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How To Brainwash A Nation

From Episode Two of the film series "The Century of the Self" by Adam Curtis. The nephew of Sigmund Freud, Edward Bernays started his business life as a publicist. While still in his twenties, he was part of the propaganda effort that drove the United States into in World War I (WW I.)

He personally advised several US presidents starting with Woodrow Wilson and counseled numerous corporations and business associations. Hitler's propaganda chief and Nazi henchman Joseph Goebbels was a reader and fan of Bernay's writing in particular Bernay's book "Crystalizing Public Opinion."

In this short excerpt from Curtis's film we see one example of Bernays at work.

Bernays was one of the engineers of the Cold War. He perfected the technique of manufacturing a distant but ever-threatening enemy and then creating a constant state of fear by generating false news reports that endlessly re-stated and exagerated the threat.

The stated purpose of Bernay's methods was to give those in power greater control over what he called "the mass mind." It worked well in the 1950s and sadly, it appears to be working quite well today... but maybe not forever.

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At my Church after the premise is made and proof given of that premise the congregation is encouraged to say SO WHAT?!!? Paul Craig Roberts, a former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury and former associate editor of the Wall Street Journal writes about the relevance in article below:

Osama bin Laden’s Useful Death

by Paul Craig Roberts

In a propaganda piece reeking of US Triumphalism, two alleged journalists, Adam Goldman and Chris Brummitt, of the Associated Press or, rather, of the White House Ministry of Truth, write, or copy off a White House or CIA press release that "Osama bin Laden, the terror mastermind killed by Navy SEALs in an intense firefight, was hunted down based on information first gleaned years ago (emphasis added) from detainees at secret CIA prison sites in Eastern Europe, officials disclosed Monday."
How many Americans will notice that the first paragraph of the "report" justifies CIA prisons and torture? Without secret prisons and torture "the terror mastermind" would still be running free, despite having died from renal failure in 2001.
How many Americans will have the wits to wonder why the "terror mastermind" – who defeated not merely the CIA and the FBI, but all 16 US intelligence agencies along with Israel’s Mossad and the intelligence services of NATO, who defeated NORAD, the National Security Council, the Pentagon and Joint Chiefs of Staff, the US Air Force, and Air Traffic Control, who caused security procedures to fail four times in US airports in one hour on the same day, who caused the state-of-the-art Pentagon air defenses to fail, and who managed to fly three airliners into three buildings with pilots who did not know how to fly – has not pulled off any other attack in almost ten years? Do Americans really believe that a government’s security system that can so totally fail when confronted with a few Saudi Arabians with box cutters can renew itself to perfection overnight?
How many Americans will notice the resurrection of the long missing bin Laden as "terror mastermind" after his displacement by Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the Guantanamo prisoner who confessed to being the "mastermind of 9/11" after being water-boarded 183 times?
Americans are too busy celebrating to think, a capability that seems to have been taken out of their education.
Americans are so enthralled over the death of bin Laden that they do not wonder why information gleamed years ago would take so long to locate a person who was allegedly living in a million-dollar building equipped with all the latest communication equipment next to the Pakistani Military Academy. Allegedly, the "most wanted criminal" was not moving from hide-out to hide-out in desolate mountains, but ensconced in luxury quarters in broad daylight. Nevertheless, despite his obvious location, it took the CIA years to find him after claiming to have gained information of his whereabouts out of captives in secret prisons. This is the image of the CIA as the new Keystone Cops.
In an immediate follow-up to the announcement that the Navy SEALs and CIA mercenaries acted in an exemplary fashion following the rules of engagement while a cowardly bin Laden hid behind a woman shield when the gunfire erupted, we have from the pressitutes that "U.S. officials conceded the risk of renewed attack. The terrorists almost certainly will attempt to avenge bin Laden’s death, CIA Director Leon Panetta wrote in a memo. . . . Within a few hours, the Department of Homeland Security warned that bin Laden’s death was likely to provide motivation for attacks from ‘homegrown violent extremists’."
John Brennan, White House counter-terrorism adviser, told reporters that "it was inconceivable that the terrorist fugitive didn’t have support in Pakistan where his hideout had been custom built six years ago in a city with a heavy military presence."
So the claimed murder of bin Laden by the US in a sovereign foreign country with which the US is not at war, a crime under international law, has set up three more self-serving possibilities:
Terrorists will avenge bin Laden’s death, says the CIA, setting up another false flag attack to keep the profits flowing into the military/security complex and the power flowing into the unaccountable CIA. Homeland Security can extend the domestic police state, abuse of travelers, and arrests of war protestors. And Pakistan is under the gun of invasion and takeover (for India, of course) for shielding bin Laden.
The Israel Lobby’s representatives in the US Congress quickly fell in with the agenda. Senator Carl Levin, Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, declared that the Pakistani Army and intelligence agency "have a lot of questions to answer, given the location, the length of time and the apparent fact that this was actually – this facility was actually built for bin Laden, and its closeness to the central location of the Pakistani army."
The two reporters question nothing in the government’s propaganda. Instead, the reporters join in the celebration. Nevertheless they let slip that "officials were weighing the release of at least one photo taken of bin Laden’s body as part of what Brennan called an effort to make sure ‘nobody has any basis to try and deny the death.’"
As the Guardian and European newspapers have revealed, the photo of the dead bin Laden is a fake. As the alleged body has been dumped into the ocean, nothing remains but the word of the US government, which lied about Iraqi weapons of mass destruction and al Qaeda connections, about yellowcake, about Iranian nukes, and, according to thousands of experts, about 9/11. Suddenly the government is telling us the truth about bin Laden’s death? If you believe that, I have a bridge in Brooklyn that I’ll let you have for a good price.
My initial interpretation of the faked bin Laden death was that Obama needed closure of the Afghan war and occupation in order to deal with the US budget deficit. Subsequent statements from Obama regime officials suggest that the agenda might be to give Americans a piece of war victory in order to boost their lagging enthusiasm. The military/security complex will become richer and more powerful, and Americans will be rewarded with vicarious pleasure in victory over enemies. (Source)




ladynite54 said...

Wow that's deep! Well the O-Bots do not care about any thing but pleasing their Messiah Obama.

To listen to them all talk, you would swear they were brain washed, they all have the same talking points even in my own family. Smh

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Spoken like a true liberal! I guess you wouldn't know because you always viewed liberal ideas in the framework of Conservatives and right wing ideology.

Liberals have been saying this for years, while you were calling them UN-american communists and voting for Bush.

The left also shares this view of President Obama, but feels like he's the lesser of two evils because of his social liberal views. Code Pink is protesting President Obama too it just doesn't make the news as much, and so are many other liberal groups over the Libayan invasion, the denial of rights, the shroud of privacy, the ongoing war mongering, and the defense budget. That's why President Obama has moved more to the right because he's losing a percentage of the left.

Irag cost us $3 trillion. Afagnistan another $2 trillion. While the left was screaming you were calling them communists, and promoting Neo-Con views, which are a lot like real communists which can lead to US fascism.

The right gets distracted by birth certificates, US flag pins, and the pronunciation of "Pakistan". I wouldn't be surpised if President Obama is behind the faux distraction, perhaps the reason why he didn't release his long form until it was political advantageous. While the media focused on his birth certificate, he was killing OSL.

You have a distorted view of some liberals. This is the first time you have made a statement that proved if you knew more about right vs left, you wouldn't be so quick to bash the other side.

ar said...

How much for that bridge?

I hope truth (defined as nothing hidden) finds us before long.

The pResident promised lots and lied about all of it. He has done the opposite of everything he said he would do.

The transparency the pResident speaks of is in light of viewing a brainwashed nation, not his administration.

I pray for the day all eyes will open and point out the enemy of our country. It is the foreign bankers, the Crown that illegally set forth the Red 14th amendment, Fed. Reserve and IRS foreigners and not part of our country.

We are handed our problem, reaction, solution everyday and we miss it everyday - in denial.

It's time, past time, to wake up and admit it. The propoganda is deep enough that each time this administration's deceit is pointed out, it's treated as the enemy, again. Over and over again; the madness is come near full circle as predicted in His word.

Until the Fed. Res. and the bankers from Europe are hanged for treason, the madness will continue. Exposing the fruits of darkness, or, in other words, Fed. Res., foreign bankers and the CFR, is biblical and we are to have no dealings with the fruits of darkness but we are called to Expose them. (Ephesians something.)

This pResident is in place to see who's asleep, still, and who is not. The ones who are not asleep are marked by this administration's policies (and the administrations before this one) run rampant and ram-shod; treading truth into the dirt of politics and foreign finance. A nation of the money, by the money, and for the money they are steeling.

9.3 trillion up in smoke? No, it's in their own pockets. Obama is only a stand-in position of the continuing fraud, deceit, lies heaped upon lies.

Gawd, does it take a complete mind transplate to relate to what's happened in this country?

ar said...

Christian or Freemason?

This expose takes place in Australia, but you can apply it to Freemasonry world wide.

ar said...

Power Never Leaves the Posterity (pt1of10)

ar said...

Islam and Catholic Connection:

Ever notice, google-earth anywhere in the middle-east, how mosques stand next to Catholic cathedrals? They never get bombed.

Ever notice how Vatican NEVER admonishes Islam for killing protestants?

Ever notice heads of state in the middle-east kiss the pope's feet and ring?

Ever notice that burning and be-heading and tortures are still used by the Vatican for nearly 80 years without ceasing? Estimates are 50 million tortured to death.

Did you know each time, multiple times a day, the MASS is conjuring demons and evil spirits upon us? While Islam does the same thing three times a day.

Have you considered Noah, why he walked with God and was (without blemish) perfect in his generations?

Why would an eye cause sin and if too much so, you should pluck it out?

The Lord's call is to wake from your slumber; the enemy is at the door and caused you to be sleeping (believing in Other things).

Did you know when a child is abused, they will retort inwardly and find solace there; sometimes remaining there; and for some time? Similarly, we have been subjected to the same pogroms and act accordingly.

Rome, the devils arm, is afraid you will read His word and find the keys to the Kingdom. Thusly, the Kingdom of heaven is within. Needs no building, no man to tell you.

Read for your self and glorify God. Come out of the darkness into the light.

ar said...

A follow-up video by Dave Hunt to my last post:

Vatican: A secret revealed.

ar said...

This will help untie a few knots; a few nots:

(six parts, 15min.each)

Beyond The Political Spectrum said...

(1) Religion and intolerance are a deadly combination...history has shown this with both Islam AND Christianity!
(2) How to brainwash a nation? Take two "opposing" political ideologies representing opposing political parties, have each spew competing rhetoric as how to best govern a nation of idiots who don't have the time to read/research issues, and convince the nation that each group has their best interests at heart, when all they are doing is carving out a socioeconomic niche for their political ruling class.

Constructive Feedback said...


Where is your contact information?

Frederick Douglass VI has an update to his great-great-great-grandfather's Independence Day speech that I was trying to get you to see:

ar (Alan) said...

“It is not a conspiracy, don’t call it a conspiracy. It is all out in the open and it stands on the ignorance, apathy and stupidity of the American people that is the foundation upon which the New World Order is built.” –William Cooper

ar (Alan) said...

When psychologists observe and describe human behavior, they resemble scientists, but when they explain human behavior, they propagate hypothetical opinion.

Several observations are apparent: The more popular psychology becomes, the more widespread our problems have become. The more couples are referred to marriage counselors, the worse our divorce rate gets. Our problems are not being solved by our psychologists or the pop-promoters of this pseudoscience, like Abby and Ann Landers.

There could be a simple reason: If God exists, much of the social sciences become theoretical nonsense, which means society is harmed by their neglect of “the soul” and their mockery of religion.

ar (Alan) said...

The Frankfurt School studied the psychological techniques of the Nazis. One result, Adorno and three Berkeley scholars wrote The Authoritarian Personality, which was widely acclaimed by our social scientists. It was later debunked as left wing propaganda. Allan Bloom called it meretricious fabrication. Among other theoretical heresies, it redefined fatherhood as tyrannical. This was a triumph for feminism as women became an oppressed class.

This verbal engineering set in motion the long march to undermine the love of God, family, and country.

From 1937 to 1941, Adorno worked for the Radio Research Project alongside future president of CBS, Frank Stanton and three other social scientists. Funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, its purpose was to study the effects of the mass media and develop more effective methods of mass persuasion.

Edward Bernays Cultural Marxism: The Doom of Language Meanwhile, Edward Bernays, the premier of propaganda, used his uncle’s psychology – Sigmund Freud’s – coupled with that of B.F. Skinner to create a consumer society. Eventually, the masses became too concerned with their own interests to have time for the deeper concerns, like those of their civilization.

In 1946, Kurt Lewin, the founder of social psychology, laid the foundation for sensitivity training as he pioneered applied psychology. He fine-tuned the methods that overcame the “resistance to change.” This spawned the National Training Laboratories in 1947, located in Bethel, Maine, far from everyone’s comfort zone. In a group setting, the training takes three steps to change the trainee’s perception. First, they attempt to bypass the natural defense mechanisms and dismantle the “mind set” using peer pressure and other psychological techniques. That leads to the change, a transitional period of confusion. Then the new mind set is “freezed” in step three, and comfort levels return to normal.

cbw; I grew up, and am posting this from Bethel Maine. With God-speed I EXPOSE the deceivers that took away my brothers and sisters' minds ALL OVER GOD'S CREATON.

ar (Alan) said...


"Dr. Gerald L. Atkinson wrote, “Critical Theory, as applied mass psychology, brought forth a ‘quiet’ psychic revolution which facilitated an actual physical revolution that has become visible everywhere in the United States of America.”

Multiculturalism is a product of political correctness which breeds diversity and divides our nation. Our cultural melting pot used to meld immigrants into Americans. Today, except for the oppressive ruling class, most citizens define themselves as hyphenated Americans: Hispanic-American, Chinese-American, African-American, Native-American, et cetera. No longer are we united by one language and one culture.

Our founders envisioned a commonwealth of freedom extending from coast to coast. Commonwealths, by definition, are established for the “common good,” which our founders defined as freedom from tyranny and the protection of unalienable rights – bestowed by God – those of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. This meant there were natural limits because of natural law. The pursuit of the fruits of labor was limited when it infringed upon other’s unalienable rights.

Multiculturalism requires a new definition of “common good,” one for a godless society where rights are granted by governments. The left think tank, Center for American Progress, claims that government is essential when people pursue their dreams. They redefined the common good as governmental policies that benefit everyone while balancing self-interest with the needs of the entire society. Perhaps that explains why Texas removed “the common good” from their public education’s textbooks. The common good has become a progressive term that refers to entitlements for the disadvantaged, but also includes big bailouts for our megacorporations."

ar (Alan) said...

The silence in this country is staggering. This video is why no one can grasp what t f is going on.

Fritz Springmeier - World System & The Illuminati (Full Length)

Then, Undetectable Mind Control

ar (Alan) said...

Expelled (Full Movie) with Ben Stein