Saturday, October 11, 2008

Best Post I've Read This Week From TSF Protests!

This blogger @ wrote the following:

"Liberals, White and Black, Are RacistsIs that a radical statement? You bet it is. But it is true. Liberals think the Black community is stupid. Liberals think the Black community is animalistic. Are these radical statements? Listen to the liberal commentators on TV set us up for a racial war if Obama loses. White and black liberal commentators have been saying all hell will break loose if he loses. Apparently, Blacks must have their way or they will riot according to these so called friends.Frankly, I find this notion appalling. But Blacks by and large do vote monolithic. Generally most Blacks, and certainly this election in particular, vote exclusively for the Democrat Party. I find this peculiar, since the Democrats have done everything in their power to keep the Black people in a powerless position. They love to give out freebies at election time, in order to buy votes, but never help their real circumstances. The capitalist economy is what has helped Blacks improve their lot in this life just as it has helped everyone else. But they keep falling for the lies of the same people that think, if they don't get their candidate elected they will act like a bunch of animals. Like they say, with friends like these Democrats, you don't need enemies. American citizens, of any color, are not as stupid as liberals suppose. -They know what Marxism is when they hear it. And they know that most Americans are not Marxist, and thoroughly reject that system of government. Obama is a Marxist to the core. If he loses, it will be because most Americans have caught on to his very specific language that only a Marxist could love. Americans love the word FREEDOM. We don't want to give it up for government imposed new 'rights'. We know the difference between products and rights. We have the right to pursue happiness. That would include, food, shelter, clothing, college tuition, health care. If these are the things that make us happy, then we'll pursue them...we'll get a job and get to work. They are not rights. They are products of happiness to pursue or not. Obama speaks the language of Marxism by promising them to one and all. But the price is too high. We will have freedom taken from us and regret it too late. -Or maybe Americans don't like the fact that Obama loves those that hate America. Like William Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, and Father Michael Pfleger. These people hate the American system and the American people. No one will deny that capitalism has problems. Every system does, because we are all sinners. But these men all think they will bring in a utopia and destroy the mean whites that prevent them. Utopia will come in the resurrection of the dead when Jesus Christ returns and not before. Until then we have to deal with each other as sinners. It would help if these radical types saw themselves as sinners instead of being so far above the rest of us hoi polloi. But they don't, and they have sought the destruction of America, and Obama is in league with them. They are a group of people that also think the average Black person is stupid, so easily duped. Anti-Americans are steeped in class envy and think it normal to manipulate the people. They love pitting groups against each other. Race baiting is ugly, whether it comes from Whites or Blacks. Obama is the only one that kept bringing up race, not John McCain or his campaign.-Or maybe Americans are not that fond of infanticide. Obama has voted for infanticide. What a guy! We are not fond of killing over a million of our citizens a year either. And a disproportionate number of those abortions are Black babies. Are the liberals still trying to create a White race? Looks that way. They put a lot of effort in to getting abortions for lower class Black women. Why Black women fall for this effort at extermination is beyond me. But Obama is all for it. And yet these same Blacks despise the Republicans. But the Republicans don't want to kill them.There is no way racism would be discussed at all with someone of the caliber of Colin Powell or Walter Williams or Robert L. Woodson or a host of other great Black leaders. Because they are respectable Americans citizens. But Obama is a dyed in the wool Marxist. America is not. Only the wealthy, whiney, left is sold to Marxism. Most of America is considered fly over territory to the elitist left. A little dumb, a little stupid. Which would explain all of that Jesus stuff. What else do we have. Oh sure a little Jim Beam, a few extra donuts and GLORY! "Let's mosey on down to Bible Study. And don't forget the shotgun, Ma. We might meet some varmints along the way and git some fixins for Sunday dinner." See we're too poor, dumb and clingy to vote for a black man. If we were smart and godless, naturally we would vote for him. So of course we must be racist for not voting for him.Does anyone really believe this when the obvious is staring us in the face? Liberalism today is racist and Marxist. And so is Obama." (emphasis added by cbw)

My Response: Yes and Amen. We need to wake up.


Angela said...

My brain hurts from trying to explain this sort of stuff to black people. But then I realize, based on the political background of most of our black "leaders" that the tenets of Marxism and socialism has subtly pervaded the black community (esp the church) for YEARS.

Most black people don't even understand Communism, Marxism, Socialism, etc is (not to say that most white people do, but this was a part of the black civil rights movement) for anyone to even expose it--and because it's so deeply entrenched in our community to even know that "everyone should be treated the same" isn't as innocent a statement as you believe.

Conservative Black Woman said...

Angela you are right, I was discussing socialism with a pastor friend of mine this week and he literally told me that socialism is biblical. My head was spinning trying to reconcile that but the only scriptures I could think of to negate that was that the Bible says if you don't work you don't eat and also the parable of the talents. But you are right black churches especially those which espouse liberation theology are steeped in Marxism and the notion that blacks are the oppressed underclass which needs to be liberated. I tell you Satan has been very busy.