Friday, October 3, 2008

Sarah, Sarah, Sarah.....

I have to watch last night's debate again on TiVo to get a better grasp on my gut feeling here, but I have to say that I was disappointed that Joe Biden did as well as he did and disappointed because Sarah Palin did not live up to my expectations. Prior to the debate I felt that the media had treated her unfairly (well, I still feel that way) but I wanted her to prove them wrong last night. I wanted her to shine intellectually but she came off as a hokey, folksy, PTA/Hockeymom. Not that I'm against middleclass soccer moms but I thought that the media and dems were underestimating her "brainpower" but now I'm not so sure...(that's was painful to write--ouch!!!. She seemed to me overcoached, her that whole "folksy" demeanor just pisses me off (ya'll know I'm uppity!!!). She kept moving the debate back to her "sweet spots" rather than dealing with the question put before her and that was a mistake at this stage of the game. Well, Tina Fey will have alot to work with tomorrow night.

But that being said Joe Biden told mad lies last night regarding the relative costs of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. He falsely stated that we spend more in 3 weeks in Iraq than we have invested during the duration of the Afghan war-- Wrong! I will not bore you with statistics because honestly we have spent too much but you can get the real figures here....


Beyond The Political Spectrum said...

Your timing is impeccable; I just posted my own commentary about Palin on my own blog. While I'm not an adherence to any particular ideological bent, I did find that her obvious practice and coaching paid off, if only in canned slogans and well-used party one-liners.

Anonymous said...

This is hillarious.

Could you give us an example of this supposed media bias?

Palin painted herself in a corner with her 'folky' non-substance attack-dog VP acceptance speech.

The reason that the media started scrubbing her life is that she attacked a sitting U.S. Senator with falsehoods while being the governor of less than a million persons.

Now this thin-skinned woman whines to Fox that Katie Couric was 'annoying'.

If she thinks that answering a reporter's questions is bothersome I wonder what she will say when she has to deal with Congress, Chavez or Putin on a daily basis.


Zabeth said...


The media is biased to the left. That has been well researched and documented to the point that it is even accepted by other liberals! The media is blatantly and unapologetically pulling for Obama-hence why I don't put stock in anything I read or see on TV. If you can't see that than you are living in denial or under a rock.

Have you watched Olbermann, or Meadow on MSNBC? Don't tell me those people aren't biased! They've spent two whole days talking about what Palin did wrong all the while ignoring Biden's mistakes and outright untruths. Are they news reporters, pundits, or politicians?

IMO, I think Palin did well. No one expected her to win up against a 30 year veteran! I'm sure many people who are "folksy" and who don't live on one of the coasts could relate to her. The problem is people underestimated her. They set the bar for her so low that when she even answers just one question deftly, people are taken aback; some were even impressed. I said that going into the debate. Don't underestimate her, don't write her off.

Though I am a McCain supporter and will vote for him, I almost think it would be better for Obama to win ( I hated writing that). If McCain were to win you know the left would cry foul and we'd have 4 more years of anger, resentment, hatred, blame games, and getting nothing done.

Conservative Black Woman said...

Anonymous aka Roderick~ I officially retire from tooting the Palin trumpet until she starts to communicate like something other than a "hockeymom". But the media has a clear left-wing liberal bias. Check out my post "Why didn't I see this on CNN, MSNBC...

Roderick said...

Zabeth: The media is biased to the left. That has been well researched and documented to the point that it is even accepted by other liberals! The media is blatantly and unapologetically pulling for Obama-hence why I don't put stock in anything I read or see on TV. If you can't see that than you are living in denial or under a rock.

Roderick: Still no examples. Let me ask you something. How do you define bias?

Are you saying that the media is biased because of the types of stories it covers or when it does cover a story that they represent the subject dishonestly?

Even if most journalists claim to vote Democratic you still haven't given me any proof except your opinion.

Zabeth: Have you watched Olbermann, or Maddow on MSNBC?

Roderick: They are commentators or Op-ed reporters who don't claim to be 'fair and balanced' unlike a certain network which obviously has a right wing bias.

You may not like Olbermann or Maddow but you can’t ever say that they don't back up their opinions with facts unlike Faux News which changes quotes and interrupts guests who are trying to express an opposing point of view.

As for CNN they added that blockhead blowhard Glenn Beck almost two years ago to attract Fox viewers to compete with Fox News but I guess that hasn’t convinced some that

Conservative Black Woman said...

Ok,Roderick, if these hyperlinks don't provide you with adequate evidence then we will have to agree to disagree but check these out:

Media Admits Bias Toward Obama

More Media Bias

Ok, This is Fox But this guy is from the MEDIA Research Institute

Media is bias because you can only see this clip on YouTube or Fox

Oh Snap Roderick, CNN Admits it!!!

Roderick said...

You're using Glenn Beck and Fox News as your sources?

That tells me a lot about your own biases. LOL

Conservative Black Woman said...

@Roderick~Actually it should tell you more about your own biases (LMBAO) as I presented to you 5 hyperlinks only one of which was Fox (which I acknowledged) so I rest my case. The CNN commentator acknowledged they were unapologetically in the tank for Sen. Obama! But, as I said it's ok that we disagree.

Roderick said...

Should Tom Brokaw moderate the Next Presidential debate? Or, is he a McCain mouthpiece who will attempt to sabotage Obama?

Brokaw allowed McCain adviser to falsely claim McCain "called for the firing of Don Rumsfeld"

Mr. Brokaw said he had also conducted some shuttle diplomacy in recent weeks between NBC and the McCain campaign. His mission, he said, was to assure the candidate’s aides that — despite some negative on-air commentary by Mr. Olbermann in particular — Mr. McCain could still get a fair shake from NBC News. Mr. Brokaw said he had been told by a senior McCain aide, whom he did not name, that the campaign had been reluctant to accept an NBC representative as one of the moderators of the three presidential debates — until his name was invoked.

Zabeth said...

Here's another example. Shelly Mandel, the president of LA's chapter of NOW has endorsed Gov. Palin. Mandel made her declaration in a speech on October 4th, but it was ignored by the mainstream media until the 6th? I'm willing to bet this is the first time you're even hearing about this. Also it is very difficult to find an article on the web from a mainstream media outlet like CNN or Yahoo News about this endorsement. Don't tell me something like that isn't newsworthy.