Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Some Negroes Have Lost Their Dang Minds

I just viewed this video on youtube and it's worst than I thought!!! Yeah, I've been saying that some folks think Barack is their Messiah but listen to these thesbians and musical artist describe this man.....God Help Us!!! Black pastors ya'll have work to do because your sheep are dumb they think Barack Obama can "revive their souls"--- uhhhh!!!???!!!

Check out this collaborative in lunacy (the song is a bit mesmerizing)

Obama's and the followers of his cult of personality believe the following as per the above referenced collaborative in lunacy:

OBAMA, OBAMA, OBAMA..... (sounds like praise and worship to me)

Barack Obama will give us a cleaner earth
Barack Obama will give us a better future
Barack Obama will give us a world without fear
Barack Obama will be OUR President not the president of Lobbyist (Yeah Carrie Washington said that -- I have but one word.... BAMBOOZLED)
Barack Obama will be revival for some peoples souls (Tichina Arnold had that revelation - Arnold/Washington = Dumb/Dumber)

I am so disappointed with our collective retardation. We will fall for absolutely anything! Tragic..... this won't end well.

Oh yeah, check out these poor young lads who lacked inspiration until Barack Obama (their parents need to be b*tch slapped for allowing their kids to be uninspired in 2008) what does that tell you about the pathology that is ours Black America?

So Barack Obama is the Alpha and Omega? The Beginning and the End? Do you see a problem-- not even with the politics (hey if you think he is the best man for the job, cool) but with the lack of basic rudimentary K-3 sunday school theology?


Zabeth said...

I couldn't watch either video the whole way through without feeling ill or terribly sorry for how easily our people can be bamboozeled (sp). It's true what they say, if you stand for nothing you will fall for everything.

JMK said...

A part of the problem is that we've allowed an extremely Left-wing mainstream media (MSM) to define our terms for us.

John McCain, who opposed the Bush across-the-board tax cuts (which increased revenues and halved the deficit in three years) and embraced (along with Bush) the Kempian "Ownership Society" - which led many Republicans to wink at or look the other way at the abuses at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which has now exploded, while also jointly supporting yet another amnesty ("Shamnesty") Bill on illegal immigration, has been falsely portrayed as "a Conservative" and a "Free Marketeer," when he is clearly NEITHER.

It has allowed the MSM to blame the current credit crisis on "the free market," despite the fact that we haven't had a "free market" in America since around 1912.

And, ironically enough, both Bush and McCain are reported to be to blame for the government's role in all this, DESPITE the fact that they both supported Bills that would've reined in both Fannie and Freddie with stricter oversight.

This is the disaster of the post-Gingrich GOP. Once Gingrich left the helm, the GOP descended into just another bunch of pigs at the trough.

Is there a "silver lining" anywhere in sight?

Maybe, but not without a lot of rain/economic PAIN first.

I've long worried that a McCain win would only serve to allow the MSM to spread the blame for the coming economic calamities, even though MOST, if not ALL, will spring from Congress, which controls the government's wallet.

I don't think that's a worry any more!

McCain's campaign has been so inept and incompetent that Sarah Palin, a relative novice to national politics, makes him look amatuerish by comparison....OK, Biden looks amatuerish by comparison too, but he's the "nutty uncle" in Obama's attic at this point.

Should Obama win (and that looks like a certainty at this point) the Dems will have complete control and complete BLAME for whatever happens over the next few sure-to-be-ugly years!

Who knows?

If the economy really tanks, maybe Obama will become another Jimmy Carter and Liberalism/progressivism will be made a "dirty words" for yet another generation of Americans!

Still, THIS is gonna hurt...and it's gonna hurt working and middleclass Americans the most.

Conservatives have abandoned sound Conservative/free market principles and now a heavy price must be paid.

Brother OMi said...

someone need to make those boys do more running instead of stomping and yelling.