, it is ON!!!! I am sure that I am not the only "on the fence christian conservative" who felt moved by Mr. Obama's impassioned acceptance speech last night, who now as a cooler head prevails is thinking Ms. Palin is just the type of person we want to see in the White House (Or at least next in line) So, I can't wait until the Republican convention next week.

Well, here is Mr. Obama's acceptance speech if you wish to watch:


Anonymous said...

I too thought that the speech Obama gave sounded absolutely fabulous, even though I'm definitely not a supporter, at the time. After being to digest it though I have to say it truly was lacking in substance. Too me it was like Kerry's 'I have a plan.' Keep blogging, we need a lot more voices like yours. People who think outside of the box. I consider someone like you to be a real critical thinker on issues, not one of the sheeple.

Anonymous said...

I know grammar better than that. I am sure that I put "able to digest it" and "To me..." on my original comment. Unfortunately, some people will be flamers because of slight typographical errors, so I felt obliged to send the corrections.