Sunday, November 23, 2008

The BQPFRC...... aka Race Hustlers/Pimps

I have discovered a kindred spirit in the person of Constructive Feedback (CF). He frequently leaves comments on Cobb's blog and writes a few of his own which can be found on my blogroll;however, he has coined the term "Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser" -- how brilliant is that!!?? It's self-explanatory and so much more erudite than the term "race hustler/pimps". So now that I have given Constuctive Feedback credit for the invention of this terminology I'm boosting adopting it too. Here is the link to CF's post about the characteristics fo the BQSPFRC.

Actually, CF contacted me with a better link and after reading it I've decided to post it here. So here is BQPFRC defined:

"Black - They are indeed "Black". "Black conscious"? Not sure.

Quasi-Socialist - government based "sharing plans" where the masses can VOTE their way into another man's wallet. "Private Property" as a limit upon government confiscation? Forget about it!!! Society must PROVE to them that IT considers them EQUAL. Nothing is asked of them to SHOW their EQUALITY.

Progressive-Fundamentalist - REGARDLESS of how much failure and destruction of human capital and potential this ideology has in its wake - if those who notice the failure don't offer PROGRESSIVE ALTERNATIVES to CONVINCE THE AGRIEVED PEOPLE that they must change before things will improve.....they are just wasting their breath. The people value GOOD INTENTIONS over GOOD RESULTS.

RACISM-CHASER - This was added after the other words were assembled because it brings all of the rest of them together. You see Dougie - If you were an operative who is steadily achieving POWER (and they readily tell you about their POWER as compared to competing ideologies) BUT they don't want to be HELD ACCOUNTABLE for the

* Failed Schools
* Lack of Public Safety
* Anemic Local Economy that "being left behind" renders them with
* Center for Disease Control "Hot Spots" with respect to HEALTH CRISISES that their prevailing social mores of "NON-JUDGEMENTALISM" leave in their wake

What would YOU DO Dougie as a means of keeping the aggrieved people from BLAMING YOU who is in POWER?

What you do Dougie is take the stage at your press conference and shift the blame for the conditions in the 4 corners of your district and you PLACE IT UPON THE GREATER SOCIETY!!!

You make the case that YOUR FAILURES are actually a failure of AMERICA! You ask the people who you have FAILED to join with you and FIGHT A LARGER STRUGGLE. You ask them to BOIL THE OCEAN. Once this GREATER GOAL IS RECOGNIZED, Dougie.....the benefit will RAIN DOWN upon the unwashed masses!!

Do you see how the last component is key? THE EXTERNAL CHASE if what keeps Black folks UNIFIED and not asking questions.

Where as a state lottery has 2 pay out modes Dougie - either you get ALL OF YOU MONEY UP FRONT with taxes and the time value of money taken out OR you get you money in incremental payments over a long period of time.

The BQPFRC flips this on its head.
He does not offer INCREMENTAL EVIDENCE that in the attrition of each seat that he acquires the COMMUNITY HAS INCREMENTALLY BENEFITED.

Also the "Cash Option" in his system is not ALL OF THE MONEY UP FRONT IN ONE PAY OFF. Instead he plays a CONFIDENCE GAME. He sells you on receiving ALL OF THE BENEFIT AT THE END OF THE CYCLE in which you have not criticized him during your UNITY and upon having the OCEAN BOILED you are going to receive the BIG PAY BACK - interest and everything.

Please understand Dougie I think differently. I look at the "incremental payouts" where he has taken over Philly, Newark, Camden, Baltimore, Atlanta, Birmingham, St Louis, East St Louis, Detroit, and Cleveland and then I INTERPOLATE that IF he has eroded the key institutions in these cities then it is TOO BIG A LOGICAL LEAP for me to expect that upon NATIONAL ASCENSION - he is going to pave the streets with gold.

I hope you understand the POWER of the label BQPFRC.

Don't say you weren't warned."


The Black Sphere said...

Robin, that is a mouthful! I'm such a simpleton, that I may have to stick with "pimp". Nice catch, nonetheless. Thanks for the earlier visit. I will have you quoting me soon!

Conservative Black Woman said...

Are you kidding me Kevin, I'm still laughing at your dirty joke about your dog licking his butt to get the taste of you know who's book out of his mouth. I've been quoting least stealing your joke.

Constructive Feedback said...

You are making me blush girl!

Don't use that link to define the BQPFRC.

Here is a better one which defines the term:

I chose to create the label because the words "Black Liberal" or "Black Progressive" failed to functionally define the people who are so labeled. Thus the term BQPFRC is a self explanatory phrase.

Believe it or not it does not need to be a term of slander. If a person who is such were to break down each of these elements into their component parts he would see that indeed THIS IS WHAT HE IS!!!

They shouldn't take offense when someone calls them what they are.

Conservative Black Woman said...

CF!!!!! You blog (s) is/are riveting. I have been reading you all day. Thanks for the link I will correct it.

uglyblackjohn said...

Cobb, cnulan, CF and others ARE pretty smart. (Check them out at Subrealism)
The thing is - they all want the same thing but have different ideas as to how to go about getting there.

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]Cobb, cnulan, CF and others ARE pretty smart. (Check them out at Subrealism)
The thing is - they all want the same thing but have different ideas as to how to go about getting there.[/quote]

Ugly Black John: (What a name!!)

Though cnulan and I fight all of the time it does not take away from my assumption that he is a good brother. His only "crime" - from my ideological perspective - is that he, like other progressives want to be treated to all of the glory for TRYING to address the problems that plague Black people but in the same breath they are averse to accepting the ACCOUNTABILITY for having dominant control of the Black mind share and political loyalties while the problems persist.

My central argument - if you can get past the daily sniping at my friendly-adversaries is the call for an OBJECTIVE AND INDEPENDENT framework of scrutiny for any group/ideology/movement that purports to be the pathway out of the mental ghetto and its associated misery for our people.

If people believe that they, per the number of people following them represent the best for Black people - what is the harm in INSPECTING THESE CLAIMS to bear them out?

Instead they, like any other totalitarian group chooses to ROLL OVER THEIR ADVERSARIES. What is the crime of their adversaries? Daring to ASK QUESTIONS of them!!

Constructive Feedback said...

Conservative Black Woman:

Do you think the term "BQPFRC" deserves an entry onto Wikipedia?

I think that if those of us who are inclined to challenge the Black establishment and seek for it to CHANGE so that it can actually work for us rather than the Democrats need to come up with the language that can show Black people who are "sick and tired of being sick and tired" that there is an alternative way.

I don't want Blacks to become "conservative". I want Black people to focus on the GOALS and to hire and fire the METHODOLOGY that takes us there based on the effectiveness there in.

As I look at the Progressive - they are excellent at crafting a NARRATIVE. Even if it is one big lie - their efforts are excellent at attracting public opinion.

Today they are now THE ESTABLISHMENT within the Black community. It is time to make use of the natural "fight the power" spirit within Black people to put them upon the hot seat to deliver.

Conservative Black Woman said...

UBJ~I am aware of Cnulan,&Uptownsteve (I think that's his name) and spend waayyy too much time reading the banter between those two and Cobb and CF, as well as maidintheus -- It takes me so long to read it because I have to keep the online dictionary up and repeat the sentences. Such a pithy group of lads and a lass they are! But Cnulan and Uptown Steve are on at the opposite end of the ideological spectrum than I and what I read of them on Cobb is about all I can bear.

CF~Yes I do think that your term BQPFRC deserves a wikipedia entry because as you said it's not necessarily an insulting term (like race pimp) it's just an accurate definition. Someone one has to free the capture minds of the masses from the BQPFRC. One who ventures outside of that paradigm is deemed an enemy. It's remarkable really.

I am so afraid for my daughter as she is applying to Spelman and on election night I saw all of the
Spelman women cheering for Barack Obama and I had to question how is it that a room full of Black Women are in complete agreement about one person. I thought there should have been at least one dissenter represented. My point is that I don't want my kid to be inducted into that political mindset and I'm afraid if she is a part a the black thinktank that is Spelman that she will not be allowed to "think" because thoughts that are not of the BQFPRC paradigm are not allowed. I'm not sure how we can change this because it's entrenched in the minds of the masses.

maidintheus said...

There will be those who take offense at "accurate." It doesn't make "accurate" less so, regardless of the eloquence of the argument. 'Nuff said'.

I'm going to call 'uglyjohn' on his slander. Those he mentions do not desire the same thing, at all. One wants freedom and success, the other will have no mercy in it's failure. Uglyjohn is just providing a link to the careless and crazy, where copy and paste is provided with all the hateful rhetoric, underlines the subversion. As to the hate link, I beg it be deleted. CN in his own words is honoring only a god of failure and deceit.

CF, yes the term deserves an entry with a footnote: If the shoe fits, ware it.

Thank you to all who are brave enough to be 'good men/women who do/say something.

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]I am so afraid for my daughter as she is applying to Spelman and on election night I saw all of the
Spelman women cheering for Barack Obama and I had to question how is it that a room full of Black Women are in complete agreement about one person.[/quote]


As "conscientious objectors" we must pace ourselves. To attempt to throw cold water on a historical event that they are living through only builds resentment.

It is clear to me that the major task at hand is to consistently articular the GOALS of the Black community and to use this as a measuring stick against these people who are so inclined to be excited as such.

* Safe Streets
* Quality Schools
* Local Economic Development
* Healthy Lifestyles

CBW - at a time when the favored ideology runs our community in its greatest historical portions - every last one of these "permanent interests" remain below the expectations of the masses.

Keep in mind though - upon hearing this they will say "More work is to be done....VIA the ideological/political framework" that they favor. The appropriate come back is to remind them that they chased off previous ideologies that FAILED them yet today they reward failure with greater power.

It is also important that we bring voice to the people who are VICTIMS yet who are ignored by their movement because in bringing protest they would be forced to protest against THEIR OWN. This would be the Black Victims of crimes within our community. This would be the victims who's killers remain free due to Stop Snitching enforcement - which is a Civil Rights Violation if there ever was one.

How would they attack you? By saying that we are seeking justice for Black people just as a publicity stunt?

They share the same BONDAGE that prevented previous White racists from objecting to that which was being done while their particular forces were in power against Blacks. Anyone who dared to bring voice to the injustice and thus disrupt the rosy world view of their power arrangement was a threat to the order that they favored. Today is no different. The Black community is made to suffer while the grand order that they seek comes to be.

We are going to die as a people after being lead down a path where we are always just short of attainment yet in need of continued UNITY and SUPPORT until we have that which we are chasing IN HAND.

They have a CHASE modality. Its close cousin is totalitarianism.