Wednesday, November 11, 2009

CBW Goes to The Glenn Beck Show

Glenn Beck has invited Black Conservatives to a taping of his show on tomorrow November 12th which will air on Friday the 13th. The title of the show is "Time To Be Heard"...well, I'll say! I'm very excited to meet all of the bloggers that I so admire. Gary at A Time For Choosing posted this picture on his blog (but he didn't include me, so I included titled "Glen Beck's Friday 13th Nightmare For Liberals Across America: Beck Hosts Prominent Black Conservatives"

Good looking out Gary! Thanks for spreading the word.

Perhaps I can replace Prof. Mark Lamont Hill. At least I'm a REAL conservative. Maybe I'll be able to convince Glenn with put in a word for me with his bosses at


Linda said...

I'll be watching! If you speak like you write, you'd be a 'shoo-in' for the program!

Jessica said...

I will definitely be watching! I love it when people break down stereotypes, while making Liberals feel uncomfortable.
Congrats on getting the gig, and good luck!!!

Clifton B said...

Excellent! I will finally get to meet you! See you this afternoon!

Another Black Conservative

Anonymous said...

I've read several of your posts after discovering your blog about a month ago. I'm looking forward to the show. I'm sure you'll do great. --SCOTT

Anonymous said...

I will most definitely tune in to see you all. I just hope that you all don't turn out to be the "kind" of Blacks that while it's ok to have a different opinion, really lean towards disdain towards anything Black per se', if you get my drift.

Some Black "conservatives" have idologies that say they have to show absolute displeasure towards Black people and blackness in general with a subtle motive towards White acceptance.

That's where I find some Black people who take on tags such as this, to be distasteful. It's ok to purport to have certain leanings (honestly, if you look at the totality of Blacks and our history in this country our social leanings have always been more conservative) but when those people start to fall into the more white supremacy lines of thinking that's where they loose most thinking Blacks not beholding to "conservatives" or "liberals".

At the end of the day all you really have to do is ask yourselves, if that police officer is beating your head in, do you really think he's going to care if your a conservative or liberal? Or is the fact that your Black going to be central?

Just one angle that can be applied towards any area of life today for Black Americans. Like it or not, there does still exist two markedly seperate America's, one for Whites and those sub-groups and the other for Blacks.


Janelle said...

Just a guess, but I think this show's ratings for viewers will be off the charts.

BLACK INK said...

What an incredible privilege and opportunity.
I look forward to seeing you make us all proud.
Congratulations on a well deserved accomplishment.

ziggy said...

I'll speak for myself here,for me, my conservative views(socially at least)might be similar to many blacks who routinely vote and identify with liberal politicians.

But where I differ with many black folks is that although they acknowledge the attitudes and behaviours that need to be changed in the black community, they are far too concerned, I'll even say paranoid, about the role and power of "blackness" in their lives. The idea of racism is a stronghold that needs to be broken in the minds and hearts of black people, because it keeps us in bondage. Issues get sifted through the lens of "race". We will support people who encourage the racial-oppression paranoia to our detriment. It has the effect of obscuring truth and derailing progress towards change in the black community.

For example, we get caught up in complaining about police brutality in the community instead of acknowledging that those rates are high because we have greater contact with the police due to our high crime rates.

How about when we blame the low unemployment rates of young black males on racism, but overlook the fact that many of these males have not been socialized to accept authority, look people in the eye when speaking, don't know how to fill out applications properly, dress apropriately, or even contain their aggression when confronted with unpleasant behavior.

"Racism" as it exists today is not enough to cause the overwhelming failure we see in our communities and families. What we see is LARGELY due to poor values, morals, behaviours, choices, etc.

This is where I find the divide between conservative blacks and "non-conservatives" it comes down to the place we are willing to give "racism" in our lives, the extent to which we step up and take ownership for ourselves, being willing to forgive the past wrongs, acknowledge and move forward in light of the progress that has been made in this country, seeing ourselves as fully American rejoicing in the wisdom and the blessings afforded us by the Constitution and Bill of Rights,the role of gov't in our lives, not viewing the country as you say, as "two markedly separate America's, one for Whites and those sub-groups and the other for Blacks".

Putting "race" in a lower place gets misinterpreted as [quoting you] "having disdain towards anything black", "absolute displeasure towards Black people and blackness in general with a subtle motive towards White acceptance", all sorts of silly things. Just like white conservatives have to ignore and press on in spite of being called racist, so black conservatives will have to do in spite of all the names hurled their way.

The fact that blacks can't hold a differing opinion without being viewed as a traitor to the race, speaks volumes about the mental and emotional bondage we as a people are in. Not good.

Laurie and Alan said...

I knew it!! I'm SO excited for you!!

Best of luck, you'll do great!

BLACK INK said...

You read my mind brother.
Excellent post.

Anonymous said...

I am glad I found your site! I have been trying to show my children women heros ('conservative' values who fight for individual freedoms and justice for all around the world-not necessarily people who talk it, but live it). I would like find women from all ethnic backgrounds. Who do you think is the best example for me to have them research. I have some ideas, but would love your insight. FYI. I am not black-so I didn't know if I should be a subscriber?... Thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

make sure you get those boots of his nice and shiney

ar said...

CBW goes viral! and Clifton B and others. Congratulations!

Glenn rattles cages like you do, cbw and don't forget, Palin is coming.... look out, liberals.

I think Glenn Beck is missing you.

The Federalist said...

He invited Black Conservatives to his show? Are all 4 of you going??
Make sure you let him take pictures...this will be proof that Obama MUST be a bad guy...heck, even black people don't like him!
Just make sure you go to the bathroom with him; there are lots of bad jokes delivered in the men's bathroom.

Cynical Negro said...

Your happy that a Black Man lost his job?

Disgusting! You should be ashamed.

P.S. I wouldn't be too happy. I just saw Marc on the O'reilly show the other day. Apparently he has friends. He didn't comment on his arrangement with Fox when asked. I hope he's on when one of you house slave negro nit wits are on so I can watch him make road kill meat out of one of you when you try to attack black people...

That is the only reason why you're invited to Glenn Beck DUMMY!

He's trying to fix his image after calling Obama a racist with a deep seated hatred for white people lol (is he Projecting?).

Oh, and here's another fact for you stupid a$$ slave massa cool aid sippers!

When Obama said we are a country of all religions including non believers, he was 1,050 percent correct!

Last time I checked, the founding fathers were not all believers and most of them were Mason's!

Which means: They believed in all inherent truth found in ALL religions and truth found in nature and Science.

Some of the founding fathers also owned slaves, and if it wasn't for radical liberal abolishonist who pushed Lincoln, we would still be slaves...

But none of you uncle Tom's will say that to Glenn Beck's face because you are so happy to be on the white man's show lol... And I bet none of you sorry SLAVES will tell Beck that his hero Thomas Paine was a radical revolutionary liberal who believed in social safety nets. I'm out...

Anonymous said...

congrats! I will praying for you and that God will use and give yo the wisdom say what you need to say.

God Bless

Soloman said...

CBW - I just found you through the post on Cliff's page. I'm very excited for all of you - hope you had a great time! I'm really looking forward to the show airing tomorrow.

I don't mean to butt in where I don't belong, as this isn't my blog... but I have to say -

Cynical Negro, if the attitude that you present in your comment here is really your beliefs, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Your individual efforts can set back race relations 50 years, or you can step up and accept that we are in the 21st century, that our Founders were great people who lived in a different era (with many of them writing freedom for slaves into their will), and that Glenn Beck is simply a patriotic individual who wants to present people from various walks of life.

One of those walks of life that needs to be presented is that of Black Americans who do not buy into the idea that a political party will bring them salvation.

Calling these wonderful people "Uncle Tom" or "stupid a$$ slave massa cool aid sippers" only shows your lack of integrity and makes you look small-minded.

It is my belief that these four, as well as any other Black Americans who do not blindly align with the Democratic Party, are truly inspirational individuals. They are willing to stand up for their values and principles - values and principles that have probably been handed down through generations, maybe even since the days of slavery.

And BTW - I didn't see anything in CBW's post that said she's happy about Hill losing his job. I only read that she'd like to work for FNC, possibly as a replacement for Hill.

God Bless you Cynical Negro, I hope you find clarity.

CBW - I hope I didn't step on your toes...

Conservative Black Woman said...

Thank you everyone for your kind words of encouragement. The show was interesting...but you'll see tomorrow. I'll refrain from commenting on the big adventure until a later time.

Soloman~Of course you didn't step on my toes. Please feel free to comment here as often as you'd like.

Cynical Negro~You are misguided, rude, and not very bright. I will not waste time or energy vainly trying to reason with you as you are clearly incapable or unwilling to understand clear language as evidenced by your utterly imbecilic comment. I wonder why you visit this site? I don't suffer fools well anymore so do us both a favor and mosey your Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive Fundamentalist Racism Chasing Azz back to the snake pit from whence you slithered.

Attorneymom said...

How did you do?? I know you made me proud. You did make me proud?? LOL

Smile said...

I always watch GB and I wouldn't miss this one for the world.

This is so encouraging and I hope to see more of this. I've always wondered why there isn't more effort to allow 'real' conservative blacks some air time.

Hopefully everyone will take a moment to email Fox News and the Glenn Beck show with a word of thanks.

An email from time to time requesting more of the same would be helpful as well.

CBW, congratulations. I'm so pleased you were chosen.

Digital Publius said...

Knock em dead CBW!

Conscious Observer said...

I'd love you to replace Hill. He talks too fast. I'll be watching for you today!

OBAMA "Economic growth, Unemployment falling" NOV 12 2009, GITMO prisoners of WAR to be tried in N.Y. Nov 13 2009

On Conscious Observer

Ivyalf said...

Glen Beck is on at a very late time in the UK. But I will tape it and watch it tomorrow morning.
It should be a very interesting show.

Attorneymom said...

Commercial break: I have no idea what the purpose of the show was supposed to be. It got lost with the editing and the commercial breaks. Notwithstanding, I am excited to see Robin in the audience.

Attorneymom said...

I am tired of Lisa Fritsch.

CBW, you represented. Thank God that you were on the panel. Otherwise, the show would have been a flop. Why talk to the people sitting in the audience when you have a panel on stage? Blank stare.

Attorneymom said...

Sidebar: CBW, you didn't even sound like Smurfette. LOL

Just sayin' said...

I'm watching this show right now -- it's spellbinding tv.

The best 10 seconds was a critique of tearing vouchers out of school kids' hands (as a Democrat and racist scheme). And the audience chimes in, "That was just about the first thing he [Obama] did!"

Fox ought to be convinced to run this as a two-day marathon this weekend.

Sure would beat watching Lamont on OReilly.

commoncents said...

YOU WERE GREAT!!!!!!!!!!

Awesome post - I really like your blog!!

ps. Link Exchange?

Smile said...


Bravo! Bravo!

My, my, you did a fine job. I was so glad of the way you spoke right up and addressed that mayor. I wish you'd had at least a half hour just for you!

I had an absolute blast with the family and everyone was cheering you!

We love you big!

Everyone, please write Glenn Beck a little thank you and Fox News as well. Please mention that we conservatives need more of this. The lame stream media would like to continue to make people think there are not many black conservatives. United we stand!

Again, great appearance, CBW. You looked all of 19 yrs old :)

Patricia said...

Great show. I hope Glen has everyone back.

It gives us hope in the future of america to see black conservatives with the courage to speak out.

Good luck and God bless. You are our hope and future.

Smile said...

Send a thank you and a MORE OF THE SAME.

Email to:

Glenn Beck -

Fox News -

Conservative Black Woman said...

Thank you Smile....

Soloman said...

Thanks for the invite to come back... I definitely will, and I'm adding you to my blog roll.

I thought your statements to the mayor were spot on; it's not about who he represents, it's about how he uses his race against those who disagree with his agenda. Your "brainwashed by Glenn Beck" comment was also hilarious.

I hope you get a chance to go back - I mentioned on Cliff's blog that a smaller panel would maybe be a good idea. We'll see what comes of all this - Glenn (Mr. Beck) is right, there are a lot of hours that could be filled with you all discussing your personal experiences and perspectives.

MrsGrapevine said...

I finally had a chance to see it, and all I can say is the same problems exist among conservative blacks that exist amongst all blacks. Their is no uniformity, and there was a myriad of attitudes, beliefs, and ideological differences on the right side alone. Guess what it's the same on the left side. The labels are just another example how blacks are different across the spectrum.

I have read many opinions from those that attended tonight and it varied from not so great to wonderful; to Glenn Beck was not 100% to Glenn Beck is 100%.

The problems that plague blacks in this country are so far past any ideology. If we can see that, so much could be changed. It's not an either or, but a both. If the main focus of both liberals and conservatives was the black community, then we would spend less time arguing and more time devoted to action.

The problem is both sides feel they have the answer, yet the problems still exists, and have worsen over time. They didn't improve when Regan was President, when Clinton was President, when Bush was President, and they probably won't improve after Barack Obama is finished.

My question to you is what are you're going to do about it? I'm through talking, when does the action begin. If blacks are lazy, how will you encourage them? If blacks are immoral, how will you instill values in the youth? If blacks are undereducated, how will you educate them?

BTW, you did a wonderful job defending your point! I'm glad to know their isn't a one conservative voice, and that it rides the spectrum of politics.

Attorneymom said...

Attorneymom said...
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Attorneymom said...

Dr. James Manning meets Attorneymom:

Constructive Feedback said...

Are you going to hook me up with a new Tax Strategy?????

It was good to see you and others on the air.

I could tell that everyone had a pinned up desire to have their voices be heard but less than 30 to 60 seconds to make their point.

I don't think that the messages of Black Conservatism can be effectively communicated to the masses via an occasional visit to a national show.

You all risk becoming the "Tavis Smiley And Friends" gathering with a different ideology.

The only way to avoid such a fate is to start off with your beliefs that are simplistically articulated and then have all that is said feeding off of this.

From my analysis every Black person, regardless of his ideology can agree that we are advancing the cause for:

* Safe Streets
* Quality Education
* Thriving Local Economy
* Healthy Lifestyles

The debate between the ideologies is merely about METHODOLOGY on how these points can be achieved.

I thought that the show was a good start but most certainly not enough time.

With the presence of video cameras and YouTube - there is no reason to limit the organized gatherings for strategic planning to the invites upon the Beck show.

reasonable democrat said...

As a democrat, I normally do not watch Glenn Beck, however, I was browsing through the channels and as saw at least as much as I could concern, his audience was made up of black conseratives, therefore I thought I would listen in on the conversation.As I watched and listened the many varing opinions expressed through all the guest, I came to the realization that the black conservaties that witnessed, were doing the same exact thing that they accuse us democrats of. Meaning, that if we do not agree with their politics that we are brainwashed by the democrats etc...I am one of the belief that we need both conservative blacks as well as liberals, what kind of race would we have if we were all of the same opinion and for that matter the same political idealogy.  It is natural for us to have different thoughts, it does not make us any better than the opposite opinions. so we should try harder to embrace our differences and use this as a strength so that the merger of the differing ideas would lead us to that break-through that we definately need as a race of people.I do not write this as a smite against my conservative brothers and sisters, actually, I am happy to know that you are out there but I only say before we go looking for faults in others, let us examine ourselves first and this goes for liberal and conservaties alike.One last comment and thanks in advance for your patience and attention as you read this, many of black conservaties say that the black democrats only voted for President Obama because he was black, well I was reading some other black conservative blogs and they were searching out other black conservative blacks that were running for some kind of office and told others to support these candidates, I would onlz ask what is the difference.  Please, again, this is not intended to be a hostile post towards the black conservatives at all, therefore if chose to comment on my post, just keep that in mind

23eagle said...

You absolutely ROCKED last night on Beck! I really loved what you had to say. Thanks for all of your hard work and sharing your insight.

Laurie and Alan said...

I postponed an appointment just to watch yesterday and I'm so glad I did. It was so refreshing to see black America stand up against liberalism and have a platform in which to do it.
I was very impressed, as usual, w/what everyone had to say, especially those of you who were true consevatives.
I'm really looking forward to the next forum, I'm going to email FOX and Glenn Beck.
BTW CBW, you made me proud! : ) I called my folks to watch too!

Conservative Black Woman said...

Thanks you guys.

Gunfighter said...

WHy do you think anyone cares if some black people, just like some white, or asain, or lation people are conservatives? Crackpot conservatism, Glenn Beck style, is still out on the fringe, no matter what color you are.

Soloman said...

Hey Gunfighter - if having common sense and self worth, and not wanting Mother Government to nurse me through my life is "out on the fringe" - consider me fringe for life.

I'd rather make my own way that be coddled by the likes of Congress and Barack Hussein Obama and his ilk.

JMK said...

"WHy do you think anyone cares if some black people, just like some white, or asain, or lation people are conservatives? Crackpot conservatism, Glenn Beck style, is still out on the fringe, no matter what color you are." (gunfighter)
Funny story....over 40% f Americans self-identify as "Conservative" or "Very Conservative" (9%) as opposed to 21% who self-identify as "Liberal" or "Very Liberal" (5%) according to a 2009 Gallup poll with a sample size over 165,000.

Thankfully America is predominantly Conservative....and apparently getting MORE Conservative (that number hit an all time low in 2007 at 37%).

The Keynesianism (expanded government, increased government spending and higher tax rates) of the LBJ-Nixon-Carter years delivered an economic implosion - "Stagflation" (double digit interest, inflation and unemployment rates)...the Keynesianism begun under G W Bush and accelerated under Barack Obama is delivering more of the same - an unprecedented national debt level, unwieldy government spending with no end in sight an unemployment rate of 10% (with 17% of Americans looking for work) and with China and other major debt holders looking to increase the cost of our servicing all that debt starting early next year, interest rates and inflation are set for massive increases.

In between those two disasters, Reagan's introduced Supply Side (market-oriented) economic policies, followed up by Gingrich and Clinton delivered nearly a quarter century of unprecedented prosperity.

Liberalism is unpopular because liberalism = economic failure.