Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ann Coulter Give Joy Behar An Intellectual Smackdown!

My favorite part:

BEHAR: People felt that you were pissed when you left. I'm just saying -- OK. So what do you think about this stimulus bill?

Do you think that...

COULTER: I think it's a disaster.

BEHAR: You think it's a disaster.

COULTER: It's the Reward Failure Act of 2009. I mean it's not -- I like the title and so did most Americans. Support for it went from about 80 percent when people only knew the title to about 37 percent as people would find out more and more about it -- stimulative of big huge government programs. It rewards failure.

And who's going to be left holding the bag?

The middle class of America.

BEHAR: Yes, but, you know, your party has done nothing in the past eight years to fix any of this. They ran up the deficit.

COULTER: Well, it only started last fall.


BEHAR: I don't know what you're talking about.

Of course you don't Joy, you incredibly ignorant twit!!!!


conservative brother said...

Behar is such a dunce!!! She's not even in Coulter's league to even debate or interview her. Coulter had to been laughing at her mentally throughout the interview. Is Behar the best Larry can come up with as a guest host? If she is, that's pretty darn sad.

brotherkomrade said...

You're right, Behar was a bad choice. But my three-year old, Assata? Now that she would have crushed Skelator, no hands down.

Skelator: "And who's going to be left holding the bag?

The middle class of America."

Brotherkomrade: "And?"

"Oh, don't pay attention to those people in black Ann, they're just gonna escort you to your car."

JudyBright said...

Behar= straw man

DJ Black Adam said...

Oh come on, Behar may not be an Edsion, but Coulter isn't a Tesla either...

uptownsteve said...

These negroes are actually cheerleading for friggin Ann Coulter??????

Richard Cohen pegged her perfect.

"A political pornographer".

conservative brother said...

In Behar's defense, he does draw a higher rating for King's show when she co-hosts. She brings in a full .1 in the ratings. lol

Lisa K said...

Behar was clearly chosen to guest host because King felt she could argue her way through the Coulter interview and possibly take some of the spotlight off Ann. These two are the definition of opposites in every way. Ann is extreme but understands what she is fighting for, whereas Joy barely knows what she's talking about...just another lib-zombie.