Tuesday, January 20, 2009

AJ From Houston: The Substitute Official Obama Criticizer

Hat Tip to Papa Giorgio for posting this video on his blog Religio-politicaltalk but I had to repost here because AJ reminds me of my dearly departed Poppie(my granddaddy) who was IMHO the wisest man ever--!!! So I present to you AJ from Houston...


Pamela said...

Yes indeed. Full of fire and passion. Good ole horse sense.

Ron said...

Got me pumping my fists in the air. Should've had AJ on camera instead of Joe the Plumber. Some folk may have smelled the coffee!

Rose-Bud said...

Go AJ! He said it all! Rush is right it is too late, but I have faith in the American people that they will rise up against everything coming our way.
By 2011-12, or by this time next year the 'it' is going to hit the fan, and there will be demostrations by Americans who will be saying 'enough is enough'! It is going to start as an internet movement, which will be taken to the streets.
PBO will not be able to ignore the mass movement against him that will happen in every state. This movement will be truth based, backed by the Words of God. I'm just watching/waiting for the flash-point to happen that will remove the blinders from PBO followers, who will join our ranks.
We are going to have to keep bail money on hand, AT ALL TIMES! OOPPPS, I've said too much. Goodnight.

Papa Giorgio said...


Thanks for the tip.

I loved this guys enthusiasm. This guy connects with the older black people because they are a group of person's who came from a time where enthusiasm got them through rough times. My grandma is as enthusiastic, she is one of those ladies (a black woman for those who haven't watched my Obama documentary) who had the velvet art of panthers and the black dance-hall where the party was all night and the people were sweatin! This guy connects with them. His peeps.

By the way, I have podcasted your radio shows... good stuff, keep it up. I may do a show or two myself (thanks to you).


Anonymous said...

AJ is right on the money.
Your conservative views on what needs fixed are what conservatives are about. A little personal responsibility goes a long way in our daily life.
Hopefully folks will wake up before it's too late.
Conservative white guy

Drew Wells said...

Does anyone know if AJ has a blog or anything?

Anonymous said...

Really enjoy your blog.. Do you have a fb too?