Thursday, May 15, 2008

See What Happens When You Cast Your Pearls to Swine....

Well yesterday I send out a silly little joke which wasn't even very funny to a few of the most arrogant men I know and look what I started:

This is the stupid joke.... thereafter the debacle with my "poor deceived friend - (PDF)"

CBW : Slightly blasphemous but funny none the less.

"Lord, I have a problem."

"What's the problem, Eve?"

"I know that you created me and provided this beautiful garden and all
of these wonderful animals, as well as that hilarious comedic snake, but
I'm just not happy."

"And why is that Eve?"

"Lord, I am lonely, and I'm sick to death of apples."

"Well, Eve, in that case, I have a solution. I shall create a man for you."

"Man? What is that Lord?"

"A flawed creature, with many bad traits. He'll lie, cheat and be vain;
all in all, he'll give you a hard time. But he'll be bigger, faster and
will like to hunt and kill things. I'll create him in such a way that he
will satisfy your physical needs. He will be witless and will revel in
childish things like fighting and kicking a ball about. He won't be as
smart as you, so he will also need your advice to think properly."

"Sounds great," says Eve, with ironically raised eyebrows, "but
what's the catch Lord?"

"Well ... you can have him on one condition."

"And what's that Lord? "

"As I said, he'll be proud, arrogant and self-admiring, so you'll
have to let him believe that I made him first. And it will have to be
our little secret ..... you know, woman-to-woman."

PDF: Hey, your not going to heaven with lies like this.

CBW: Well I conceded that it was blasphemous but I'm sure God has a sense of humor.

PDF : Is past life regression blasphemous? Am I going to hell? Will you save me?

CBW: I'm not sure if it's blasphemous but I will get back to you on that. Are you going to hell? not my call. Will I save you? I can't save you but Jesus can, if you spent as much time in the Bible rightly dividing the word of truth as you spend in your new age literature you may be surprised at how intelligent God is.

PDF: I do spend time on the bible cause God IS NEW AGE. God is everything, and New Age is based on biblical teachings. So maybe I will be saved.

CBW: My poor deceived friend. Please read the attached as soon as possible....then let's reason together.
(I attached literature about the spiritual dangers of the new age movement)

PDF: Get some sleep tonight. You need a break. Clearly you lack the will to reason and to know the "truth" as it is as plain as day.

CBW: The Truth is between Genesis and Revelation and you are right it is as plain as day. Too bad you are afraid of the light. I never tire of reasoning with anyone from the scriptures. If it's not in scripture it's not relevent to my life because I am a child of the KING!!!!! Not a child of the darkness and would love for you to join my family --- you should become a King's Kid!!!!!!

PDF: I have seen and been "Embraced by the Light" I too am a child of the most high. I wish you could experience it, but you seek sin.

Well, there you have it folks the Conservative Black Woman seeks sin because she rejects past life regression and new age ideology. Oh yeah, as if you couldn't guess PDF is a liberal. As you can see PDF certainly has a liberal definition of God because according to PDF God is... I can't even bring myself to rewrite it.

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