Friday, January 29, 2010

Deliberate Dumbing Down of America

"I was collecting research and most of the research I had were government documents or old is a very important book that Carnegie Corporation published in 1934. That is probably the most important one of all to discuss since we don't have much time to go into all my research. That book was given to me by a very brilliant fellow who was in Naval Intelligence. He gave us his library. Carnegie Corporation commissioned the American Historical Association to do the research over a period of four years and the result was the AHA's "Conclusions and Recomendations for the Social Studies". The recommendation in the book was to use the schools to change America from a free, individualist economy to a planned, socialist, collectivist economy in the New World Order." (Source)


ziggy said...

...So that when a "dyed-in-the- wool" socialist runs for president, most everybody thinks he's right on. The devil is a master strategist, but the King always has one more move.

Malcolm Kirkpatrick said...

Aloha, CBW,

Institutions across this planet house people who imagine that they wield great power. These people suffer serious delusions. The tragedy for normal folk is that some of these delusional power addicts in fact wield great power. Their delusion is that they can wield it well.

Anonymous said...

Ziggy, the KING always has one more move; I was thinking about the earlier post;( I disregard it. I believe that were heading for revival of some kind before Jesus returns.

Anonymous said...

One way America was 'dumbed down' is that we took references of the BIBLE out of our schools in the 1930 textbooks ive heard..Another way is that in 1963,we took prayer out of school--I heard that Noah Webster had SCRIPTURE in his earliest dictionaries--Lastly, why would these men even go against England to form the nation in the first place..

ar said...

This was very awakening. My home state; and very depressed.

"Comrads, i'm with the 'party' now. and since i am lacking in most all capacities to think or say so; before it's too late for me to remember that i am stupid and will not remember to stop paying my taxes, i am going to stop paying my taxes before i forget."

".... i forgot; and, they can kiss my ass. oh, that's right, i forgot. I worked my ass off."

Attorneymom said...

Thank God, you changed that profile picture. LOL

Attorneymom said...

Wow, schools are creating Corporate slaves. I already know I am not going back to the plantation. Thank Jehovah Elohim for his deliverance.

ar said...

Here are some vids, 8 - 10 minutes each, pointing out jesuit infiltration in america; and the world. Eric Phelps, author of Vatican Assassinations, Wounded in the House of my friends.

The Johnathan Edwards' rival up and down the eastern seaboard, at least, is directly related to jesuit control - of everything.

J. Edwards hated what they were doing to society, me too.

So, johnny started a revival.... he knew his enemy.

uptownsteve said...


Conservative Black Woman said...

Hi UTS! Where've you been?

Conservative Black Woman said...

AR, I watched ALL of Eric Phelp's interview not just the 5 or so on the blog. He is quite "something"...suffice it to say I had to eat the fish and spit out the bones. He is a self described white separatist and considers himself a "biblical racist" not a hateful

ar said...

I wasn't given to coloring any one.
Only exposing more of the same coruption in gov't and the perpetrators; rome, jesuits, cfr, fed. reserve, irs.

I see it as the thing to do and offer it in hopes of bringing more light to our woes; i am sure you do as well. And it ties directly to prophecy. We are in the time where the beast is being exposed in Rev. 17:16.

It seems we should keep digging and expose all that we find. Even the daily news is full of different stuff coming to light. It points to coruption. As well, the same source.

When enough people have seen where all roads lead, they also can expose the corupted washington, controlled by rome; then, she will be exposed.

Something else; reading thru the plagues, in the time of end, they are similar to the ones in Exodus.

The depiction in egypt at the time was God's people were being worked harder and harder for less and less. So, that seems to look like us and other peoples, nations around the world.

Also, because God said precisely that His people in egypt, that Pharoah would not let go, were His First-born; does that mean us?

And Pharoah had magicians that tried to thwart Moses' actions and failed. Magicians are in world gov't, when you think about global warming hoax, and all. No truth to any of it. so, it's made up and make believe. poof, you're a rabbit.

The other magic act would be the symbology of rome/pagan worship, at the vatican.

It is the oddest thing. The bible speaks of the same "entity"-rome, baal, babylon, egypt; from cover to cover. Each time the Israelites are in trouble, it's because they've been a whoring. Sun worshipping.

Each time, the Lord's mighty hand bails them out again. Just like he said he would.

So, the scriptures talk of Israel and baal or babylon or rome, same thing, and gives explicit details as to what to do to avoid coming under the spell of baal worship but the Israelites get lazy and fall away and forget.

And for what goes on in rome in all the symbols and times and dates is mockery of truth. There is no scriptural basis for any of rome's doings, writings, sayings. all lies. Similar to lies from elected officials saying one thing and doing the other. I have signed so many petitions, there can't be any more left, is there?

I learned in the dictionary what rome is:

Something that constitutes the place or point from which something else originates, takes form or developes. Defined as: MATRIX.

ar said...

From Amazing Descoveries. interesting 120 minutes. prophecy explained.

Pharmer said...

An essential element of many conspiracy theories is the idea of generations long cohesion and loyalty.

We know that people have trouble staying married very long. Think of the trouble of maintaining extensive group loyalties over decades and centuries. Look at what has happened to the various religious groups.

There are of course, very wealthy elitists who think they have moral authority to command the lives and deaths of regular folk. Some appear to cooperate with each other for the time that they can derive mutual advantage.

Conspiracists tend to elevate these associations of convenience into long lasting cohesion.
In this manner, the observations of political and economic events are converted to intricate, fanciful fiction.
That being said... the machinations are mostly a result of direct bribery rather than true cohesion and loyalty. This is often disguised by those who justify their money grubbing with feigned attachment to an ideal or social good. Take Al Gore for example...

You won't have to bother your head with long political genealogies if you just keep your eyes on that money trail. It's the most reliable predictor of all.

CBW, I've linked your blog more than once before... this time the Dick Durbin on federally funded abortion for Washington DC.

Good stuff!

ar said...

The conspiracy "theory" of all time is before you, while you claim their is none...

Yes, i will take Al Gore. To prison.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Conservative Black Woman said...

Anonymous~You are an extremely disturbed, misguided, angry, dumb down fool. Get some help and stay the fuck off my blog.