Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Black Sphere on The Bush Legacy II

My compatriot Kevin Jackson at the Black Sphere posted an amazing article on his blog today. I mentioned to a friend just yesterday that I thought that perhaps Bush was not given his just desserts for his work in Africa and that I was going to start compiling research in this area because she insisted that I give her proof positive that this assertion is factual. But Kevin has done the hard work for me and I squealed in delight this morning as I read this you will find my commentary written in Scarlet:

"The mainstream media will never tell you this, and I was shocked to hear Fox News today make a short reference to what you are about to read.

So I am asked often by Liberals, "What good has George Bush accomplished? I began this series with the blog
Terrorism…Post Election, regarding the fact that since 9/11 there have been no terrorist attacks on American soil. The second part of a multi-part series, i.e. this blog will tell you yet another thing that Bush has done right, with focus on Bush's policies for Africa.

You see, many people are quick to say that the US shouldn't be fighting wars in Afghanistan or Iraq. They are obvious mediabots, spewing nothing but 'talking points'. Because when pressed, all they say is we are spending $10B a month in Iraq, blah blah blah, droning on like Stepford Wives. Forget the fact that the war received bi-partisan support, and was not just George W Bush's Excellent Adventure. I chalk this up to a combination of Liberal ignorance, combined with heavy media hypnosis. But what interests me more is the Black perspective on this.
Blacks are much more interested in domestic affairs for the most part, as opposed to Jews for example who base many of their decisions on how Israel will be treated. But today Blacks act as if they have suddenly become experts in world affairs, yet there is little to no discussion of Africa…the Motherland? Perhaps like Obama, Blacks have thrown Africa under the bus? (Please Kevin Don't Hurt

Because if Blacks and other Liberals did look at Bush's policies in Africa, one major policy initiative being PEPFAR, "The President's Emergency Plan For Aids Relief", they could come to but one conclusion. Bush has done more for Africa, than any other US president in history.

Conversely, Clinton, the real first Black president had one of the worst policies in Africa. He actually made Jesse Jackson ambassador to Africa, which was a dismal failure. Recall this assignment was given to Jackson during "The Blue Dress" incident, so Slick was a bit distracted. The 300,000 African deaths for which the Clinton/Jackson team was responsible rates pretty low, when you are dealing the larger issue of "getting rid of a protein-stained dress?" Needless to say, Blacks love of Clinton and disdain for Bush definitely qualifies for a submission to Bizarro World. (CBW, co-signs that)

The media is quick to showcase Darfur, Zimbabwe, the Sudan, or Somalia, when mentioning the Bush administration. In other words, pick your African country failure, then blame Bush, as if he himself is there creating civil wars or captaining Somali hijackers' vessels. But like most Liberals, even when it's proven that a Conservative has done the right thing, they can't give credit without an 'escape clause'. (That's because Liberals are emotionally disturbed)

Said Melvin Foote, president and CEO of Constituency for Africa, a coalition of groups that work to improve conditions on the continent:

"The Bush administration has broadened and deepened U.S. policy towards Africa...I don't know if it got involved for all the right reasons, but once it got involved it realized this was a good thing to do."

What Foote is referring to is the Bush administration's efforts to stabilize Africa's fledgling democracies and combat its daunting health problems, specifically HIV/AIDS and malaria. Since 2003, the Bush administration has provided funding to increase the number of Africans receiving anti-retroviral drugs from 50,000 to 1.4 million, according to Jendayi Frazer, the assistant secretary of the Bureau of African Affairs. The actual number now exceeds 2M. (Kudos W.)

And for you pro-life Conservatives that felt as though Bush has done nothing for the cause, here's a morsel for you:

"It's probably true that the Bush administration has directed more resources to the African AIDS problem than did the Clinton administration," said Nicole Lee in a grudging offer of support. But Bush's African AIDS program has been "a double-edge sword," said Lee, executive director of TransAfrica Forum, a Washington-based advocacy organization for Caribbean and African policy. It has been undermined, she said, by the "Gag Rule," a Bush administration policy that forbids foreign non-governmental organizations from receiving U.S financial support if they offer abortion or abortion counseling."

What Ms. Lee is saying is that Bush tied strings to this money. The strings were that the US would not fund the programs, if the funding was used to promote abortion throughout the world. Yes, Conservatives, abortion is not just a US issue. You should note that one of Obama's first acts as president will be to rescind this order.

The other thing you should note about Ms. Lee's comment is how she casually mentions that Bush spent more money than Clinton in Africa. It was not that Bush just outspent Clinton, but that Bush's policies were effective in Africa, and not just a needed bombing an African aspirin factory.

So how has The Bush Doctrine that has been so disparaged by the mainstream media benefitted Africa? Let's look at the statistics.

In 1989, there were only three countries in sub-Saharan Africa that were considered democracies by the international measures of democracy: Botswana, Mauritius, and Senegal. Today there are over twenty. These are measured by Freedom House and several other independent groups.

Ask any Liberal knowledgeable about this topic [if you can even find one], and they will quietly admit that Bush's Africa policies are an overwhelming success. Why doesn't the media report this?

The media can't have African-Americans rallying behind Bush or the Republican party in any way. So just like the Liberals have swept the racist policies of Democrats under the rug, and they are doing the same with the phenomenal work done by the Bush administration in Africa. Keep those "slaves" stupid and hungry. (Boy, you are preaching now!!!)

Most of the world has done nothing but take from Africa, a continent teeming in natural resources. However unlike most of the world, the US, specifically George Bush has shown his compassion for helping Africa, taking nothing. The Liberal hypocrites in America with all their causes, just aren't that interested in telling the truth about the Bush policies in Africa. There's just not enough money in it."(Source)
(Kevin & I are screaming throughout the blogsphere-- WAKE UP PEOPLE)

Kevin doesn't have any cut cards he just gives you the unadulterated truth straight up without any chasers and I so appreciated this sort of direct, honest, thoughtful commentary and analysis in this time because you surely can't find it in MSM.


uglyblackjohn said...

Powell and Rice
Bush seems more interested in class than race so I can't fault him here.

Africa - Yeah, I read a few months ago how Bush seemed to be doing more on the continent. Bush seems to have learned the limits of America's military stregnth (IMO- The Iraq invasion seems like Bush was trying to get a two-for-one deal). Solving the problems in Ethiopia, Sudan and Somalia were beyond his reach.
All Presidents seek what is best for the country, they just have different ideas on how to get there.
A large part of Bush's failure was in his lack of credibility. It's easy to see Bush as mendacious - not really lying but not telling the whole truth. Policy and external forces should be dealt with. But his major flaw was that he was a poor actor.

Conservative Black Woman said...

UBJ~I blame the MSM and Mediabots for perpetuating "Bush Hate". I am amazed at how vehemently Bush is loathed.

I think it shameful that funding in Africa and the Bush Doctrine have not been reported in MSM. I actually knew about the strings attached to funding if abortion or abortion counseling were offered but I had no idea about how the Bush Doctrine helped expand the number of Democracies on the continent.

Meredith said...

RE CBW's Comment " I am amazed at how vehemently Bush is loathed." Me too. I just don't understand why there is so much hate directed at one man by so many people. And, in the face of some of his positive social policies-like the partial birth abt ban, his work in Africa, and other positive Chrisitan values he exudes, it seems more like an attack on Christianity or an attack on a positive person.

Thanks for doing the research for me, CBW. I will re-read again and again the points in th "The Black Sphere on the Bush Legacy II" and use the info to do more research so that I can politely combat the anti-Bush sentiment I always seem to hear from others.

JudyBright said...

Here's a post from my blog that's related to this topic. It's short enough (I think) that I'm just going to paste it here instead of making you go to my useless blog.

Who was divisive again?

This is just a get it off my chest kind of thing. If you see it differently, then join the 99.9% of your American and world brethren.

One of the main criticisms of President Bush is that he is divisive. He is responsible for the deep divisions and tone of political discourse in the country. Blah Blah Blah.

You may be shocked, but I beg to differ. Here's how I remember it.

1. By no fault of his own, President Bush won the 2000 election while losing the popular vote.

2. It was actually Gore who tried to steal the election by going to court to get selective recounts done in Florida. The U.S. Supreme Court simply stopped the nonsense. "Selected Not Elected" and "Not My President" are heard for the next four years.

3. President Bush immediately reached across the aisle and partnered with Democrats to pass the No Child Left Behind Act, largely written by Ted Kennedy. But Bush is blamed throughout his presidency for this horrible law and Kennedy is not held accountable at all. Plus the law actually has improved education. But don't tell anyone.

4. 9/11/2001 Liberals almost immediately blame U.S. foreign policy for the attacks. Peter Jennings cited this the very day of the attacks.

5. Bush mishandled many things about the Iraq war. Granted. But he did not go into war lightly, and always appreciated the gravity of sending young men and women into harms way. I saw him fighting back tears many times talking about our military. He made surprise visits to Iraq and visited them in hospitals with little fanfare. The divisive ones are the ones who claimed he lied to go to war and that he murdered all the military who have died. Despicable.

6. Presdent Bush is blamed for everything from someone's cat dying to Global Warming and Hurricane Katrina. Not the government handling of Katrina, but the hurricane itself. Not bad for someone who's supposedly the stupidest man to ever hold the office.

7. Dick Cheney/ Halliburton being basically portrayed as Satan. Where did that come from exactly?

8. Now Bush is being blamed for the current economic situation purely for political gain, no factual basis whatsoever.

If standing your ground and not giving in to Democrats and foreign leaders at every turn is divisive, then so be it. Hail the great Divider! WOO.

P.S. I think he also appointed many women and racial minorities to high level cabinet and other government posts, but he hates minorities, right?

Conservative Black Woman said...

JudyBright~LOL "Hail to the Great Divider" Woot Woot.... I couldn't agree more!!!

Let's hope Barry will be so divisive....

RightKlik said...

Liberals and the MSM aren't going to give Bush credit for anything good. Ever. No exceptions.

maidintheus said...

There's so much that could be said...but only if one is willing to look at all the facts. Thank you for endeavoring to do so.

Keeping in mind that humans do ere while also doing some things correct, it's totally suspect if anyone is promoted as all bad or all good. The same with the political parties. To refuse giving credit to the Republican Party (down through history to present) where credit is due, is another version of cutting ones nose off to spite the face.

It's like saying results don't count. The end results grow worse and worse for the very people who purport that 'their people' should vote (only)for the left. Most refuse to look at the facts for themselves. The few that do, often do so in order to undermine the truth.

For our own good we should be aware of the correct actions and results while we point out those we disagree with, thereby putting pressure on our elected to do what's right. There are those who refuse to do this, which makes them appear to intentionally not want what is best for people.

Also, it's a shame that people don't seem to understand that this country is a Republic (for which we stand) while having a Democratic nature. This has been so misconstrued in that we now think that if the majority (popular "vote") demands something, it's the way it should be. Any "good" law could be thrown out in a Democracy, and the majority could even vote for slavery. We are (supposed) to be a country that respects the 'rule of law' regardless of 'popular' and changeable sentiment.

We (the people) have sat this out (afraid to take a stand against the accusers) and we've lost much in the way of knowledge. This has eroded our freedoms.

Constructive Feedback said...

I write this blog with the assumption that all of you are speaking from a "Black perspective" upon Bush and the state of Black America.

With this in mind - I think that it is a tactical mistake to start with the question of "Bush" and then attempt to work inward into the Black community. Let's just be honest - the POPULAR sentiment within Black America will NEVER, NEVER, NEVER allow the masses to give anyone who is not a Democrat a fair shake. Even if the person has been a fair dealer - the operatives are going to spin it otherwise.

Thus I argue that we must start from the inside and then work out. Furthermore after listening for years to Black folks of all stripes I believe that we can all agree that the following elements are our primary objectives out of life and politics:

* Safe Streets
* Quality Education
* Economic Development
* Healthy Lifestyles

With this as a foundational reference - I think that we can get away from the "subjective ideological pissing contest" and into more substantive discussions by using this as a framework. Furthermore it is important to distinguish between the Federal role and the state/municipal role in governance and how it impacts our community.

In the various Black progressive blogs that broach the subject on Bush's track record, for example, Hurricane Katrina is by far the most popular entry over which they attack Bush over. This claim can easily be removed from the list when we place New Orleans in to its proper context. They need everyone to believe that "5 days of a Federal response" made the difference between a "saved New Orleans" and a city in ruins. This is pure foolishness.

Instead after walking through the Lower 9th War with my GPS in hand to notate the elevation and thus seeing that the place is on average 25' below sea level and then driving to an evacuee center a few months ago to talk to those who escaped Hurricane Gustov - it is clear that New Orleans is a perfect example of the deadly effects of poor FLOOD ZONE zoning policies. These poor and vulnerable people should have never been allowed to live in such a danger zone.

The "Bush Attackers" are never going to make note of this as they are not interested in protecting these mostly Black people from harm. These people are but pawns.

Black folks are more interested in talking about 'National Republicans' than about the local people of their own choosing who are in power yet failing them.

At the same time there is no need for Black Conservatives to be defensive. Bush screwed up in some key areas - just as any other president. For me - I only ask that if we are to have an open discussion - let us talk about all of the influences on our community.

I can't help but to notice that some of the best "national economic policy experts" sitting in the barber chair next to me can't seem to detail an economic plan that works to revive the local economy before he seeks to go national with his expertise.

Anonymous said...

The American people should know that George W. Bush is not only a war criminal: he is also a hate-crime criminal.

George W. Bush had better stop committing hate crimes.

“Sean Penn accuses Bush of ‘criminal negligence’” (Retrieved December 11, 2008, from Thus, Sean Penn believes that George W. Bush was at fault, criminally, relative to his response to Hurricane Katrina.

“Had the residents of New Orleans been white Republicans in a state that mattered politically, instead of poor blacks in city that didn’t, Bush’s response surely would have been different” (Retrieved December 7, 2008, from

Assuming that George W. Bush had in fact been criminally negligent relative to his response to Hurricane Katrina, would Bush be responsible for hate crime?

“A woman in Texas who filed a lawsuit against the president for rape and torture[,] [Margie Schoedinger,] was found shot to death. It was ruled a suicide. No one is investigating. Bush reportedly dated the woman in high school and speculation is that he was using the woman as his sex slave because he is above the law” (Retrieved December 10, 2008, from

Do George W. Bush’s rape and torture and murder ( of Margie Schoedinger constitute hate crimes?

“I believe that George W. Bush hates black people. Through secret government machinations, he caused Hurricane Katrina to form and aimed it at New Orleans on purpose, just so he could wipe out lots of poor blacks. I also believe that before the hurricane hit, he snuck into New Orleans and stole the keys to every school bus in the city to make evacuation of poor people impossible” (Retrieved November 26, 2008, from,15202,94064,00.html).

If George W. Bush intentionally did what Janet M. Stroble indicated, would Bush have committed hate crimes against countless black people?

“Did Kanye West[’]s [comment], [‘]George Bush Hates Black People[’][,] get his mother killed?” (Retrieved October 18, 2008, from

If George W. Bush did murder Kanye West’s mother, would it constitute a hate crime?

“George W. Bush murdered the Jewish former Senator—Paul Wellstone” (Retrieved December 10, 2008, from This Internet site has a lot of information indicating that George W. Bush murdered Wellstone.

“Bush’s visit to Israel is under the guise of Middle East peace. You gotta be kidding me! Bush is THE MASTER ARCHITECT of Middle East war, not peace. . . . Bush didn’t go to Israel because he likes Israelis or like Jews, nope, he went there because he hates them. He went there to spread his message of doom, war, pain and death” (Retrieved November 23, 2008, from

Assuming that George W. Bush did in fact murder the Jewish former Senator—Paul Wellstone, would Bush have committed a hate crime? Bush would have “purposefully” (criminal-law terminology) murdered Wellstone. Wellstone’s Jewish wife and Jewish daughter also died in the plane crash. Bush would have “knowingly” (criminal-law terminology) murdered Wellstone’s wife and daughter. However, would Bush’s murders of Wellstone’s Jewish wife and Jewish daughter also have constituted hate crimes?

Submitted by Andrew Yu-Jen Wang
B.S., Summa Cum Laude, 1996
Messiah College, Grantham, PA
Lower Merion High School, Ardmore, PA, 1993

JudyBright said...

“I believe that George W. Bush hates black people. Through secret government machinations, he caused Hurricane Katrina to form and aimed it at New Orleans on purpose, just so he could wipe out lots of poor blacks. I also believe that before the hurricane hit, he snuck into New Orleans and stole the keys to every school bus in the city to make evacuation of poor people impossible” (Retrieved November 26, 2008, from,15202,94064,00.html).

Seeee, I tooold you they actually accuse Bush of causing hurricane Katrina. LOL bwahahahahaha You're joking, right?

I'm sure the black democrat mayor of New Orleans is totally innocent of everything, as is the white female democrat governor of Louisiana that was in office at the time.

You probably think the Christians actually burned Rome, just like Nero said.