Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Pimp And A President:As Told By "I Speak Truth"

Master marketer, pulpit pimp extraordinaire Pastor Eddie Long is hosting an inaugural ball. You can read about this dastardly debacle over at the I speak Truth blog, but this blogger outlined a few comparison between PEBO (President Elect Barack Obama) and The Pimp (Pastor Eddie Long) that I couldn't resist sharing on this forum. Parenthetically, before you poor "deceived ones" start commenting regarding God's admonishment to "touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm" - Pulpit Pimp Long is not God's anointed and the only title of prophet which should be bestowed upon him is FALSE PROPHET, but I digress. The blogger over at I speak Truth opines:
"When you look at the facts, Eddie and Obama have a lot in common:
He goes on to say:
"You almost have to (grudgingly) give Eddie Long his due - he is a masterful
marketer who rakes in millions of dollars in personal income annually. I say
“almost” because you must remember that Eddie Long props himself up to be a
minister of the Gospel - which means that he is a degenerate pimp who uses God
to attract and abuse spiritually immature “Christians”, all the while extracting
cash and property from their possession with surgical precision."


"So for Pimp Eddie the Masterful Marketer, there is hardly a better way to
attach yourself to the newest marketing superstar - Barack Obama. If you notice
the “ticket” above, Eddie’s “goofy trident” symbol is overlayed right on top of
Obama’s “hope/change” symbol” - and Pimp Eddie is pictured essentially sitting
on Obama’s back. If that doesn’t scream “I’M WITH OBAMA!”, then I don’t know
what does. Lets forget the fact the Obama’s personal beliefs (abortion,
homosexual unions and “rights”, the irrelevancy of scripture) are enough to make
a TRUE minister not even want to be photographed with him." (emphasis added)

Ok so I admit it this post is an appeal to my two dearest friends in the world who are both ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ who have shameless man-crushes on PEBO. Ya'll know who you are IN CHRIST and you know better. Snap out of it!!!

11 comments: said...

Hey there!

I just found your blog and I am happy to see your writings!

Happy New Year!

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

Pamela said...

I was sorry to hear a few months ago that Eddie Long had changed his stance on homosexuality. In 2003 when Gene Robinson was ordained Bishop in the Episcopal Church Eddie Long preached a clear message against it. I guess Soulforce got to him. There was a report in a homosexual publication that stated that he was basically in their court. When I did not hear a clear retraction stating that they had slanted what he said I was convinced that he had indeed changed his stance. It is one thing to love people in their mess/sin. It is another if they say that the Bible does not say what it does about sin and the eternal consequences.

I have not really watched any Christian media in years. I got tired of yelling or fighting the temptation of throwing books at the TV screen.

The Roundtable Discussion said...

I agree with your post.

The Black Sphere said...

Hey CBW, I agree wholeheartedly with this post. I don't know Eddie, but will read up on him. But you know that I know that Obama is a PIMP! Taxacious is his pimp name, and he "B" better have his money! Great read as usual. Sorry I have been remiss in visiting!

JARNCO5 said...

Nice blog stop by for like minded reading at: Voice Of Conservative America

I too post on a lot of "racial issues."

I admire your being able to break from the blame an victim game to many black leaders are playing today IMO.

hiscrivener said...

The post was right on, but calling him "PEBO" made me laugh up my Apple Jacks!

Naturally, I'm thinking of the insult to Mr. Bryson, but he'll forgive the indictment.

Nicely done again, girl!


stopdebtnow said...

I am really disappointed with Bishop Eddie Long. I had no idea that he had changed his position on the homosexual sin. Why have so many christian "leaders" compromised their relationship with God regarding this sin??? CBW, thanks for keeping us informed.

Digital Publius said...

You will hear, in most black churches, messages on tithing and claiming blessings, with obscene regularity. I have heard people attest to the fact that they have never heard a message denouncing homosexuality let alone the evil of abortion in their church. A most unfortunate circumstance when one considers how abortion is ravaging the black community. I feel strongly that the protection of innocent life in the womb, or the establishment of marriage, are far weightier matters than say legacy planning in the black church, or hold on, that financial blessing is just around the corner.

After all; I don't remember the Lord making a statement like: But whoso shall offend and not give free healthcare, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.

Bishop Long really ought to mix in a little Gospel of Jesus Christ into his messages. Get a little sin and repentance going, so those people flocking to the alter call after one of his luke warm sermons will be responding to some truth. Very Good post Robin!

imspeakingtruth said...

Thanks for linking to my article CBW - the more exposure that the fraudulent duo of Eddie Long and Barack Obama get, the better.

I will say, however, I seriously doubt that PEBO even knows about this event. Eddie Long is oily enough to hijack clipart to make it look like a PEBO endoresed event (I'm sorry, but I like the acronymn).

Keep up the good work over here...

Speaking Truth

Papa Giorgio said...


You are linked. I do not expect the same due to the extensive nature of my links. Great site! If you wish to get a good "intro" to me, go to Google video and type in: Obamacon Twenty Years.

God Bless.


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