Monday, September 22, 2008

"Liberal Democrats are Racist"

I found this clip on Youtube and after some research and in the interest of full disclosure, I regret to inform you the artist who laid the track is regrettably not a "Hip-Hop" Republican and was paid a pitifully small amount to make this recording.

But, none the less, there is much truth in these lyrics which I have included in this post. Here goes:

90% of all blacks vote Democrat - why? Most of us say we won't vote Republican before that day - we'll die. By telling them we're theirs to keep - not right.

We're allowing them to own us cheap - Dem light.
What you say, what you say? Liberal Democrats are racist- what you say, what you say? Liberal Democrats are racist- what you say, what you say? Liberal Democrats are racist- what you say, what you say? Liberal Democrats are racist.

With their laws and their lies, the re-enslave us.Living in the inner city and riding the bus is the Liberal Democrat's vision for us, a Liberal party you can't trust Our Black Founding Fathers played a part too, white's gave them guns to free me and you We won and took our guns, 200 years pass, they've got gun control again on our ass, With violent criminals and cops who can't defend, gotta protect our people, with gun control, freedom ends.Oppose school vouchers to strengthen their hold, this left wing agenda leaves us out in the cold

Liberal Democrats and teachers bound at the hip, this liberal control of education makes our minds sick. School vouchers will give us a choice and let us decide on how to educate our kids where the opportunity lies. They oppose school vouchers to ensure their own power, they fear educated blacks who will be smarter by the hour. Hillary and Bill said public schools are good enough for us but sent Chelsea to private school so she could be her best. Politicians and hypocrites they must be, social elitists we've exposed them, and now we all see Liberal Democrats step aside and let us be great, let us decide our own fate.

Liberal Democrat Senator Robert Byrd, former Klansman this has got to be heard with crocodile tears he says he's sorry, it's just another lie, it's just another story. They want us to believe that Byrd is the first, but we know better, FDR was the worst. He appointed a Klansman to the US Supreme Court Bench, another hooded Democrat- can't stand the stench!!!Southern Democrats bonded with the Klan cuz for the black man, they had their own plan. The truth that's got me thinkin and it's gotten all freakin, the Republican who freed us was Abraham Lincoln. Liberal Democrats, who need our vote, listen up, we've voiced our opinion but that's not enough.You're in Kosovo and not Rwanda or Sudan, your taxes hold back the successful black man. Stop trapping us in by preventing Urban Sprawl, had enough of your control had enough of you all. More cops and cameras you say are good, but it only takes away more freedom from the hood. You can't re-enslave us, we are too strong, we know what you're doing, and we know that it's wrong. Stop stealing our rights and stop interfering, this is our last warning, don't be hard of hearing.


Pamela said...

I got an email forwarded to me from a black co-worker that has no idea I have have only voted Democratic ONCE. That was in a local election where the Republican candidate was horrible. I'm talking once in decades. This link dealt with a response from Rev. Jamal Bryant. It was supposedly a response to Sarah Palin's RNC speech. I did not finish it because I got tired:)

I came to the conclusion that blacks were being played by the Democratic party decades. I was convinced of this is when I heard Jesse Jackson complained about the airing of The Cosby Show when it first aired in the early 80s. He had the nerve to say that black people did not live like that. His insane comments were made during the first season of the series.

It really saddens me that blacks still believe that the Democrats care for them. We really need an awakening. Hopefully this poll is a wake-up call for them to see that they could care less about blacks.

Attorneymom said...

I became a Republican out of protest against the Dems for taking the black vote for granted.

Pamela said...

AM, I wonder how many blacks did what you did back in the day.

I initially registered Republican because I found that OK had closed primaries. I just could not stomach a repeat of Jimmy Carter in 1980. He was such a disaster as a president that I did not want to see him reelected for a second term. I turned 18 right after the 1976 election so I was not able to vote. Then I got really upset when Jesse Jackson complained about The Cosby Show because I knew he was lying through his teeth. I realize now that he was probably living that lifestyle back then. I felt that if Jesse Jackson as a black Democrat was playing blacks for fools I was more convinced that whites Democrats were doing the same.

The pull of money and power is so strong in too many politicians to really affect true change in our nation. All presidential candidates can do is say what they want to do. They cannot really say what they are going to do because of the checks and balances in our government. They basically respond to what legislation is sent to them by Congress. Their only option to get past this is the executive order to get something done. I'm not saying the president does not have power. However the president does not have absolute power. Even if the president signs a bill he likes his signature means nothing if Congress overrides the veto. I am really watching the congressional races. The past few years I have probably paid more attention to those races than the presidential race. I have done so because there is more of a chance that they will get what they want than the president. You have really seen this the past few years.

This has been a very frustrating time for me. Because of being a caretaker for several years I was pretty much out of the loop at the beginning of this presidential election cycle. It has just become a circus to me. I am convinced that only a heart change will really do anything to change the plight of our country.

Conservative Black Woman is said...

" I am convinced that only a heart change will really do anything to change the plight of our country."

Pamela, that's the beautiful truth!!!! You hit the nail on the head. It's a 2 Chronicles 7:14 situation here..."If my people who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land."

Pamela said...

Two to three weeks ago the church I attend added a prayer service specifically for the elections. We really have to filter through what we are seeing and hearing to get to the truth. Reports can be edited to give impressions that the speaker was not communicating. Only prayer can help us at this point.