Monday, September 29, 2008

Why Would Any Self-Respecting Black Person Vote for the McCain/ Palin Ticket? Here's Why...

Well, I have written about this in some form or another 20 times in this month alone, but I think my friend Zo (well, I don't know him personally but if I did he'd be my friend) articulates this masterfully so please watch. It's a bit lengthy but thoroughly entertaining and provocative(at least listen to the 1st 3 mins):

What? I told you I was his new fangirl!


Bookworm Girl said...

i love this video. he's preaching to us in the choir. noone else will be interested in his message.

Conservative Black Woman said...

I'm actually just planting little seeds in the hope that my family and friends who feel compelled to support my blog (even though they disagree w/ my politic) might start to think differently. But if not at least those of like-mind will catch a giggle from Zo's delivery of the message.

Zabeth said...

I absolutely love how he points out the liberal hypocrisies and double standards. Love it!

Annie said...

Hey, let's start the official Zo fanclub! Ok, ok, you can be the president! LOL Thanks for this one, I will be forwarding it.

marisol cusatti said...

Since when are McCain and Palin christians? Bush and Cheney are not christians.

Why have you Republicans usurped Christianity as if its yours only, then behaving in very unchristian ways?
Just remember, God is watching you.God shall not be mocked.And their nasty behaviour is appalling.I know many of you believe it is ok, because the American public needs to know the truth, by any means necessary.

Those are not christian values.This is why many Black conservative christians who voted for Bush on principles are not voting for Mccain.

Palin promoting the killing of animals is not christian.

Bill Clinton was more of a fiscal conservative than Bush.Why not leave Christianity out of this.

Remember, "My kingdom is not of this world". "Seek the kingdom of God first,...".
Hey, we want to see christian conservative ideas put into practice, not "puro blah, blah blah". Por favor.

Conservative Black Woman said...

@Marisol~You are mistaken if you think that I believe or care whether or not the nominees are Christian. It really isn't my business what their spiritual proclivities are.

What is my concern because I am a christian is where the perspective nominees stand on the issues I am concerned about as a christian. See Christians are called to be Christ's ambassadors on earth not called to be democrats or republicans. So as the salt of the earth I should be concerned about the rights of the unborn, the santity of marriage, I should be more concerned about unborn children than caribou? I should also be concerned about the poor, the homeless, the elderly, people with HIV. The problem is the "right" is focused on certain issues which are important to me and the "left" focuses on the plight of the less fortunate (supposedly) but they don't care about other vital things that are important to me as a Christian. I believe in creation, I believe that life begins at conception. One's faith informs their world view. So if you are a Christian and you don't care Marisol about abortion, and if you don't believe that marriage is a covenant between a man and a woman that's between you and God but don't get angry with me for trying to follow the heart of God.

marisol cusatti said...

Since none of the two political parties represent pure christian values, I will opt for the better candidate.I don't see how Democrats promote or condone abortion anymore than Republicans.The policies of the Republican party are against children, the elderly and poor people.

We need not slice up Christianity to our convenience and be focused only on the unborn while promoting conflict and war and kiilling adults in other parts of the world.I

Jehovah is the God of the six billion people that make up this world, whether they agree to it or not.We must understand that, and not believe that God only love North Americans.

The Republicans have always talked through the side of their mouths-"De la boca por afuera".They are the biggest hypocrites and it is finally coming out.

True christians are pacifists and promote the love that Christ professed. The only truth I find here is that many Liberal Democrats are more christians than Republicans.

Conservative Black Woman said...

Well Marisol I think the only thing that you and I disagree on is which team we are going to play on.

JudyBright said...

I already joined Zo's fan club on Facebook.