Sunday, May 3, 2009

Obama As Modern-Day Faust

Goethe's Faust sells his soul to the Satan for worldly success. It has been said that every politician has a Satan of his own, who offers power in exchange for his soul. I'm will not say that Obama has sold his soul to the devil...but I wholeheartedly believe he sold it to George Soros a naturalized citizen since 1956 from Hungary. After all Soros declared that derailing the George Bush's reelection bid in 2004 "is the central focus of my life ... a matter of life and death." Well, that didn't work out so he had to up the ante with long-awaited, "anointed" black man in the person of Barack Obama. If you review the Open Secrets records you will find that Soros practically owns the Democrat Party. He is wealthy enough to buy or break up whole nations throughout the world. Soros has written definitive books on the global economics but he and Obama have no intention of helping the US remain on top as the leader of the free world. They finally have this nation right where they want it — broke and broken, and eager for a "savior" to step in to rescue them pennies on the dollar. I am hearing Obama sycophants now saying "Obama is just trying to clean up Bush's mess it takes money to do that" .

The filmmakers of the mock-mentary mirroring President Obama's career are aware of President Obama's (Soro's) true intentions. It's called 'O.B.A.M. Nude' which stands for "Occidental Births a Monster," tells the satirical tale of a freshman at Occidental College in Los Angeles who makes a deal with the devil. In exchange, the main character, O.B.A.M., gets admitted to Columbia University, becomes a community organizer in Chicago, attends Harvard Law School and ascends to the presidency of the United States. Here is the trailer:

Premieres May 30th at the Hoboken International Film Festival.

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Brian Barker said...

According to the Forbes Rich List, George Soros is now the 28th most wealthy man in the World.

However Soros would not be a multi-billionaire if it were not for the international language Esperanto.

Born in Hungary in 1930 as Gyorgy Schwartz, the family changed its name in 1936 to Soros, which in Esperanto means "to soar." The deliberate Esperanto name-change was an effort to protect the Jewish family from the rise of fascist rulers and the whole family spoke this language at home.

As a native Esperanto speaker, (someone who has spoken this language from birth), George Soros defected to the West in 1946, while attending an Esperanto youth meeting in Switzerland.

Esperanto enabled Soros both to defect, and to become a multi-billionaire.