Monday, December 1, 2008

Obama's Legal Eagles Work to Change Constitution: In Order for His Presidency to Be Constitutional

Well perhaps Barack Obama's impending Presidency is a move of God because the Natural Born Citizenship requirement of the US Constitution may well be CHANGED (um, I guess he is delivery on his promise of change). Did you ever think you would see the day when White folks would actually work to change the constitution for a black man? This is clearly A) an act of God B) America is desperately trying to wash the blood of slavery and oppression from its hands or C) people with loads of power and money have invested in Barry and he needs to be president in order to do their biddings.

I know that some of Obama's acolytes have no clue what this is all about (because they are intoxicated by the kool-aid) so let me back up. Barack Obama has failed to provide a copy of his birth certificate. The birth certificate which was posted on his site was found to inauthentic (see, I didn't say fraudulent but if the shoe fits...). His granny in Kenya is claiming that he was born there which would make him a naturalized citizen of the US and thus not eligible to be POTUS. But even if he were born in Hawaii he moved to Indonesia as a child with his mom at a time when there was no dual citizenship in Indonesia which means he would have had to relinquish his American citizenship and when he came back to the states he would then be a naturalized citizens and thus not eligible to be the president of the united states. Also in 1981 Barack Obama traveled to Pakistan -- however in 1981 Americans were not allowed to travel to Pakistan. So, how praytell, was Barack Obama allowed to go? He used his Indonesia passport - because he was an Indonesia citizen. If all of this is utter hyperbole then one must ask why he wouldn't just produce his authentic birth certificate and why the Chicago Law firm of Kirkland & Ellis, LLC is working to change that little jot and tittle of the US constitution requiring natural born citizenship.

The Velvet Hammer has posted an amazingly thorough article regarding this whole debacle on the Ironic Surrealism II blog and has uncovered that a partner of Kirkland & Ellis, LLC was on Barack Obama's finance committee -- Surprise, Surprise.... Read the full article here

Finally for those of you who call me a "hater" and ask why I am so hard on Barack Obama watch this video:

Well, actually it is too late he is the going to be President (even before the constitution is changed)but I thought this video pretty clearly illustrates why I have not recklessly abandoned myself to the Obama-mania.


Meredith said...

Wow, thanks for keepingus updated on the issues related to this man. Your site keeps me informed. I plan to listen to your radio show tonight. Thanks! Oh and a funny aside, they were talking about voting and Obama at children's Church and my 3 year old yelled, "Vote for Mccain". I tried to explain to him that Obama won and he won't let it go. (:

Conservative Black Woman said...

Hi Meredith~That's pretty funny. Smart kid you have there. Actually the show with Zo is tomorrow at 9:oopm EST. Thanks

slag said...

Politico's debunked this idiocy multiple times: I know it's hard for you conservatives to understand this, but the fact that you don't like somebody doesn't necessarily make them unAmerican.

Oh...and you should look into the quotes compiled in that video of yours. Some of them are rather truncated. Makes you wonder why.

Conservative Black Woman said...

Slag~Apparently someone should tell the Barry's contributing law firm that Politico debunked this --NOT!!!. Seems to me they are going through alot of trouble for a "rumor". Tell me this Slag, why hasn't Barry produced a valid certified copy of his Birth Certificate? -- uhhh, because he can't.

I never said Obama was unAmerican I am saying he is a naturalized citizen that doesn't make him any less american than you or I it just makes him ineligible according to the US constitution to be president. But no worries the constitution will be changed for our new President Elect.

I don't give a flying fig if the video is truncated the message is clear the Barack Obama is a consummate politician, I would say a superlative politician as he will say whatever he has to say to win -- which is why he WON.

Lastly, Mr. Slag just because you don't like the facts doesn't change them. That's the lesson that you liberals will learn the hard way I'm afraid.

Meredith said...

re: "Actually the show with Zo is tomorrow at 9:oopm EST. Thanks"

CBW: Thank You! I just figured that out. (; I'm so busy running around trying to hire some new employees.

re: "...look into the quotes compiled in that video of yours. Some of them are rather truncated." There are and were lots of *truncated* McCain and Palin quotes used during the campaign. The fact is Obama is wishy washy on many issues.

Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

12 03 08

If he was born in America ain't he a citizen? I don't understand any of this ridiculousness.

Conservative Black Woman said...

Mahndisa~Its first of all questionable that he was born in the US, but even if he was (which should be easy enough to prove with a VALID BIRTH CERTIFICATE)when he move to Indonesia as a child he had to relinquish his citizenship a)to enroll in school b)Indonesia would not have allowed dual citizenship which means that he would have then become a NATURALIZED CITIZEN and is therefore ineligible for the Presidency as per the US Constitution. But fret not, his legal eagles will take care of that messy little constitutional situation.

Conservative Black Woman said...
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Conservative Black Woman said...

Note to reasonable readers: --Notice that when Obama acolytes or libtards (I concede that there actually is a difference sometimes) do not want to believe something they claim that it has been debunked (and generally it hasn't as is the case here) or if an issue goes beyond the scope of their intellectual capacity it then becomes ridiculous.

Paul said...

The state of Hawaii, and have both verified his Birth Cert. is valid. Now please apologize and stop watching sean hannity so much.

Conservative Black Woman said...

Actually NOT Paul-- Hawaii verified that they have his birth certificate but does not say that he was born in (ROFL). But frankly it's a moot point now anyway. The truth will come out someday. So no apology here kind sir. Perhaps you should start watching Sean and learn something.