Sunday, December 21, 2008

An Interview w/ Joe Clark

Joe Clark discusses the "woes and vexations" of public education in this circa 1982 interview. This man is indeed a national treasure, but as a black republican he is underappreciated by the masses. My friend and fellow blogger Attorneymom actually attended Eastside HS when Mr. Clark was principal so she can attest to the fact that he is indeed a reckoning force.

Part Deux

I wonder why there aren't more Joe Clarks in public education? I think the closest thing we have to it at this point in time is Michelle Rhee.


SLC said...

Hi CBW. I'm one of your quieter followers. It was actually Eastside High School. I agree. Mr Clark is a national treasure. I was part of the marching band when JC suspended all activities until everyone brought their grades up. Instead of going to early morning band practices we went to early morning study sessions. As I recall Mrs. Ruth-Bridges never had any academic struggles.
Have a blessed week.

SLC said...

Part Deux. I, like many male students at Eastside grew up in a fatherless home. Fortunately my mother prayed, lived right before us, and would spank us in Joe Clark's office with his permission. For other male students, he was probably the first man to show them any real love. Maybe a lack of boldness and GENUINE concern for inner city youth is a reason there aren't more Joe Clarks. Also there is a scarcity of black men in education (based on my Richmond, Virginia perspective).

Conservative Black Woman said...

Hey SLC~ I didn't know that you attended Eastside too. How blessed you are that you had a praying mother who cared enough to whoop your behind when necessary. Has Mr. Clark retired? We need more educators like him in every major city!

uglyblackjohn said...

I like Joe and I'm impressed with Ms Rhee.
Maybe the lack of respect given to teachers is the reason more Black males fail to choose teaching as a profession.

Constructive Feedback said...

CBW - thank you for reminding me about the great work of Principal Clark.

He is absolutely right about the fact that DISCIPLINE is the cornerstone of education.

I am going to rent the movie about his experience so that I can catch back up to the key issues that he brought forth with his philosophy.

Sadly the situation has gotten worse in many urban public schools since his time.

Attorneymom said...
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Attorneymom said...

CBW, great post. Mr. Clark is a great man. I had the opportunity to speak with him a few times in the last 2 years. I am glad I had the opportunity to tell him how much he influenced my life.

SLC, LOL. I noticed one thing. You don't tell folks how you dumped me in high school. LOL.

SLC said...

Attorneymom my memory fails me. Anyway, from my perspective (Lyfae) I was the unfortunate dumpee. I'm just glad I had an opportunity to be considered by such a well rounded, high character individual like S.L.R.B esquire.

Back to Clark: CBW, Shw...'s class has an air of superiority and maturity that exists until this day. Undoubtedly because they were the first graduating class to attend four years with Clark as principal. AM y'all make me proud... and a little envious.

Have a blessed new year all.