Friday, July 22, 2011

Why Obama and NATO are Gang Raping and Bombing The Hell Out Of Libya

Ask your average American Black or White, Democrat or Republican about Libya and they will tell you that Gaddaffi is as crazy as Kootie Brown, a loose canon, a dictator. I confess that two years ago as I watched Gaddaffi's incredibly long diatribe in front of the UN I thought he was "off " too.  But now I think how "off" I was to think such a thing. I didn't know what he was saying, I don't speak Arabic. How arrogant of me to assume that he was crazy. There was a translator but my mind was made up -- he was crazy because Rush or the announcer on Fox, or CBS or whatever station I was tuned in to said he was crazy.

Fast forward to April 21,2011 -- Obama approves drone attack on Libya without congressional approval and calls it a Humanitarian effort. Well  I knew that was complete and utter bullshit. But I couldn't imagine why he would do such a thing? I know that he produced the bogus counterfeit long form birth certificate shortly thereafter and then supposedly (for the benefit of those whose heads screw on and off) captured and killed OBL. I know that those two little spectacles were done to draw attention away from the drone attack but I could never figure out  WHY ??? Until today when I learned that Libya has a public central banking system which provides interest free loans and has NO national debt! Libya has not sold itself out to the private central bankers that the United States and all of the NATO nations have. Gaddaffi will not succumb to the New World Order Plan and the Globalist aka Obama's bosses are furious. The nerve of Gaddaffi to maintain Libya's sovereignty! If only our  President had the cajones to stand up to the Private Central Banks and reclaim our sovereignty.

George W. Berry wrote a great article on his website which I've reprinted below:

Gaddafi: A New World Order Obstacle

Gaddafi speaks out against the New World Order: Gaddafi makes an impassioned speech for Peace and Democracy at the United Nations.
Libya IS a Democracy, contrary to NWO propaganda.   The United Nations is NOT a democracy. The General Assembly is window dressing for all the other Nations of the world to release ritualistic steam, like speakers in Hyde Park. The Security Council is where all power is concentrated.
No nation can be a Sovereign Nation that does not have sovereignty over issuing its own money. Issuing the money supply is THE MOST FUNDAMENTAL ASPECT OF SOVEREIGNTY! In today’s world, banks are essential. A Central Bank is like the heart of a human being. It pumps money into the economy just as a human heart pumps blood. A nation’s Sovereign Public Central Bank, like the Bank of Libya which makes loans interest free, produces prosperity and freedom from compounding debt. A Private Central Bank, like the USA “Federal” Reserve Bank or the Bank of “England” is a vampire system for legalized theft of a nation’s assets. A Private Central Bank forces a nations’ citizens into compounding debt  -  into debt-slavery. The implantation of a Private Central Bank into a nation’s economy is the exact equivalent of a vampire disguised as a doctor doing bypass surgery on a patient to pump more and more blood AWAY from the patient’s body and into the vampire’s fangs! A Public Central Bank is an Organic Bank which is accountable to the citizens (Search “Public Central Bank” on my web site.). A Private Central Bank is a Parasitic Bank accountable to no one – which brings us back to the concepts of dictatorship, democracy, and sovereignty.
The artificial implantation of a Private Central Bank is an OFFICIAL SURRENDER OF SOVEREIGNTY by the host nation. The Private Central Bank’s owners become the source of ALL power, because they have HIJACKED the nation’s money supply. The host nation, no longer being sovereign, obeys the orders of the DICTATOR. The controllers of the money supply – the real source of power – DICTATE to the host nation what nation’s foreign policy will be, in their goal to have a ONE-WORLD debt-slavery system where the dumbed-down debt-slaves are human cattle to serve the parasites. deThe debt-slaves are sent into foreign wars not in the National interest, but in the interest of the debt-slave masters. Young men & women of the host nation go into these wars thinking they are fighting for “freedom” and “democracy”. They are actually fighting for debt-slavery and dictatorship – the dictatorship of their Private Central Bank debt-slave masters. (emphasis added by CBW)
Elections in the host nations become meaningless window dressing, because no candidate will ever dare address the fundamental issue of restoring the nation’s sovereignty by ABOLISHING THE VAMPIRE PRIVATE CENTRAL BANK – no candidate, that is, other than Dr. Ron Paul! (emphasis added by CBW)
The Mass Media of the host nation becomes an extension of the Private Central Bank’s lust for the blood of the host nation’s citizens. Since the Vampire Private Central Bank creates the money supply, it can quickly monopolize the host nation’s “free” press.
The Mass Media is correct about one thing: the gang-rape of Libya’s sovereignty is about freedom & democracy vs. dictatorship. As they so often do, however, the Mass Media has inverted the truth. Libya is sovereign, democratic, and free. The NATO nations with their Private Central Banks are not sovereign – they are in fact Private Central Bank DICTATORSHIPS of the NWO. Following the orders of the Vampires, the captive host nations then DICTATE to other nations that they, too, must surrender their own Sovereignty, and become members of the BIS/IMF WORLD DEBT-SLAVERY SYSTEM of  PRIVATE CENTRAL BANKS.
Gaddafi’s Gold Dinar Plan and Libya’s Public Central Bank would have changed all that, and freed all of Africa from Private Central Banks. Ultimately, it might possibly have freed the NATO host nations from their own parasites – Vampire Private Central Banks. Gaddafi’s courage and pioneering efforts in restoring national sovereignty and making the government responsible to the people instead of to the Vampires shows what can be done. NATO terrorist attacks (Click here) will not get the Western nations out of debt – only an honest Public Central Bank – like the Bank of Libya – will.
Freedom from debt-slavery is an idea whose time has come.  (Click here) and (Here) (Source)


ar (Alan) said...

Exposing the two-sided head of the monster was written about in the seventeenth chapter; see Revelation.

Watch the hand. Magicians always deceive with the other hand like the administrations of America have done as a means to "mark" those awakened independent free-thinking heretics exposing corruption.

What is Gaddafi's role? His words say one thing. His actions confirm it. I agree with him.

Treachery, treason and tyrannical turmoil abounds while exposing it marks us (for the continuation of the Inquisition).

NATO's symbol is CIA's symbol is Knights of Malta symbol (reversed), oops!

MAGOG invasion alternate view:

Fat Chick said...

I have only recently subscribed to your blog and, within the last six months or so, realized my government hasn't been completely truthful. Hell, I'll just say it, it's been lying. You made a great point about the central banking system in Libya as it relates to the U.S. invasion. What surprises me most is how quickly many on the left have become pro-war. I made a comment in a liberal chat room that I've frequented often in the past, and the same people that welcomed me, called me a conspiracy theorist for asking what was humanitarian about sending in drones. Suddenly, I was a Gaddhafi supporter and anti-American.

The same people that trashed Bush for his unnecessary wars are now drooling on themselves and knocking each other over to support Obama's. The hypocrisy is deafening. I am so very excited that I've found your blog. While I still consider myself a liberal, I find your blog to be a breath of fresh air.

Conservative Black Woman said...
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Conservative Black Woman said...

FC~Color me impressed that you recognize and acknowledge the hypocrisy.

It took me a long time to wrap my head around the fact that our government actually lies to the public it's supposed to serve and an even longer time to realize that the Federal Reserve is not federal at all but private! Once I accepted those facts my entire paradigm shifted. I'd bought into the propaganda for so long that I didn't want to be on the "fringe" and considered a conspiracy nut but the nuts are the ones who reject information simply because the masses reject it.

Thanks for your comment. It's encouraging.

ar (Alan) said...

Oslo Terror: Whose Agenda Does It Serve?

Aaron + Alaine said...

CBW, I don't doubt for a moment that there are good reasons to be skeptical or critical of the Libyan action. However, its a bald fact that neither you nor I would for one minute CHOOSE to live under Libya's current regime. If Libya has managed to carve out some type of independence and protected sovereignty from the new world order, that has not been for the benefit of its people, but for the benefit of its small circle of fascist rulers. This is a country with no working civil institutions at all because it is ruled by the cult of a singular personality in Gaddafi.

While it may well be that what is happening in Libya is merely the forces of globalization forcibly integrating Libya into its embrace, lets not pretend as if the Libyan system of governance by tyranny is of any particular value or has any great merit of its own.

Conservative Black Woman said...
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Conservative Black Woman said...

@Aaron + Alaine~

"lets not pretend as if the Libyan system of governance by tyranny is of any particular value or has any great merit of its own."

I'm not doing that. I really don't know much about Libya except what I just learned about their Central interest free banking system. But I fully intend to learn more about Gaddaffi.

ar (Alan) said...

When I hear a quacking, when I see webbed feet, a flat bill (not the frn type), and witness feathers all around, I am quite sure it's a duck.

When there's no Al Quaida but the CIA and SMOM instead, blowing the minds of the lazy american people and blowing the sovereignty of other nations to hell, I suspect the research that the lazy people will not do, paints a picture called COGNITIVE DISSONANCE showing up as an emotional opinion instead of cold hard facts.

Always believe no one and say nothing to anyone until you can prove your words to be true.

Today, now, we live in a world made possible by "magicians", "sorcerers" (1611 AVKJ) where sovereignty is evil, independence traded for laziness, liberty for death of the mind.

The Libya Flag was officially adopted on November 11, 1977. It is the only flag in the whole world with just one single color. There are no designs, insignia or other details on the flag of Libya.

Imam Muhammad Said ben Ali el Senuss founded in 1837 the Moslem brotherhood of Senussis which fought against Italy from 1919-1920 until its dissolution in 1930. King Idris I (1890-1983) became leader of the brotherhood in 1917 [a rather young leader], and was king of the Libyan Federation until overthrown by Qaddafi in 1969.

ar (Alan) said...

Political Mass Murder is the deliberate and systematic murder of more than 100 persons based on their ethnic, racial, religious, cultural and/or national affiliations.

Ensayn1 said...

CBW this is a great post. I am feeling you more and more each time I come by.


Ensayn1 said...

There are about 5 countries that do not have a Rothchilds banking system. As you mentioned Lybia is one, the others are Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea and one more I cannot recall. said...

I'm wondering . . .

Why are you not a Libertarian?

ar (Alan) said...

Sseason for Treason:

Voluntary Enslavement, a World of Slavery:

...btw, What is a Libertarian?

VizFact said...

I have been asked why I am not a libertarian as well. I think its a good question.

My response was what difference does it make?

The libertarian party will likely be corrupted as well. Until we destroy Washington and start over, as command in our founding documents the situation will persist.

Thank you for this blog, its awesome.

ar (Alan) said...

Syria and Yemen don't seem to meet up to expectations!

ziggy said...

"There are about 5 countries that do not have a Rothchilds banking system. As you mentioned Lybia is one, the others are Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea and one more I cannot recall."

Funny, they are communist or socialist in nature and dictatorships. (Chavez intends to be a dictator don't worry.) They won't stand forever though communist countries can't sustain themselves forever, Raul Castro has recently suggested privatization in Cuba.

There will be one world government, the Bible says so, not just in those words.

CBW, the attempt to remove Quaddafi shouldn't surprise you. This administration has so far supported the stabilizing leaders in the Mideast, Mubarak in Egypt for example who kept more radical elements at bay, while failing to support the Iranians in their quest to get rid of their leader (who intends to destroy Israel). Look at who they support and who they want to oust. In the mideast, there is just a matter of who is least radical.

ar (Alan) said...

"(who intends to destroy Israel)",

Who intends to destroy Israel, is a statement taken out of context and another sphy-op perpetrated by the CIA and Homeland "Security", preparing minds to think it's ok to invade anyplace, anytime the US government hench-men says so.

Libya was not interested in the downfall of Israel. Now that Libya is painted as the bad guy for their independence (that US citizens have turned away from) no one says shit about going in and destroying a prosperous nation and an independent one at that.

You'll find the U.N. crawling all over public opinion to instill the mind-set to INVADE sovereignty at will.

The average person in the US is uneducated enough to think the planet is heating up and consider global warming as fact. It is not. The laws of conservation alone should be enough to stifle that theory.

The lying ice-melters in the arctic wallow in their deceit, fraud and make-believe. Outright lies pounding the airwaves and papers to set the mind in their hands to meld as they see fit.

Two choices: God or no God. If choosing the side of no god is acceptable when another choice is available that may be better, then it may be wise to choose God over no God. Choosing no God, over perhaps there is a God is a Type- One Error.

Why can't the US stay the hell out of other peoples' business? The answer is the UNITED NATIONS is in the US. They are the originators of Agenda 21. I'd suggest getting familiar with it soon, it's what we all up against now in this "scientific" sphy-ops.

Robert Welch in 1958 predicting Insiders plans to destroy America!

ar (Alan) said...

Libya: The Greatest Betrayal

In handing Libya to Al Qaeda, the line has been forever crossed.
(an editorial by Tony Cartalucci)

ar (Alan) said...

CONFIRMED: Libya War is CIA Op 30 Years in the Making.

from: Tony Cartalucci, Contributing Writer
Activist Post

Anonymous said...

Just found you! You have a new fan!

ar (Alan) said...

The big issue is whether the council (National Transitional Council) will set up a state based on Sharia law and attempt to impose radical Islam on the people of Libya. Libya is 97 percent Sunni Muslim.

also; Shia vs Sunni - who rules and why.

This schism came to dominate early Islam, and yet it did not spring at first from a deep theological disagreement, but rather from a dispute about who should succeed the Prophet Muhammad, and on what grounds. The supporters of the Prophet’s cousin Ali argued for the hereditary principle; their opponents championed systems of selection. Ali’s followers were to become the Shia; the supporters of selection were to become Sunnis.

Mr. Mcgranor said...

Its either those with an actual religious faith or communists, take your pick. Democracy means that these two will have to co-exist.

ar (Alan) said...

Horse-shit! Communism is evil.

The silence in this country is staggering. This video is why no one can grasp what t f is going on.

Fritz Springmeier - World System & The Illuminati (Full Length)

Then, Undetectable Mind Control

ar (Alan) said...

The War on Terror is a Fraud.

The threat of militant extremism is one the United States government and its allies have been purposefully perpetuating as a pretext for expanding military and economic power into sovereign nation-states disinterested in their Wall Street and London centric "globalization".

In Libya, Qaddafi has fought for nearly three decades to crush the extremist militants of Libya's eastern region, centered on the cities of Darnah and the current epicenter of the NATO-backed rebellion, Benghazi. This eastern region is considered, according to West Point's CTC report, as one of the highest concentrations of terrorists in the world. It is also a region the CIA and MI6 have helped fund, arm, and train over the same 30 years.

At one point, Qaddafi had almost entirely extinguished the movement,

ar (Alan) said...

Tarek Fatah on the Hidden Agenda of Tolerance/White House Infiltration of Muslim Brotherhood

ar (Alan) said...

left is no longer criticizing the US role in the world.

Ronald Reagan used to claim that his military buildup was essential to keeping the peace. The history of US foreign policy just since the 1980s has shown that this is wrong. We’ve had one war after another, wars waged by the US against non-compliant countries, and the creation of even more client states and colonies.

US military strength has not led to peace, but the opposite. It has caused most people in the world to regard the US as a threat, and it has led to unconscionable wars on many countries. Wars of aggression were defined at Nuremberg as crimes against humanity.

Obama was supposed to end this. He never promised to do so. But his supporters all believed that he would. Instead, he has done the opposite. He has increased troop levels, entrenched wars, and started new ones. In reality, he has presided over a warfare State just as vicious as any in history. The difference this time is that the left is no longer criticizing the US role in the world. In that sense, Obama is the best thing to ever happen to the warmongers and the military-industrial complex.

As for the right in this country, it once opposed this kind of military fascism. But all that changed after the beginning of the Cold War. The right was led into a terrible ideological shift, well documented in Murray Rothbard’s neglected masterpiece The Betrayal of the American Right. In the name of stopping communism, the right came to follow ex-CIA agent Bill Buckley’s endorsement of a totalitarian bureaucracy at home to fight wars all over the world.

The left is silent. Why is that? Muammar Gaddafi has been murdered and who really gives a shit, cares or knows why Treason, crimes against humanity are hangable offenses while the Judicial branch are Roman god-damned catholics whom the EXECUTIVE BRANCH WORKS FOR while congress turns a head and the courts conspire - Murderers!

ar (Alan) said...

PIA: Pigs in Action.

The Fascist Threat

by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

Recently by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.: The Police State Abolishes the Trial.

Wake up all your friends listening to the "media", and expect them to NOT believe you and "hate living with conspiracies". But as we have learned, precept upon precept, precept upon precept. Line upon line, line upon line.

ar (Alan) said...

The Left still condones murder. Silence is PROOF.

Murderers. Fascist pigs. The DUPED should have left the left's vocabulary by now but NOPE, not yet.

When and how long will it take the left to WAKE UP. Barrack the Barbarian wants you to help him murder anyone with and OPEN MOUTH.

Murderers, fascist pigs and barbarians are not name calling. The names are labels of the truth you left are still in denial of. I can let you off of the hook somewhat. The media says not a damned thing about murdering Gadhafi, dragging his body into the streets, of all things barbaric and you think that's ok to do in ANY situation? Despicable bastards all of you. Boy, I'm mad today about open murder in the streets our pResident promotes when he opens his vile mouth. I'm going to give him another chance, tho. Just so he can prove himself again, and the left's total stupidity agreeing with the Criminals in Rome on the Potomac. Should I explain - Potomac, or Rome? Crimimal is relative I guess. And mostly the pResident's.

Which nation is next up for murdering their leaders in the street? in the days of Hitler, Hitler. (snore)

ar (Alan) said...

Is he dead?

Is this why?

Thou shalt not prosper...

Wake up your friends.

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